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Class mastery

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For information about master classes, see Master Seal.

Class mastery (Japanese: 兵種技能 class ability) is a mechanic first introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Units in Three Houses earn experience towards mastery of their class, and learn a new ability or combat art upon earning enough experience.


Main article: Class change/Nintendo Switch games

In Three Houses, units earn experience towards mastering their class in battles. Units gain 1 point of class mastery experience at the end of combat; they earn this experience even if they do not initiate the combat or attack within it. Spending 2,000 renown at the Cethleann Saint Statue increases the mastery experience every unit earns by 1; additionally, equipping the Mastermind ability or Knowledge Gem item increases the mastery experience the equipping unit earns by 100%. Equipping both will triple the class experience gained rather than quadruple it.

The amount of experience a unit needs to reach mastery depends on the class:

Class tier Unique classes Required experience
-- Noble, Commoner 20
Beginner -- 60
Intermediate Dancer, Enlightened One 100
Advanced, Special Armored Lord, High Lord, Wyvern Master 150
Master Emperor, Great Lord, Barbarossa, Death Knight 200

When a unit earns enough experience to master their class, they gain an ability or combat art—sometimes both—based on the class mastered. Most abilities and all combat arts learned through class mastery are only accessible to the player through mastery. Abilities learned through class mastery can be equipped in any other class, as can combat arts from beginner and intermediate classes; however, combat arts from advanced, special, master, and unique classes are locked to that class (e.g. Hunter's Volley can only be used by Snipers). Additionally, if a learned ability is also a class ability, the ability cannot be equipped, even if the unit is in another class (e.g. as the Dark Bishop class has Fiendish Blow as a class ability, the ability cannot be equipped by units in the class).


Unique classes

Unique class masteries in Three Houses
Class Ability Combat art
Ma ns01 commoner byleth f playable.gif Commoner HP +5 --
Ma ns01 noble edelgard playable.gif Noble HP +5 --
Ma ns01 dancer male playable.gif Dancer Special Dance --
Ma ns01 enlightened one byleth f playable.gif Enlightened One Sacred Power --
Ma ns01 armored lord edelgard playable.gif Armored Lord Pomp & Circumstance --
Ma ns01 emperor edelgard playable.gif Emperor -- Flickering Flower
Ma ns01 high lord dimitri playable.gif High Lord Pomp & Circumstance --
Ma ns01 great lord dimitri playable.gif Great Lord -- Paraselene
Ma ns01 wyvern master claude playable.gif Wyvern Master Pomp & Circumstance --
Ma ns01 barbarossa claude playable.gif Barbarossa -- Wind God
Ma ns01 death knight jeritza playable.gif Death Knight Counterattack --

Beginner classes

Beginner class masteries in Three Houses
Class Ability Combat art
Ma ns01 myrmidon playable.gif Myrmidon Speed +2 Swap
Ma ns01 soldier playable.gif Soldier Defense +2 Reposition
Ma ns01 fighter playable.gif Fighter Strength +2 Shove
Ma ns01 monk playable.gif Monk Magic +2 Draw Back

Intermediate classes

Intermediate class masteries in Three Houses
Class Ability Combat art
Ma ns01 lord edelgard playable.gif Lord Resistance +2 Subdue
Ma ns01 mercenary playable.gif Mercenary Vantage --
Ma ns01 thief playable.gif Thief Steal --
Ma ns01 armored knight playable.gif Armored Knight Armored Blow --
Ma ns01 cavalier playable.gif Cavalier Desperation --
Ma ns01 brigand playable.gif Brigand Death Blow --
Ma ns01 archer playable.gif Archer Hit +20 --
Ma ns01 brawler playable.gif Brawler Unarmed Combat --
Ma ns01 mage playable.gif Mage Fiendish Blow --
Ma ns01 dark mage playable.gif Dark Mage Poison Strike --
Ma ns01 priest playable.gif Priest Miracle --
Ma ns01 pegasus knight playable.gif Pegasus Knight Darting Blow Triangle Attack

Advanced classes

Advanced class masteries in Three Houses
Class Ability Combat art
Ma ns01 hero playable.gif Hero Defiant Str --
Ma ns01 swordmaster playable.gif Swordmaster -- Astra
Ma ns01 assassin playable.gif Assassin Lethality Assassinate
Ma ns01 fortress knight playable.gif Fortress Knight Pavise --
Ma ns01 paladin playable.gif Paladin Aegis --
Ma ns01 wyvern rider playable.gif Wyvern Rider Seal Defense --
Ma ns01 warrior playable.gif Warrior Wrath --
Ma ns01 sniper playable.gif Sniper -- Hunter's Volley
Ma ns01 grappler playable.gif Grappler Tomebreaker Fierce Iron Fist
Ma ns01 warlock playable.gif Warlock Bowbreaker --
Ma ns01 dark bishop playable.gif Dark Bishop Lifetaker --
Ma ns01 bishop playable.gif Bishop Renewal --

Special classes

Special class masteries in Three Houses
Class Ability Combat art
Ma ns01 trickster playable.gif Trickster Duelist's Blow Foul Play
Ma ns01 war monk playable.gif War Monk Brawl Avo +20 Pneuma Gale
Ma ns01 war cleric playable.gif War Cleric Brawl Avo +20 Pneuma Gale
Ma ns01 dark flier playable.gif Dark Flier Transmute --
Ma ns01 valkyrie playable.gif Valkyrie Uncanny Blow --
Note: These classes are downloadable content, part of the Cindered Shadows expansion. They are unlocked only after completing Cindered Shadows Chapter 1.

Master classes

Master class masteries in Three Houses
Class Ability Combat art
Ma ns01 falcon knight playable.gif Falcon Knight Defiant Avo --
Ma ns01 wyvern lord playable.gif Wyvern Lord Defiant Crit --
Ma ns01 mortal savant playable.gif Mortal Savant Warding Blow --
Ma ns01 great knight playable.gif Great Knight Defiant Def --
Ma ns01 bow knight playable.gif Bow Knight Defiant Spd --
Ma ns01 dark knight playable.gif Dark Knight Seal Resistance --
Ma ns01 holy knight playable.gif Holy Knight Defiant Res --
Ma ns01 war master playable.gif War Master Quick Riposte War Master's Strike
Ma ns01 gremory playable.gif Gremory Defiant Mag --

Flavor text

Game Text
Three Houses
Class experience. Mastery unlocks a unique
ability, a Combat Art, or sometimes both.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Class mastery




Class ability


Dominio de clase

Class mastery


Talent de classe

Class talent



Class Ability


Perfezionamento della classe

Class perfection


병과 기술 능력

Class skill ability

Simplified Chinese


Class ability

Traditional Chinese


Class ability



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