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King Garon

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This article is about the chapter of the Birthright campaign of Fates. For the character, see Garon.


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King Garon

Cm fe14b 27.png


Castle: Throne Room



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Dawn Breaks

I'm so glad you made it home.
— Garon

King Garon (Japanese: 暗夜王ガロン Dark Night King Garon) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Birthright campaign in Fire Emblem Fates. In this chapter, Corrin and his/her army begin their final confrontation with King Garon of Nohr to end his reign of terror.

Although the game can be saved during battle preparations, it is not possible to save the game, read supports, or return to My Castle during the next; both chapters must be completed consecutively.


Main article: King Garon/Script

After countless trials, numerous losses, the Nohrian generals dead and nothing left in their way, Corrin finally arrives at Garon's throne room to confront him. Garon then flaunts his power and taunts him/her, referring to his/her achievements as "something approaching competence". Corrin announces his/her aim to dethrone Garon, for starting a needless war that has claimed thousands of innocent lives and bringing up the deaths of Xander and Elise, which Garon is surprised by, though only because of Xander's strength as his "pawns". Corrin, shocked at Garon's lack of remorse, insults him by calling him "old man". Angered by this, Garon insults back by stating that Corrin and his own children were all pawns for the war.

Corrin becomes angered that Elise and Xander gave their lives to stop him/her from killing Garon, yet he feels no remorse at their deaths and declares Garon to be irredeemable and vows to kill him and end his reign. Corrin attacks Garon, only for the Yato to merely bounce off of him. Garon retaliates, knocking Corrin off his/her feet. Azura attempts to sing, but is immediately caught up by Garon, who demands that Corrin and the other surrender immediately. Ryoma offers to listen to Garon's demands, only to be knocked away by magic after Garon demands both his kingdom and his life. Garon taunts Corrin once more and asks if he/she will surrender to him, or fight and ensure the deaths of all his/her friends. Corrin begins questioning why the Yato had no effect on him and and states that he/she needs more power, Raijinto then reacts, and the Yato transforms into the Blazing Yato, unlocking the Seal of Flames. The Yato is finally able to damage Garon, and Corrin calls for Azura to begin her song. Garon is angered by this and orders his men to kill Corrin and the Hoshidians, but Corrin declares his reign is over, and the fight proper begins.

Upon defeating Garon, Corrin commands the remaining Nohrian army to stop fighting, and begins to announce a future peace treaty. However, Garon regains consciousness and transforms into a dragon, and mocks the idea of the treaty. Corrin is shocked by Garon's appearance and questions what he really is. Garon explains that this is his true form, granted by the blood of dragons within him. Garon attacks Corrin, destroying the Yato, which surprises both of them. Ryoma and Takumi attempt to counter back with their own legendary weapons, only to be knocked back by another attack. When he attempts to finish them off, Corrin defends them and takes one last attack from Garon to keep the two safe, seemingly killing him/her.


After enduring countless trials and losses, Corrin finally confronts King Garon. The final battle begins now!

Chapter data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Garon Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Corrin dies* or the player's army is routed* 16 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 26 {{{third}}}
Cm fe14b 27.png

This chapter's map is 25 columns by 30 rows.

Character data

New Units


Returning Characters

Avatar m-default ​Felicia ​Kaze ​Rinkah ​Sakura ​Azura ​Hana ​Subaki ​Saizo ​Orochi ​Silas ​Hinoka ​Azama ​Setsuna ​Hayato ​Oboro ​Hinata ​Takumi ​Kagero ​Reina ​Kaden ​Ryoma ​Scarlet ​Jakob ​Izana ​Shura ​Yukimura ​

Note: The returning characters list does not include any characters recruitable in paralogues or xenologues, as the player may not have taken on any available paralogue chapters yet. The list also does not include any bonus units, as they are recruitable at the player's discretion.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds02 katana.png Blazing Yato Corrin's Noble Yato transforms into this prior to battle preparations

Dragon Vein data

There are no Dragon Veins in this chapter.

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 sorcerer enemy.gif Nohrian Sorcerer 20 1 46 0 28 17 23 7 19 29 - Ginnungagap
Vantage Duelist's Blow Tomefaire Lifetaker
Ma 3ds02 maid enemy.gif Nohrian Maid 20 1 47 21 26 30 26 15 19 19 - Silver Dagger Recover Fortify
Pavise Aegis Miracle Countermagic Shurikenfaire
Ma 3ds02 general enemy.gif Nohrian General 15 3 53 27 0 25 11 14 30 18 5 Silver Lance Spear
Ma 3ds02 general enemy.gif Nohrian General 15 1 53 27 0 25 11 14 30-4 18-4 5 Brave Lance Spear
Ma 3ds02 berserker enemy.gif Nohrian Berserker 15 1 57 30 0 26 24 5 14 8 6 Silver Axe
Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Ma 3ds02 hero enemy.gif Nohrian Hero 16 1 51 20 0 32 24 13 19 16 6 Silver Sword
Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Ma 3ds02 great knight enemy.gif Nohrian Great Knight 16 2 50 25 0 21 16 10 29 16 7 Silver Sword Spear
Ma 3ds02 wyvern lord enemy.gif Nohrian Wyvern Lord 16 4 46 25 0 25 21 10 27 11 8 Silver Axe Spear
Ma 3ds02 malig knight enemy.gif Nohrian Malig Knight 15 3 43 21 23 19 15 5 20 21 8 Fimbulvetr
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 3.
Ma 3ds02 dark knight enemy.gif Nohrian Dark Knight 15 2 47 22 21 19 15 13 25 19 8 Fimbulvetr Silver Sword
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma 3ds02 dark knight enemy.gif Nohrian Dark Knight 15 1 47 22 21 19 15 13 25 19 8 Ragnarok Silver Sword
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma 3ds02 bow knight enemy.gif Nohrian Bow Knight 15 2 44 18 0 26 24 11 14 23 8 Silver Bow
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 2.
Ma 3ds02 strategist enemy.gif Nohrian Strategist 15 1 39 0 23 19 24 15 11 24 8 Fimbulvetr Fortify
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 4.
Ma 3ds02 strategist enemy.gif Nohrian Strategist 15 1 47 22 21 19 15 13 25 19 8 Fimbulvetr Entrap
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 6.
Ma 3ds02 berserker enemy.gif Nohrian Berserker 20 1 62 34 0 29 27 6 15-4 10-4 6 Brave Axe
Vengeance Counter Swordbreaker
Ma 3ds02 nohrian king enemy.gif Garon Nohrian King 40 1 68 28 16 28 20 22 23 23 - Bölverk
Draconic Hex Dragonskin
Stands on a throne.

Boss data

Main article: Garon

Normal Hard Lunatic

Small portrait garon fe14.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png Ma 3ds02 nohrian king enemy.gif Nohrian King
Level 40
Movement -
Max HP 68 Speed 20
Strength 28 Luck 22
Magic 16 Defense 23
Skill 28 Resistance 23
Inventory Skills
Bölverk Draconic Hex
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas -- Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs S Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

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  • This chapter is one of few chapters in the game where the preparations theme doesn't play during that phase of setup. In this case, the music from the preceding cutscene continues onto the battle preparations screen.
  • In this chapter, Garon's defense actually drops a point from his first encounter with him to his second encounter with him in here.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

King Garon




Dark Night (i.e. Nohrian) King Garon


Le roi Garon

The king Garon


König Garon

King Garon


암야왕 가론



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