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Chain attack

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Chain attacks (Japanese: チェインアタック Chain attack) are a mechanic introduced in Fire Emblem Engage. They are additional attacks that can be performed by nearby allies that are in backup-type classes.


Chain attacks can be performed by units currently in a backup class, such as Sword Fighter, Lance Fighter, or Axe Fighter. A chain attack occurs if a unit targets an enemy that other allied units could attack from their current position and with their currently equipped weapon. If there are multiple enemies in range, then a unit can potentially make chain attacks attacks against all of them in a single turn. When a unit initiates combat, all allies that are capable of chain attacking from their positions will do so. They have a fixed hit rate of 80%, which is not affected by the attacking ally's stats or weapons, and they will always deal damage equal to 10% of the foe's maximum HP, rounded down; the attacking ally will deal damage even if they would normally deal zero damage to the foe when attacking normally on their own. Chain attacks always occur immediately before the initiating unit's first attack; if the initiating unit attacks last due to using a smash weapon, then chain attacks will occur after the enemy's attack(s).

Performing chain attacks does not grant the attacking ally any experience, though if a chain attack defeats an enemy, the unit that initiated combat will still receive the full experience they would have received from defeating the enemy by themself. Chain attacks cannot inflict break against enemies that they have weapon triangle advantage against; however, if a chain attacking ally's weapon is capable of inflicting poison status, that status will be applied on a successful hit, and will stack with previous poison effects on that enemy. Chain attacks cannot land critical hits.

Skills affecting chain attacks

Skills affecting chain attacks
Skill Effect Games
Is ns02 bond breaker.png Bond Breaker Forces enemy chain attack hit rates to 30%. Engage
Is ns02 dual strike.png Dual Strike User can perform chain attacks even in non-backup classes. Engage
Is ns02 dual assist.png Dual Assist If user can perform chain attacks normally, user has a 35% chance to make one against enemies within their full movement range. Engage
Is ns02 dual assist+.png Dual Assist+ If user can perform chain attacks normally, user has a 70% chance to make one against enemies within their full movement range. Engage
Is ns02 all for one.png All for One All allies within 2 spaces, even those not in backup classes, perform chain attacks during this action. Engage
Is ns02 call doubles.png Call Doubles Summons up to four copies of the user that will always make chain attacks with the user, regardless of their position. Engage
Is ns02 pair up.png Pair Up Nullifies damage taken from enemy chain attacks. Engage
Is ns02 moved to tears.png Moved to Tears User deals +2 damage when an ally makes a chain attack alongside them. Engage
Is ns02 brave assist.png Brave Assist If user's HP = 100%, user strikes twice when making chain attacks. Engage
Is ns02 charm.png Charm If an ally makes a chain attack alongside the user, increases their chain attack hit rate to 90%. Engage
Is ns02 other half.png Other Half If user initiates combat, Robin makes an additional chain attack alongside them. Engage
Is ns02 giga levin sword.png Giga Levin Sword+ All adjacent allies, even those not in backup classes, perform chain attacks during this action. Engage
Is ns02 pack hunter.png Pack Hunter All allies within 3 spaces of the user with the same class as the user make chain attacks alongside them. Engage

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Chain attack




Chain attack


Ataque en cadena

Chain attack


Attaque enchaînée

Chained attack



Cooperative hit


Attacco concatenato

Concatenated attack


체인 어택

Chain attack

Simplified Chinese


Chain attack

Traditional Chinese


Chain attack


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