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Rainbow Sage (character)

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Rainbow Sage

Portrait rainbow sage fe14.png
The Rainbow Sage's portrait from Fates.




First Dragon[1]


Fire Emblem Fates

The Rainbow Sage (Japanese: 虹の賢者 Rainbow Sage) is a character in Fire Emblem Fates. His real name is never given, but he grants power to those he finds worthy. He is also a First Dragon like Anankos, though unlike Anankos he is only in the very early stages of degeneration.[2]

Fire Emblem Fates


Outside of the main story, the Rainbow Sage also runs the compatibility tester in the Record's Hall facility. Like Old Hubba he tests and comments on unit relationships, though his deductions have no effect on gameplay. He is present here regardless of his status in the story, he even appears here after his death in the main plot of various routes.


If Corrin sides with Hoshido, they seek out the Rainbow Sage for power and advice. During the events of chapter 19, Corrin and their party arrives at Notre Sagesse, Corrin flags an old man down and asks them where they can find the Rainbow Sage to gain power that Xander obtained. He points them up a nearby mountain, stating that the Rainbow Sage resides in the Sevenfold Sanctuary. He warns them that many have gone up, only to never return back down. He tells Corrin that only Sumeragi, Garon, an unknown knight and Xander have survived the trial. After Corrin battles through the many shades in the building, they open a door at the final building and end up back at Notre Sagesse. The Rainbow Sage laughs at Corrin, telling them that he is the Rainbow Sage. They ask for power, but he says that they have already obtained it, similar what Garon, Sumeragi and Xander had done.

After Corrin asks him about their Yato and the Seal of Flames ritual, he is impressed that Corrin knows about it. To perform the ritual, he asks Corrin to bring their Yato while he also calls for Takumi to bring his Fujin Yumi. He performs the ritual and gives the Noble Yato to Corrin. Before they leave, the Rainbow Sage gives them a paper with a shortcut to Windmire through the Burning Falls. Although his death is not shown in-game on this route, it is implied that he died shortly after the war between Hoshido and Nohr ended. This is shown just before the end of Chapter 19, as he decides to watch the outcome of the war first.


If Corrin sides with Nohr, they seek out the Rainbow Sage for power and advice. During the events of chapter 11, the Rainbow Sage allows Hinoka and her Hoshidan forces to kidnap him. Corrin defeats Hinoka to speak with the Sage. After Corrin makes their request for power, he notes that Corrin had already passed his test and been blessed during their battle with the Hoshidan forces.

Shortly after this, Iago transmits a projection of himself on the scene, and orders Corrin to kill the Rainbow Sage to prevent anyone else from gaining his power. Corrin refuses, and the Rainbow Sage states that his time is soon regardless and ends his own life.


If Corrin seeks their own path, they end up meeting the Rainbow Sage after Izana sacrifices himself in a ritual for the information. Though Corrin isn't entirely sure whom to meet at first, as the god Izana communed with simply calls the Rainbow Sage "the dragon".

At the start of Chapter 15 the Rainbow Sage first meets them at the base of his mountain disguised as a villager and directs Corrin to his sanctuary. After Corrin's forces defeat the Rainbow Sage's illusory servants, they pass through the final door and find themselves back at the base of the mountain with the disguised Rainbow Sage.

He reveals himself and offers to power up the Yato to its Alpha form, the Rainbow Sage then mentions that he participated in the war between twelve dragons, he made the weapons to be fought in that war. He mentions his regret for this and perishes, having given the rest of his power to Yato, so Corrin and their forces will be able to stop Anankos.

Personality and character

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  • The Rainbow Sage got his name from his dragon form, in which he is shown as a rainbow colored dragon. This is capable of being viewed in the concept art of the Ink Painting. (Called the Rainbow Sage's Ink Painting in Japan)
  • In chapter 15 of the Revelation path, the Rainbow Sage says, "this room is actully linked to the highest floor" rather than, "this room is actually linked to the highest floor". This error is only present in the North American release.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Rainbow Sage



Rainbow Sage


Sab. lumen

Light Sage


Sage de l'iris

Iris Sage




Savio irideo

Iris Sage



  1. "When higher beings like myself stay in this realm too long, we eventually go insane. My power is too great to allow that, as I might even destroy this world I so love." — The Rainbow Sage explaining his inevitable degeneration to the Corrin, Fire Emblem Fates
  2. "I've known for some time now I must die soon." — The Rainbow Sage explaining his inevitable degeneration to Corrin, Fire Emblem Fates
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