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My Castle

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Throne area of My Castle.

My Castle (Japanese: マイキャッスル My Castle) is an out-of-battle management feature in Fire Emblem Fates. In every chapter once it has been unlocked, the player is brought to My Castle first and is allowed to freely take their time there to attend to both tasks to manage unit performance in battle and side tasks for fun. The player is tasked with developing their My Castle by collecting resources to build and improve buildings to get access to progressively better goods and services, including shops, arenas, food services, prisons, and sources from which to harvest even more resources. It is also the central hub of StreetPass and other multiplayer engagements with other players, like Awakening's StreetPass skirmishes on the world map.

My Castle combines elements from prior out-of-battle options such as castles in Genealogy of the Holy War, the base of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, and Everyone's Conditions and the Barracks from New Mystery of the Emblem and Awakening respectively. While in their My Castle, the player—playing as their avatar—is allowed to freely walk around the castle map to enter and exit buildings, unhindered by movement and the grid, a feature last seen in Fire Emblem Gaiden. My Castle can also be viewed from an over-the-shoulder mode, allowing more detailed models of the facilities and characters to be viewed, though movement is not possible in this mode. The current members of the player's army can be found acting as vendors in facilities or around the castle grounds, where they can be freely spoken to. These characters will sometimes have an exclamation mark above their head and, when talked to, will provide a random resource, increase their support with another character, or ask to be given an accessory (increasing their support towards Corrin if the player accepts).

My Castle is located in a pocket dimension inhabited by the Astral Dragons.[1]

The default name of the player's castle is Ft. Corrin ("Corrin" being substituted with whatever the avatar's name is).

Version differences

The dusk dragon statue, available only in Nohr.

My Castle looks and acts somewhat differently depending on which of the game's three campaigns is currently being played, a prominent one being the landscape featured. Conquest My Castles features barren land and Birthright My Castles features lush and green land.

An important gameplay difference is that if the player is playing Conquest, My Castle facilities will not award experience. In Birthright and Revelation, there are experience-granting activities.

Several facilities are only accessible in one campaign or another. The Japanese-themed Hoshido-related facilities and objects can only be constructed in the Birthright campaign, and the western-themed Nohr-related facilities and objects can only be built in the Conquest campaign. If the player is playing the Revelation campaign, they can build facilities from both affiliations.

Facility type Birthright version Conquest version
Armory Dawn Armory Dusk Armory
Vendor Rod Shop Staff Store
Gathering spot
Bean Fields Hunting Forest
Fishing Hole Dairy
Daikon Garden Cabbage Patch
Peach Orchard Berry Garden
Rice Paddy Wheat Field
Gathering spot
Pearl Spring Crystal Mine
Coral Spring Ruby Mine
Lapis Spring Sapphire Mine
Jade Spring Onyx Mine
Amber Spring Emerald Mine
Quartz Spring Topaz Mine
Dragon statue Dawn Dragon Dusk Dragon
Battle assists Puppet Golem
Turrets Launcher
Fire Orb
Terrain Hoshidan Glade Nohrian Glade
Hoshidan Square Nohrian Square
Healing Tile Caltrops
Fort Pillars
Ice Sculpture Grave


There are two sets of three styles, one exclusive to Birthright, one exclusive to Conquest. Revelation has both sets and no unique styles of its own. Styles change the appearance and layout of the player's castle.

Birthright Styles:

Conquest Styles:


My Castle can be set to four different times of day: morning, afternoon, evening, and night. After a battle, or six hours pass in real-time, the time of day will advance to the next state.
Buildings with repeated event will refresh after a certain time is hit; For example, the food gathering spots will refresh each morning.


Resources are various items gained within My Castle, these items have no use outside of My Castle. Resources range from food to gemstones. Resources are often obtained by speaking with characters or using designated facilities. Every My Castle is randomly assigned one food and one ore building by the game that corresponds to their chosen faction. However, in Revelation, four random resources are automatically given: one Hoshidan Food, one Nohrian Food, one Hoshidan Ore and one Nohrian Ore.

Food is available in the morning, and ore is available in the evening.

Different types of resources can be obtained by visiting other Castles via the Internet or randomly found by characters in My Castle or on event tiles at maps.


Nohrian Hoshidan Stat Boosted
Is 3ds02 meat.png Meat Is 3ds02 beans.png Beans Strength
Is 3ds02 milk.png Milk Is 3ds02 fish.png Fish Speed
Is 3ds02 cabbage.png Cabbage Is 3ds02 daikon.png Daikon Resistance
Is 3ds02 berries.png Berries Is 3ds02 peaches.png Peaches Magic
Is 3ds02 wheat.png Wheat Is 3ds02 rice.png Rice Defense


"Ruby" redirects here. For the character from Berwick Saga, see Luvi.
Nohrian Weapon Hoshidan Weapon
Is 3ds02 crystal.png Crystal Swords Is 3ds02 pearl.png Pearl Katana
Is 3ds02 ruby.png Ruby Lances Is 3ds02 coral.png Coral Naginata
Is 3ds02 sapphire.png Sapphire Axes Is 3ds02 lapis.png Lapis Clubs
Is 3ds02 onyx.png Onyx Daggers Is 3ds02 quartz.png Quartz Shuriken
Is 3ds02 emerald.png Emerald Bows Is 3ds02 jade.png Jade Yumi
Is 3ds02 topaz.png Topaz Tomes Is 3ds02 amber.png Amber Scrolls


See also: My Castle/Objects

There are various facilities in the My Castle feature. Facilities are created and upgraded with Dragon Vein points (abbreviated as "DVP" in-game).

Facilities are also obstacles in StreetPass battles. They can be destroyed by the opponent or the player to open up new avenues for attack. All facilities are restored at the end of a fight.

Private Quarters

The appearance of the Private Quarters.

The Private Quarters (Japanese: マイルーム My Room) is a facility available from the start. It is a tree-house. When Corrin enters their room there are two available activities: Corrin can change their hairstyle or interact with allies in a minigame. The player can only invite characters during the afternoon or night; otherwise, they are limited to changing Corrin's hairstyle at all times during the day.

Interacting with Gunter

Changing Corrin's hairstyle simply allows the player to swap Corrin's hairstyle between other customization options. This is done by bringing up the hair customization of the character creator.

Interacting with allies in the Japanese release of the game comprises of a minigame where the player uses the stylus to touch characters' faces to raise their bonds. In international versions, the touching minigame is removed entirely, though all other characters still speak to the player and support points are still gained. Characters of either sex can be interacted with regardless of Corrin's sex. There are two versions of the interaction feature, a general one for all units, and a specific mode for Corrin's spouse, dialogue and interactions are different between these two modes. If Corrin is married, the player can blow on the 3DS microphone to cool off their spouse if they have just come out of the bathhouse. If the player finds their spouse asleep, they can either tap on the stylus to wake the spouse up, though they will respond negatively, or gently touch them with the stylus for the same reason.


Main article: Armory

There are two versions of the armory, the Hoshidan Dawn Armory (Japanese: 白夜武器屋 White Night weapon shop) and the Nohrian Dusk Armory (Japanese: 暗夜武器屋 Dark Night weapon shop). Each armory sells weapons from their respective country; The Dawn Armory sells Hoshidan weapons, like katana, naginata, and clubs, while the Dusk Armory sells traditional Nohrian weapons, like swords, lances and axes. The Dawn Armory is exclusive to Birthright and the Dusk Armory is exclusive to Conquest. Both armories are available in Revelation.

The armories are run by a randomly chosen member of the player's current party. The character running the armory gives a 5% discount on the weapons their current class specializes in. For instance, Arthur gives a discount for axes as a Fighter or Berserker, but will discount swords when made a Hero. Hoshidan and Nohrian counterpart weapon types are considered a single type for this purpose; for example, a shuriken-specialist Ninja in the Dusk Armory will provide a sale effect on daggers. When upgraded, more powerful weapons are available for purchase.

Dawn Armory Dusk Armory


LV 1 LV 2 LV 3

Name Stock Price
Is 3ds02 katana.png Brass Katana 500
Is 3ds02 katana.png Iron Katana 1,000
Is 3ds02 katana.png Steel Katana 1 2,000
Is 3ds02 katana.png Kodachi 2 1,800
Is 3ds02 naginata.png Brass Naginata 500
Is 3ds02 naginata.png Iron Naginata 1,000
Is 3ds02 naginata.png Steel Naginata 1 2,000
Is 3ds02 club.png Brass Club 500
Is 3ds02 club.png Iron Club 1,000
Is 3ds02 club.png Steel Club 1 2,000
Is 3ds02 club.png Throwing Club 2 1,800
Is 3ds02 shuriken.png Brass Shuriken 500
Is 3ds02 shuriken.png Iron Shuriken 1,000
Is 3ds02 shuriken.png Steel Shuriken 1 2,000
Is 3ds02 yumi.png Brass Yumi 500
Is 3ds02 yumi.png Iron Yumi 1,000
Is 3ds02 yumi.png Steel Yumi 1 2,000
Is 3ds02 scroll.png Rat Spirit 500
Is 3ds02 scroll.png Ox Spirit 1,000
Is 3ds02 scroll.png Tiger Spirit 1 2,000
Is 3ds02 scroll.png Sheep Spirit 1 1,800


Main article: Vendor
A silver-rank vendor.

There are two versions of the vendor, the Hoshidan Rod Shop (Japanese: 白夜道具屋 White Night item shop) and the Nohrian Staff Store (Japanese: 暗夜道具屋 Dark Night item shop). Vendors sell staves of the type native to their country, along with various items. Like the armory, a character is chosen randomly to run the shop. If a character's current class is proficient in staves/rods or beaststones, they will have a 5% discounted price. As no playable class has a primary proficiency in dragonstones, beaststone-proficient classes put dragonstones on sale in addition to beaststones as compensation.

Inside the vendor.

Rod Shop Staff Store


LV 1 LV 2 LV 3

Name Stock Price
Is 3ds02 rod.png Bloom Festal 500
Is 3ds02 rod.png Sun Festal 1,000
Is 3ds02 rod.png Rescue 1 3,800
Is 3ds02 healing.png Vulnerary 300
Is 3ds02 healing.png Concoction 3 600
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png HP Tonic 150
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Strength Tonic 150
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Magic Tonic 150
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Skill Tonic 150
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Speed Tonic 150
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Luck Tonic 150
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Defense Tonic 150
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Resistance Tonic 150
Is 3ds02 class change.png Master Seal 2 2,000
Is 3ds02 class change.png Heart Seal 1 2,000
Is 3ds02 class change.png Partner Seal 1 2,000
Is 3ds02 class change.png Friendship Seal 1 2,000


Main article: Forge

The smithy is the facility where players can forge their weapons. If the player has two copies of a weapon and the required amount of ore, these can be exchanged for a weapon with enhanced stats. Forged weapons can be renamed and any renamed weapon can have their name reverted back. Players can also swap five of any ore they hold for one of a different ore.

Only Hoshidan weapons can be forged in Birthright and only Nohrian weapons can be forged in Conquest. Weapons from both nations can be forged in Revelation. This applies for the exchange of ores as well.


Main article: Arena
A silver rank arena.

The arena returns in this game, functioning like previous arenas. However, the reward for winning is not money, and instead the resource that was bet at the start of the round. A character is randomly placed in the arena from the player's roster, the player cannot specifically choose who to allow into the arena outside of a special case outlined below.

When the arena is upgraded, units may participate in back-to-back rounds of combat, earning even more of the chosen resource, though this is more risky as not all of the HP lost is healed between matches.

Niles and Effie teamed up for an arena battle.

When a character has support ranks with others the character they have the highest support with may appear and help them in the arena battle. In arena battles the two characters act as if they are in Tag Team, no dual guards occur in arena battles under any circumstances.

When an allied character appears the player may choose the person with the primary combat role in the next arena round, this is useful as the player's arena combatant is generally chosen randomly by the game. Regardless of winning or losing all rounds available, the player can only use the arena once before the time of day changes again.


The prison facility is a new feature introduced in Fates. It works alongside Niles' Kidnap skill or Orochi's Capture skill. When Niles or Orochi capture an enemy unit, that unit is place into the prison. Prisoners can be persuaded to join with the randomly selected unit currently running the facility, which may take several tries, or can be recruited instantly by bribing them with resources.

Accessory Shop

The accessory shop is an entirely new feature. This is a shop where the player may buy accessories for their units. These accessories can be worn all units. Accessories provide minor combat bonuses, however, accessories and their bonuses are only available within the My Castle feature.

Accessories are bought and created with resources.

For a complete list of accessories, see Accessory (My Castle).

Mess Hall

Inside the mess hall

Another new facility, the mess hall is a facility where food is prepared for the player's troops, using the player's food resources. Like the armory and vendor, a character is chosen randomly to run the cafeteria. When the character prepares food in the cafeteria it is prepared for half of the army at levels 1 and 2 and for the entire army at level 3. At level 1, only one food resource may be used, while at levels 2 and 3, two resources may be used for the meal. The bonuses given by the prepared food depends on the resources used, as well as the character cooking. For example, Setsuna and Felicia are more likely to cook bad food that lowers stats, while Peri and Percy are more likely to cook great food that increases all stats, plus a random stat again.

The stat bonuses granted by cafeteria food last for one map.

Lottery Shop

A silver ranked lottery.

The lottery shop is a facility where the player can roll for a prize and is run by a randomly chosen member of the player's current party. Various items can be won this way. The player gets a chance to roll for a prize each afternoon. The higher the Lottery Shop Level, the better the chances of acquiring rare items.

Rolling for a prize in the lottery.

There are two versions of the Lottery Shop, the Hoshidan Dawn Lottery (Japanese: ?? ??) and the Nohrian Dusk Lottery (Japanese: ?? ??). Each lottery gives rewards from their respective country, the Dawn Lottery gives Hoshidan resources and weapons, like katanas, beans or pearls while Dusk Lottery gives Nohrian resources and weapons, like swords, cabbages or sapphires. The Dawn Lottery is exclusive to Birthright and the Dusk Lottery to Conquest, while both are available in Revelation.

Dawn Lottery Dusk Lottery

Hot Spring

Inside the hot spring

The hot spring is an area for characters of the same sex to relax with each other. If Corrin walks in on an opposite-gender character using the springs, Corrin will immediately leave after entering the water; in some cases, they will get chased out. However, if Corrin walks in on his or her spouse, they will bathe with each other.

In the Japanese version, it is possible to manipulate the camera while using the hot spring. This feature was removed in the international versions.

Lilith's Temple

Inside Lilith's temple

Lilith's temple is the home of Lilith, an Astral Dragon. Within the shrine, Lilith can be fed food resources to make her level-up. Lilith appears during StreetPass battles and castle invasions to aid the player as a NPC unit.

Records Hall

The Records Hall is a building in My Castle where the player can view unlocked support conversations, read ally details and ancient texts, watch cinematic cutscenes, listen to music from the game, or have the Rainbow Sage test unit compatibility.

The Unit Roster option allows players to obtain character profiles. Upon opening the Roster, the player is presented with a list of playable characters ever obtained (including both genders of Kana), ordered and numbered by recruitment order in Birthright and Conquest. To the left of the list is the highlighted character's full portrait. Pressing A on a highlighted character will update the bottom screen with that character's bio.

The bio includes the character's number on the list, their name, face portrait, and a short biography. The last line of this biography always indicates the character's birthday.

Character descriptions

Small portrait corrin m fe14.png
A prince raised in Nohr after being abducted from Hoshido as a child. Can change into a dragon and wield the sacred blade, Yato. He is well liked by all. Has the most hidden potential. Born on (chosen by the player). Small portrait gunter fe14.png
A Nohrian knight of middling birth who reached his rank on talent and discipline. He now serves as Corrin's retainer. He is exceedingly hard on himself and others. Has no sense of humor. Born on 6/13.
Small portrait felicia fe14.png
One of Corrin's Ice Tribe retainers, along with her sister, Flora. A hard worker and skilled combatant, but clumsy and prone to breaking things, which upsets her. The most destructive. Born on 2/19. Small portrait jakob fe14.png
A multitalented Nohrian butler who serves Corrin at home and on the battlefield. While generally cool toward others, he took a vow of absolute loyalty to Corrin. Not a morning person. Born on 12/3.
Small portrait rinkah fe14.png
Daughter of the Flame Tribe's chieftain. Passionate and powerful, she has no patience for "civilized" rules but fiercely maintains her own tribal traditions. Has the highest body temperature. Born on 2/5. Small portrait kaze fe14.png
A Hoshidan ninja. Unlike his twin brother, Saizo, he has a polite and calm demeanor. He is loyal to his chosen liege, willing to give up his very life. Best-liked member of the army. Born on 10/2.
Small portrait sakura fe14.png
The youngest princess of Hoshido. She has a kind heart and cannot abide suffering. She is surprisingly strong willed for one so painfully shy. The most relaxing to be around. Born on 4/9. Small portrait azura fe14.png
A princess raised in Hoshido after being taken hostage in exchange for Corrin. Secretive and hides her emotions, but kind and wise. Her songs help her allies on the battlefield. A restless sleeper. Born on 3/3.
Small portrait hana fe14.png
A Hoshidan samurai serving as Sakura's retainer. She is outgoing, boisterous, and among the finest katana wielders in the kingdom due to a punishing practice regimen. Loves cherry blossoms. Born on 3/28. Small portrait subaki fe14.png
Sakura's retainer and a Hoshidan sky knight from a long line of talented knights trained to be perfect. Easygoing, handsome, and skilled. Has impeccably clean hands. Born on 2/7.
Small portrait silas fe14.png
A newly appointed Nohrian knight of noble birth. Childhood friend of Corrin. He is both very kind and quite skilled for a man of his age. Worst "bedhead" in the army. Born on 11/1. Small portrait saizo fe14.png
A Hoshidan ninja who serves Ryoma and is the fifth to carry the Saizo name. He has a younger twin brother, Kaze. Curt and taciturn, but unfailingly loyal. Dislikes sweets more than anyone. Born on 10/2.
Small portrait orochi fe14.png
A Hoshidan diviner who served the late Mikoto. Her parents were also royal diviners, so she visited the castle often from a young age. She has a cheerful, playful personality. Laughs more than anyone. Born on 6/19. Small portrait hinoka fe14.png
Eldest princess of Hoshido, and someone who literally takes the defense of her kingdom into her own hands. She is a powerful warrior and a skilled flier. The best at looking out for others. Born on 8/18.
Small portrait azama fe14.png
A Hoshidan monk who serves Hinoka. Born at a small shrine, and made pilgrimages to holy mountains in training. He is aloof, acerbic, and philosophical. Cries less than anyone in the army. Born on 9/8. Small portrait setsuna fe14.png
A Hoshidan archer and retainer to Hinoka. She is known to be a little dreamy and inattentive to her surroundings, with a particular tendency to fall into traps. The most flexible and limber. Born on 5/20.
Small portrait hayato fe14.png
An orphan from the Wind Tribe raised by their chief, Fuga. He is a magical prodigy, but baby-faced and overcompensates with high- handed speech. Sensitive about his height. Born on 9/19. Small portrait oboro fe14.png
A spear fighter from Hoshido who serves Takumi. Her family ran a tailor shop until her parents were killed by Nohrians, leading her to swear revenge. Still loves fashion. The quickest at getting changed. Born on 11/28.
Small portrait hinata fe14.png
A Hoshidan samurai from a long line serving the royal family. Like his liege, Takumi, he's a bit coarse and quick to get into a fight, but he's honest and optimistic. Likes wide open fields. Born on 5/10. Small portrait takumi fe14.png
A Hoshidan prince who wields the legendary Fujin Yumi. An emotional young man who seeks attention. While a bit tempestuous, he's very kind to people he trusts. Has the worst nightmares. Born on 12/14.
Small portrait kagero fe14.png
A ninja from Hoshido and Ryoma's retainer. She is serious and loyal to a fault. Has been best friends with Orochi since childhood. Keeps a diary illustrated with her own paintings. Born on 7/26. Small portrait reina fe14.png
A Hoshidan knight who served the late Mikoto. She is mature, gentle, and elegant, but has an unnerving obsession with death and the causing thereof. The best listener in the army. Born on 11/7.
Small portrait kaden fe14.png
A Hoshidan kitsune who serves as village chief. For good or ill, he's very trusting and will always repay a kindness. Obsessed with his own beauty, he constantly combs his fur. Has the best posture. Born on 7/12. Small portrait ryoma fe14.png
The high prince of Hoshido and wielder of the legendary Raijinto. He follows the Bushido code and is quite hard on himself, much like his late father, Sumeragi. The worst at knowing when to quit. Born on 5/1.
Small portrait scarlet fe14.png
A hearty resistance fighter from Cheve. Born to a family of knights, but organized a resistance when she couldn't tolerate Nohrian oppression any longer. Likes shiny things more than anyone else. Born on 8/3. Small portrait shura fe14.png
The leader of a group of thieves in Nohr. Formerly of the sacked city of Kohga in Hoshido. Trained to serve the royal family as a ninja, but forced to survive as a thief. Great at long-distance swimming. Born on 12/21.
Small portrait elise fe14.png
A playful Nohrian princess whose innocence sometimes lets her see truths that others miss. Loves her siblings to a degree bordering on hero worship. The best at remembering birthdays. Born on 3/19. Small portrait arthur fe14.png
A local hero from a small town in Nohr, now a retainer for Elise. He has an eccentric obsession with justice matched only by his incredibly poor luck. The most likely to take a bad spill. Born on 1/24.
Small portrait effie fe14.png
A Nohrian soldier who serves Elise. Gentle and wishes to protect others, which is fortunate because she is strong enough to break armor with her bare hands. Most likely to ask for seconds. Born on 4/13. Small portrait odin fe14.png
A dark mage serving Leo in Nohr. Does not talk about his homeland or history, but still talks a great deal. Gives absurd names to his weapons and "special moves." Most likely to shout "Level up!" Born on 7/15.
Small portrait niles fe14.png
A Nohrian former thief serving as Leo's retainer. He grew up as an impoverished orphan. Appears relaxed and mature, but flirts with everyone to see them react. Does the most stargazing. Born on 4/22. Small portrait nyx fe14.png
A Nohrian mage preternaturally talented with curses. Cool and composed, she mostly avoids the others. Looks much, much younger than she actually is. Gives the best gifts. Born on 2/17.
Small portrait camilla fe14.png
The elder princess of Nohr. An extremely affectionate older sister and mother figure to Corrin, she is a terror to her enemies in battle. Loves hot springs and baths. Born on 11/30. Small portrait selena fe14.png
A retainer serving Camilla in Nohr. Her homeland and history are unknown. Strong willed and angry, she will occasionally show a gentle side to those she trusts. The most wasteful shopper. Born on 1/21.
Small portrait beruka fe14.png
A wyvern knight from Nohr serving Camilla. Born to heartless parents who left her on the streets, she is quiet and unexpressive. Has been an assassin since her youth. Has the highest poison tolerance. Born on 2/26. Small portrait laslow fe14.png
A mercenary serving Xander in Nohr. His homeland and history are unknown. A friendly flirt, he is actually quite shy. He aims to be a dancer someday and is quite good. The biggest night owl. Born on 8/7.
Small portrait peri fe14.png
A Nohrian noble serving Xander. Spoiled by her wealthy family, she's childish and a crybaby who loves combat and bloodshed. No longer allowed to have a butler. The best chef in the army. Born on 12/24. Small portrait benny fe14.png
A border guard from Nohr. His intimidating appearance is even scarier for his silence, but really he's just shy and quite gentle. Always carries a charm with him. Most of his friends are bears. Born on 3/24.
Small portrait charlotte fe14.png
A border guard from Nohr with ambitions to marry above her station. Puts on whatever persona she thinks will make people like her, but favors a cutesy innocent act. The most cynical in the army. Born on 5/4. Small portrait leo fe14.png
The brilliant prince of Nohr who wields the legendary Brynhildr and is known for his potent magic. He can be quite cruel to his enemies. Objectively loves tomatoes more than anyone else could. Born on 6/30.
Small portrait keaton fe14.png
A wolfskin leader from Nohr's Mount Garou. Cheerful, sociable, and a little stupid. Loves big bugs and round dust bunnies; avidly collects both. The most easily distracted member of the army. Born on 10/30. Small portrait xander fe14.png
The crown prince of Nohr and wielder of the legendary Siegfried. Gifted military leader. Can seem unapproachable, but is actually kind and personable. Has nice handwriting. Born on 10/27.
Small portrait izana fe14.png
Archduke of Izumo. Descended from a divine dragon, he is precognitive. Much more relaxed than his appearance suggests, and often surprises his guests. Largest vocabulary in the army. Born on 12/29. Small portrait fuga fe14.png
Chief of the Wind Tribe and friend of the late King Sumeragi. He is known as a wise leader and brave soldier. Judges others by their abilities and acumen. Children adore him. Born on 1/8.
Small portrait yukimura fe14.png
Hoshidan strategist and retainer to the late Mikoto. He is mild and serious, but extremely diligent in his work. Likes to read and make gadgets in his spare time. Keeps accidentally breaking his glasses. Born on 4/28. Small portrait flora fe14.png
Along with her twin sister, Felicia, one of Corrin's Ice Tribe retainers. She is an excellent and thoughtful maid, unlike her sister, but also tends to overthink things. Surprisingly jealous. Born on 2/19.
Small portrait mozu fe14.png
A daughter of farmers from a small village in Nohr. Lacks confidence, but tries her best to help those around her. Overwhelmed to be near royalty all the time. Has the best survival skills in the army. Born on 10/6. Small portrait kana m fe14.png
Corrin's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Loves his mother more than anyone else and wants to be like her. Usually cheerful, but often feels lonely and cries. Enjoys being a dragon. Born on 4/19.
Small portrait kana f fe14.png
Corrin's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Loves her father more than anyone else and wants to be like him. Usually cheerful, but often feels lonely and cries. Enjoys being a dragon. Born on 4/19. Small portrait shigure fe14.png
Azura's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Like his mother, sings beautifully. Also likes to draw. While mild and kind, he can also be a bit temperamental. Quite fond of heights. Born on 6/6.
Small portrait dwyer fe14.png
Jakob's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Doesn't like work, but might be even more accomplished in the butlery arts than his father (much to Jakob's chagrin). Has the most hidden talents. Born on 11/16. Small portrait sophie fe14.png
Silas's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Practices hard to be a great knight like her father, but her horse, Avel, just won't listen to her. Eternally optimistic regardless. Often talks to herself. Born on 7/21.
Small portrait midori fe14.png
Kaze's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Bright, enthusiastic, and well mannered, she enjoys inventing and brewing medicines in her free time. Has the sharpest sense of taste in the army. Born on 5/17. Small portrait shiro fe14.png
Ryoma's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Thinks of his father as both role model and rival. Friendly, but intensely competitive. Sometimes gets in over his head. Great at arm wrestling. Born on 8/22.
Small portrait kiragi fe14.png
Takumi's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Enjoys hunting, but also is enthusiastic about life in general. Seems to have endless stamina and optimism. Has the sharpest eyes in the army. Born on 7/4. Small portrait asugi fe14.png
Saizo's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Unsure about carrying on his father's name. Generally cool, but absolutely obsessed with sweets. Enjoys making them as well. Smells better than anyone. Born on 1/1.
Small portrait selkie fe14.png
Kaden's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Cheerful, noisy, and not at all shy, she is always looking for people (and animals) to play with. The most fearless in the army. Born on 10/20. Small portrait hisame fe14.png
Hinata's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Thinks of his father as a poor role model. Stubborn, serious, and careful in all things. Loves pickles and tea more than anything. The youngest old man. Born on 9/27.
Small portrait mitama fe14.png
Azama's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Finds her father a bit annoying, though she inherited his acerbic wit. Loves to sleep and write poetry. Thinks more about the sky than anyone. Born on 6/26. Small portrait caeldori fe14.png
Subaki's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Dreams of becoming as perfect as her father, but may have already surpassed him. The most likely to fall head over heels in love. Born on 7/6.
Small portrait rhajat fe14.png
Hayato's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Finds her father childish, but dwells on her own disturbing obsessions. Magically adept but morally questionable. Has the darkest thoughts. Born on 4/1. Small portrait siegbert fe14.png
Xander's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Feels inferior to his accomplished father. Educated in many disciplines, but has trouble saying no and gets pushed around because of it. Has the best teeth. Born on 5/28.
Small portrait forrest fe14.png
Leo's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Drawn to the healing arts by a sense of duty to help those in need. Loves fashion and sewing. The most sympathetic ear in the army. Born on 3/13. Small portrait ignatius fe14.png
Benny's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Wishes he wasn't so weak willed. Treasures the charm his father made to protect him. Much kinder than he looks. Afraid of ghosts and bugs. Born on 8/16.
Small portrait velouria fe14.png
Keaton's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Loves her father, maybe too much. Doesn't express her other feelings well. Picks up everything she finds and keeps much of it. Has the messiest room. Born on 10/11. Small portrait percy fe14.png
Arthur's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Dreams of becoming a hero like his father, and trains day and night with his dragon, Ace. An earnest, sweet young man. Has astonishingly good luck. Born on 9/5.
Small portrait ophelia fe14.png
Odin's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Aspires to be a "chosen one" like her father. A dreamer, she has a strong spiritual connection to stars and stones. The best in the army at skipping. Born on 9/15. Small portrait soleil fe14.png
Laslow's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. She is cheerful, is athletic, and adores cute things. She is also a relentless flirt with girls, though she is also attracted to men. The worst singer. Born on 8/31.
Small portrait nina fe14.png
Niles's estranged daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. She is a devoted daydreamer and voyeur, especially when she sees two men together. The worst at talking to members of the opposite sex. Born on 1/31. Small portrait anna fe14.png
A merchant who travels the world. Her many identical sisters do the same thing. Charismatic and curious, but completely obsessed with wealth. Has more side jobs than anyone in the army. Born on 6/10.

Traveler's Plaza

Main article: StreetPass

StreetPassing with other players is also a feature that affects My Castle. It generally works similarly to Awakening's StreetPass features. When Fates receives StreetPass data the other player's units appear in My Castle in the traveler's plaza facility. Visiting units can be challenged to battle, or the player can purchase units from the visiting units.

The foreign castle can be visited by the player. StreetPass is important for obtaining a wider variety of resources, as the variety available in a single My Castle is limited, and more resources can be obtained from characters in other people's castles.


At three points in a campaign, players have the opportunity to fight off a wave of invaders attempting to attack their My Castle. These battles are pre-set skirmishes that, while the player is not required to deploy Corrin like other battles in a My Castle as well as object effects applying, it is otherwise treated in a similar fashion to a battle in the field, including units not returning after defeat in Classic Mode, Corrin's death triggering a Game Over, and being able to gain experience and weapon experience in Conquest. Each of the three campaigns have their own enemy combinations for the invasions.

Chapter Progress Birthright Conquest Revelation
9 Invasion 1 Invasion 1 Invasion 1
18 Invasion 2 Invasion 2 Invasion 2
27 Invasion 3 Invasion 3 Invasion 3

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

My Castle

In-game references simply use "castle". The North American version's electronic manual uses "My Castle", but this was changed in the PAL version to "your castle".



My Castle. The name is probably meant to sound similar to "My Unit", the Japanese name for avatar units.





  1. "Lilith: This is a world parallel to the one in which you live, Lord/Lady Corrin. It is known as the astral plane.
    Corrin: How were you able to get us here?
    Lilith: The First Dragons have granted us the power to inhabit this dimension.
    " — Lilith and Corrin, Fire Emblem Fates

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