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Loan unit

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This page is about a feature that is no longer available on the physical release of the game

Loan units is a type of guest unit in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon accessed through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection online service.


Loan units are copies of playable characters and acts as substitute for them thus, only loan units of recruited characters in the save file can be used in it. They are saved in the game in a similar way than bonus units are stored in the Booklog in Fire Emblem Awakening but only one loan unit can be used at a time per save file. Loan units don't copy equipment and can't be used in the Wi-Fi mode of the Multiplayer battle. While the experience and stat increases through level-up is transferred over to the original unit, stats boosters can't be used on loan units. Furthermore, the death of the loan unit will also result in the loss of the original unit.

Loan units can be accessed by downloading them from another player, going to the Use Loans option and selecting a save file to replace the original unit with the downloaded loan unit. Players can upload as many loan units as they want without any restrictions.

Loan units were likely intended for players who are struggling in a certain part of the game and want to borrow a more powerful version of a unit from a more experienced player.

Due to the shutdown of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services, new loan units cannot be uploaded or loaded from May 20th, 2014 onwards.[1]

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Loan unit

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  1. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for Nintendo DS and Wii has ended, Nintendo, Published: 2014-05-20, Retrieved: 2015-06-30
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