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Flame Tribe

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Flame Tribe









The Flame Tribe is a nation of Hoshido. Its ruled by an elected chieftain, a trait shared with the Ice Tribe in Nohr and Wind Tribe in Hoshido. The identity of the cheftain is not revealed during the events of Fire Emblem Fates.

Unlike the two other elemental tribes, the exact location of the Flame Tribe is never explicitly stated in Fates. Members of the Flame Tribe are reknowned as proud and honorable fighters. They are also known to worship the God of the Flame by keeping a fire burning in their village without interruption and thus live with the least contacts to the outside world.[1]It is believed among the members of the tribe that extinguishing the fire will lead to a disaster coming from the anger of the God of Flame punishing the transgressors with an eruption of lava to decimate them. If this event will have to happen, the Flame Tribe would have to suffer from severe damages in the process.[2]

Characters from the Flame Tribe

Character Description Appears in
Small portrait rinkah fe14.png
A member of the Flame Tribe and the chief's daughter; a bit hot-headed. Fates

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Flame Tribe



  1. "Rinkah: *sigh* Very well. I keep my distance because it is the law of the Flame Tribe. As you know, we worship the God of the Flame. To honor our God, we keep a fire in the village burning at all times. This is a challenge, and so in order to keep it burning we have effected many laws. One such law directs us to avoid contact with outsiders as much as possible. This is why we live isolation--and why I would prefer you quit prying." — Rinkah and Corrin, Fire Emblem Fates
  2. "Corrin: How does living in isolation keep the flame burning?
    Rinkah: It's always an outsider that extinguishes the flame of life. They don't respect it, and so foolishly they run headlong into taboo acts.
    Corrin: Like putting out the flame?
    Rinkah: That is one of them, yes. And it has terrible consequences for the transgressor. Once, a long time ago, the sacred flame was extinguished by an enemy tribe. They only wished to cause us harm, but they angered the God of the Flame. The holy mountain then erupted, and fire fell from the sky. Lava decimated the enemy tribe, and by the end of it, there was no trace of them left. The stories say our own tribe suffered greatly as well, however.
    " — Rinkah and Corrin, Fire Emblem Fates
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