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Ancient Texts

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Not to be confused with the ancient language of Tellius or the Ancient Letters of Valentia and Ylisse.

Poem, the first of the Ancient Texts in the Library.

The ancient texts (Japanese: 古文書資料 ancient documents) are a collection of mysterious documents written in another language which are found in Fire Emblem Fates' Records Hall menu. They contain information about the history of Hoshido, Nohr, Valla, and their inhabitants.

The same language also appears when Nohrian spells are cast, similar to how the Tellian Ancient language appears during spell casting in Fire Emblem Awakening, though this language translates to Romanian rather than English.

The texts

There are a total of nine ancient texts. In-game, all of them are presented in a foreign script, which can be deciphered by using the last of the texts, Monument, as a guide.

Text 0: Poem

A dragon neither white nor black
Saw his future self
As no more than a caged beast
A dragon neither white nor black
Sang three songs of prophecy
So someday his soul might be released

This text describes Anankos setting up the events of the game.

Text 1: Prophecy of Sky

In the white light
A hand reaches through
A double edged blade
Cuts your heart in two
Waking dreams fade away
Embrace the brand new day

This text describes the events of the Birthright campaign and is one of the verses of Lost in Thoughts All Alone.

Text 2: Prophecy of Land

Embrace the dark
You call a home
Gaze upon an empty white throne
A legacy of lies
A familiar disguise

This text describes the events of the Conquest campaign and is one of the verses of Lost in Thoughts All Alone.

Text 3: Prophecy of Depths

A burdened heart
Sinks into the ground
A veil falls away
Without a sound
Not day nor night
Wrong nor right
For truth and peace we fight

This text describes the events of the Revelation campaign and is one of the verses of Lost in Thoughts All Alone.

Text 4: Dragons & People I

Once dragons fought against each
Other using humans as pawns
They empowered their pawns
With drops of their own blood
In time the dragonblooded humans
Became royalty even as the
Dragons descended into beasthood

This text gives information on the history of dragons in the world of Fates, providing a similar narrative of degeneration to the Archanean dragons. It also provides the origin of the Dragon Vein ability.

Text 5: Dragons & People II

To escape madness the dragons
Threw off their mortal flesh and
Became ascended spirits
They left the world to humanity
Except for the few dragons who
Chose to remain

This text gives information on the history of dragons in the world of Fates, including what happened to them after the degeneration.

Text 6: Bloodline 1

The white princes and princesses are
Born of Sumeragi and Ikona the black
Princes and princesses are born of
Garon the first prince with Katerina
The first princess with a concubine
The second prince with yet another
The second princess with another still

This text gives information on the parentage of the eight royal siblings of Hoshido and Nohr.

Text 7: Bloodline 2

The child of light kidnapped in
The dark is not of Nohr blood
Nor a child of the Hoshidan king
The child was born of
The white queen and silent dragon
Anankos is the true father

This text gives information on the parentage of Corrin.

Text 8: Monument

a b c d e f g
h i j k l m n
o p q r s t u
v w x y z

This text is simply every letter of the Latin alphabet in order. The Monument is used as a guide to help the player identify each letter, and can be used to decipher the other eight texts.

Nohrian magic

The Ancient Texts language also appears when Nohrian magic is cast.

On the ground

FEF nohrian magic ground.png

This decodes to "Răspunde mi apel Răspunde mi Răspunde mi apel" (note that the font and text is slightly different to that used in the Ancient Texts, including capital letters and Roman letters with diacritics). This is Romanian and translates to "Answer my call Answer me Answer my call", or, less literally, "Hear my cry Hear me Hear my cry".

In the air

FEF nohrian magic air.png

This decodes to "WU platesc deșertul de la ai si provin dintr o distanță și am suficient si arata un bloc stil Chinezesc de caracterul meu la față"[1], which is also Romanian but does not seem to have a meaningful translation.


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