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The Path Is Yours

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This article is about the Fates interlude sequence, initially presented to players as the sixth chapter of the game. For the History Mode map from Warriors, see The Path Is Yours (Warriors).


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The Path Is Yours

Ss fe14 corrin's choice.jpg


Plains of Hoshido



My family...
— Corrin

The Path Is Yours (Japanese: その手が拓く未来 The Hand that Forges the Path to the Future) is an interlude sequence in Fire Emblem Fates. Initially presented to the player as the sixth chapter of the game, the sequence serves as the vehicle for the player, and by extension Corrin within the game, to choose the campaign they will undertake for the remainder of the game.


Main article: The Path Is Yours/Script

As Ryoma and Xander are facing one another, Corrin, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura arrive in the area from the southeast; Xander notes that Corrin is alive and asks him/her if the Hoshidans haven't done any harm, to which Corrin tells Xander he/she is fine then asks him why he is invading Hoshido, to which Xander states it's because Garon says it's time they show their own strength. Xander tells Corrin that they can end things quickly if he/she joins him, avoiding unnecessary bloodshed should they conquer Hoshido right then and there; Corrin tells Xander that he/she needs a minute to think, to which Ryoma states that Xander is a Nohrian commander and tells Corrin to be careful. Camilla, Leo, and Elise arrive on the scene from the southwest, with Camilla stating that she was worried about Corrin and asking him/her not to wander away from her again; Leo states he's glad that Corrin's OK and that he/she must have the devil's own luck, while Elise celebrates Corrin's return to them. Hinoka insults the Nohrian royals and note that first they kidnapped him/her and then lied to him/her, then states that Corrin is sibling to her and not Elise; Camilla tells Hinoka that she is mistaken, Corrin is sibling to her and Hinoka may not have him/her. Xander tells Corrin that the Nohrians have loved and raised him/her since he/she was a child, then asks Corrin to come home with them and that they can live as a family once more; afterward, both Ryoma and Xander make a play for Corrin to come home with them.

(Cutscene: "Decision") Ryoma extends his hand toward Corrin and asks him/her to follow him, after which Sakura expresses worry toward Corrin and calls out toward him/her in sibling terminology, to which Elise states that Corrin is her sibling; Xander then extends his hand toward Corrin and states that the Nohrians are Corrin's family. Once the cutscene ends, we notice Corrin lost in thought over just who their family really is.

Branch of Fate

At this point, the player makes their decision.

Should the player own no campaigns, only possible with digital copies of the game from Japan and the PAL regions, the player will be prompted to choose their initial choice of campaign to download. Should the player own only one campaign, possible in all non-Korean versions of the game, the game will remind the player that they can purchase more campaigns before beginning the campaign they already own. Should the player own two or all three campaigns, they can make their choice of which campaign they want to play:

  • Defend Hoshido: This choice starts the player onto the Birthright campaign; it will begin In the White Light, chapter 6 in the Birthright campaign.
  • Fight with Nohr: This choice starts the player onto the Conquest campaign; it will begin Embrace the Dark, chapter 6 in the Conquest campaign.
  • Refuse to choose a side: This choice starts the player onto the Revelation campaign; it will begin Into the Ground, chapter 6 of the Revelation campaign.


  • The Path Is Yours is the first splitting point onto a choice of alternate routes in the Fire Emblem series where the routes do not formally reconverge at any point.
    • It is also the first splitting point onto alternate routes to have three possible following chapters that does not involve a sidequest chapter as one of the choices.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

The Path Is Yours

Taken from the lyrics of Lost in Thoughts All Alone.



The Hand that Forges the Path to the Future; this is the same title as the premonition chapter.


La croisée des chemins

The crossroads


Mother The Path Is Yours In the White Light (Birthright)
Embrace the Dark (Conquest)
Into the Ground (Revelation)

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