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Ss fe14 valla portion world map.png
A portion of Valla from Fates' world map.









Valla (Japanese: 透魔王国 Kingdom of Tōma) is an illusory kingdom that exists in a world separate from Hoshido and Nohr. The only consistent entrance into Valla is by jumping into the Bottomless Canyon, which sits between Hoshido and Nohr right at the border of the two kingdoms. This entrance opens and closes periodically every few decades, when the skies between Hoshido and Nohr switch places.

The kingdom boasts strange geometry, as the land and sky itself seems to be rent in pieces, and floats about seemingly at random. It is unknown if the kingdom was always like this or Anankos did this when he destroyed it. Another strange feature of the kingdom is the very powerful curse placed over it, also created by Anankos. Anyone who speaks of Valla outside its borders vanishes into seafoam, never to be heard from again. The age of this curse is somewhat unspecified, but there seems to be no written or historical knowledge of the kingdom outside of it, so presumably the curse is quite old.


Long before the events of Fire Emblem Fates the kingdom was founded by Cadros. It was a prosperous place under its lineage of kings and the guidance of Anankos. However, Anankos fell to degeneration like the Archanean dragons and became crazed. After Anankos killed a Vallite king and the kingdom's inhabitants, Arete, the king's wife, and her child Azura, along with Mikoto and her child Corrin fled the ruined kingdom. Arete made her way into the Nohrian upper class as one of Garon's wives and Mikoto ended up in Hoshido and wed Sumeragi.


After destroying Valla, Anankos laid a curse that kills any person outside of Valla who speaks of it; however, it has no effect on those who hear what triggers the curse. The curse kills its victims by vaporizing them, though they will still have time to speak. The curse was sufficient for the existence of Valla to fall out of common knowledge.

Vallite soldiers

During his reign, Anankos formed an army comprising of soldiers raised from the dead, similar to how Grima formed the Risen. These soldiers are surrounded by a violet aura and will turn semi-invisible when attacking. They will not perform their victory animations after defeating an enemy, instead resuming their neutral pose after doing so. The Vallite soldiers' portraits give them glowing purple eyes and the aforementioned violet aura.

Notable locations in Valla


The Vallite capital, and the lair of Anankos during the events of Fates. It is also the place he was felled by Corrin's forces.

Characters from Valla

Character Description Appears in
Small portrait anankos fe14.png
A Silent Dragon, and one of the First Dragons. He is also the progenitor of the Hoshidan and Nohrian royal families. Fates
Small portrait arete fe14.png
Deceased queen of Valla, married Garon sometime after fleeing the country. She was killed by the Vallite curse when she tried to tell someone of her kingdom's plight. Fates
Small portrait azura fe14.png
An alleged Nohrian princess kidnapped by Hoshido. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait mikoto fe14.png
Arete's sister, married Sumeragi some time after leaving Valla. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait corrin f fe14.png
A person of noble heritage raised in Nohr. Of some sort of dragon heritage. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait lilith human fe14.png
An Astral Dragon and daughter of Anankos. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait anthony fe14.png
A Vallite working for Anankos. Fates


Genealogy of Valla
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
King of Valla
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
══ Arete
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
══ Anankos
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
A double line (═) indicates marriage or had children together; italics indicates the spouse from outside the family.


  • Birthright is the only path in which Valla does not appear or is mentioned at all during the storyline.
  • Valla likely takes some inspiration from Valhalla in Norse mythology:
    • A realm inhabited by einherjars; deceased warriors resurrected for the purpose of serving the gods, similar to the Vallite warriors fought in Valla.
    • Valhalla translates to "Hall of the Fallen" and "Hall of the Slain".
    • It is sometimes depicted as a heaven like environment in the sky, just like Valla.
  • Valla might also take some inspiration from the real world fallen kingdom of Loulan:[2]
    • Loulan was located in what is today western China and was an important stop on the Silk Road between the east and the west. Valla is similarly located in the Bottomless Canyon between the eastern-styled Hoshido and western-styled Nohr.
    • For several centuries, Loulan was buried under desert sand and was forgotten by the rest of the world until its recent rediscovery. Likewise Valla was hidden from the rest of the world with very few people who knew about its existence.
    • Many of the visuals of Valla, like Anankos's mask and Yato's hilt, are taken from Buddhism, which was widely practiced in Loulan.
    • In the Japanese version, the castle Gyges is known as Loulan (ロウラン).

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Presumably a shortening of Valhalla, the Norse version of the afterlife where accomplished warriors go after death.



Kingdom of Tōma; lit. "invisible kingdom".















Used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.

Traditional Chinese


Invisible kingdom; used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.



  1. "That over there is the royal capital of Valla, the stone castle Gyges" — Anthony, Fire Emblem Fates
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