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Multiplayer battle

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Multiplayer battle is the multiplayer mode of the two Nintendo DS installments and Fates.


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Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem

Multiplayer battles are split between Wireless and Wi-Fi battles, although they both function the same. Unlike the Link Arena, only two players can battle at the same time, and both players must own a copy of the game. For Wi-Fi battles, it is possible to choose to either battle other users with the use of friend codes or random opponents. The use of friend-code enable the Voice Chat during battles. Certain items cannot be used during multiplayer battles like the Geosphere, the Aum staff, Master Seals, Elysian Whips, the Maturity Drop, the Bond Drop or the Rainbow Potion.

In Wi-Fi Battle, both players must choose 5 characters from their main save. Replacement units can be selected for a Wi-Fi battle.

After each player has chosen which characters to use, the hosting player sets the rules for battle, which are as follows:

  • Map – Choosing a battle map through a selection of 6 maps with the option to select a map at random.
  • Fog of War – Toggle the presence of Fog of War. If Fog of War is enabled, units can only be teleported with the Warp staff to visible squares. All classes have a sight of 2 squares by default.
  • Turn Limit – Set the maximum number of turns for the battle from 5 to 10 Turns.
  • Time Limit – Set the time limit for each Turn from 3 to 10 minutes. Exceeding the time limit force the player to end its Turn.
  • Card – Toggle use of Cards.
  • Autohandicap – Choose whether to adjust the character's Levels according to the opponent’s skill level.

Once the rules are set, the battle begins.

Players take turns moving their units on the multiplayer-exclusive battle maps. On each battle map, there is a castle situated at the very center—if an unit waits on the castle gate, the castle flag changes color to their team’s color. The battle is won by either converting the castle flag to one player team’s color at the end of the Turn Limit or by the death all units in one of the teams.

Upon winning a multiplayer battle, with the exception of practice battles against the computer, the player will be awarded a Card which each have various effects attached to them.

Due to the shutdown of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services, Wi-Fi Battles are no longer available from May 20th, 2014 onwards.[1]


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  • The Western version of Shadow Dragon added five new multiplayer maps, as well as a handicapping option and random map selector. There was only one multiplayer map in the Japanese version. These new maps were later included in New Mystery of the Emblem.

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Multiplayer battle

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  1. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for Nintendo DS and Wii has ended, Nintendo, Published: 2014-05-20, Retrieved: 2015-06-30
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