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Charm (stat)

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For the skill of the same name, see Charm.

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Charm (Japanese: 魅力 Charm) is a stat introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Its inclusion coincides with the addition of battalions and gambits, and the stat serves to enhance them. It increases gambit might, as well as gambit hit rate and avoidance.


Gambit damage

Game Formula Notes
Three Houses Mt + (Strength or Magic) + (Charm / 5) + (Ability bonus) + (Battalion bonus) + (Gambit Boost) - (Target's Protection or Resilience) Strength and Protection are used for physical gambits.
Magic and Resilience are used for magical gambits.
If any bonus is not relevant, the bonus in question is taken to be 0.
For targets that are not the primary target, the gambit's attack power will be reduced by 50% before factoring in protection/resilience.

Gambit hit rate

Charm is the primary unit stat to affect the accuracy of gambits in battle.[1]

Game Formula Notes
Three Houses Hit + [(Unit's Charm - Target's Charm) × 5] + (Ability bonus) + (Equipment bonus) + (Gambit Boost) Charm's effects on hit rate are capped at +30/-30 hit.
If any bonus is not relevant, the bonus in question is taken to be 0.

Items and abilities affecting charm

Weapons, items and skills providing equipping bonus
Item Charm increase Games
Is ns01 ring.png Black Eagle Pendant +2 when equipped. Three Houses
Is ns01 ring.png Blue Lion Brooch +2 when equipped. Three Houses
Is ns01 ring.png Golden Deer Bracelet +2 when equipped. Three Houses
Is ns01 ring.png White Dragon Scarf +2 when equipped. Three Houses
Is ns01 pomp & circumstance.png Pomp & Circumstance +4 when active. Three Houses
Is ns01 rally charm.png Rally Charm +8 to a single ally's Charm for one turn. Three Houses
Items and events providing a permanent boost
Item Charm increase Games
Is ns01 stat booster.png Black Pearl Permanent +2 increase when used. Three Houses
Is ns01 stat booster.png Golden Apple Permanent +1 increase when used. Three Houses
Tea Party Permanent +1 increase to both Byleth and their guest when successful. Three Houses
Chapter 9 dancing practice Permanent +5 increase when used. Three Houses

Flavor text

Game Text
Three Houses Raises gambits' might, hit rate, and avoidance. ??

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes



















Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese




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