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Kill bonus

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Kill bonus refers to two different bonuses awarded to a unit's weapons and abilities to wield thereof for killing an enemy unit.

In Genealogy of the Holy War

Highlighted: Lewyn's Elwind has been used to kill 54 units, enabling him to perform critical hits and granting a +4 crit bonus.

The Genealogy of the Holy War kill bonus is concerned with boosting a unit's critical hit rate for every enemy killed, operating on a weapon-by-weapon basis. Every time a weapon is used to kill an enemy, it gains a kill bonus point, expressed in the weapon's stat listings as "★n" (for example, a weapon which has successfully killed fourteen enemies would state "★14"). Once a weapon has achieved 50 kills, the Critical skill is attached permanently to the weapon, enabling its wielder to perform critical hits. For every kill above 50 the weapon achieves, the user is awarded +1 to their critical hit rate, for a maximum of +50 critical once the weapon reaches the maximum 100 counted kills.

Kill bonuses are specific to the weapon, not to the wielder, so if the weapon is pawned off and rebought by another unit it retains the kill bonus in the new wielder's service. Kill bonuses also remain on a weapon when/if the weapon is inherited by a second-generation unit. If the weapon is not inherited and instead is dropped by an enemy in the second generation, the kill bonuses remain. For example, if Finn's Brave Lance is not inherited, the Brave Lance dropped by Muhammad will have the kill bonus Finn's had in the first generation.


Game Formula Notes
Genealogy of the Holy War
Critical rate (without Critical)
(Combination bonus)% Without the Critical skill or combination bonuses, critical hits are impossible.
Genealogy of the Holy War
Critical rate (with Critical)
Skill + (Kill bonus − 50) + (Combination bonus)% A kill bonus of 50 awards the weapon's wielder Critical,
and every kill bonus point above 50 awards +1 to the critical rate.

In the Game Boy Advance trilogy

The other form of kill bonus is present only in The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade and The Sacred Stones, and is concerned exclusively with weapon experience. Whenever a unit successfully kills an enemy, the amount of weapon experience they would normally earn for using the weapon in question is doubled.

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