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Mutual Enemies

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Mutual Enemies

Cm fe14r 11.png


Forest in Mokushu

New units

Saizo, Orochi, Reina, Kagero



Previous chapter(s)

Voice of a God

Next chapter(s)

Frozen Sea

It looks like a group of fighters has entered the forest—friends of yours, I imagine. They must not be too bright. What kind of fool walks right into an obvious trap? You'd never fall for that—right, Kagero? Being a retainer to Prince Ryoma and all. Oh, wait. You did.
— Kotaro

Mutual Enemies (Japanese: 共闘 Joint Struggle) is the eleventh chapter of the Revelation campaign in Fire Emblem Fates. In this chapter, Corrin and their army come to Saizo's aid in their quest to gather additional allies in hopes of taking on a common enemy to Hoshido and Nohr, while taking on the ninja of Mokushu and their traitorous daimyo in hopes of coming to the rescue of another valuable potential ally.


Main article: Mutual Enemies/Script

Corrin calls their army to stop their advance upon arriving in Mokushu and seeing a smoke signal from the forest; Kaze states that it's Saizo's signal stating that he's engaging a large number of enemy troops; Corrin proposes that they help, but Kaze states that the signal Saizo is sending is intended to ward allies away from a dangerous spot and suggests traveling elsewhere. Corrin states that they have made up their mind, that they're going to help Saizo, and calls the army into action; Kaze questions Corrin's motives, to which Corrin states that they need to gather allies or else they can't fight the mutual enemy of Hoshido and Nohr, and they won't ignore any chance to gather such an ally, to which Kaze relents.

Deeper into the forest, Corrin notes it as being the origin of Saizo's smoke signal and wonders if he's still in the area, to which Azura states that the Mokushu forest makes things difficult to tell and that it's easy to get lost in the area; as Azura spots footprints, she suggests that they follow them, with Takumi having to console Sakura during the advance. Kaze spots an attack launching toward Takumi and warns him, then defends him from the strike; Takumi notes the weapon used as being a shuriken, with Kaze stating that they're the kind the Mokushujin fighters use. Takumi deduces that the Mokushujin are preparing an attack, to which Kaze notes that the shuriken launched at them was launched by a scout and thus more enemies are heading their way; Corrin takes the opportunity to call the army into battle. Preparations take place at this point.

Once preparation are finished, we witness the daimyo of Mokushu, Kotaro, telling his hostage, Kagero, that Corrin's army has walked right into his trap in the same fashion Kagero did; Kagero insults Kotaro's ninja skills and asks why he took her hostage given Mokushu is allied with Hoshido, to which Kotaro states he bears bad news--he has decided to ally with Garon, the Nohrian king, and has been waiting for an opportunity to do so for a long time, with Mokushu rising up to replace a fallen Hoshido and himself as its king. Kagero questions Kotaro's sanity, to which Kotaro states that he needs to keep Kagero alive for now but that could change at any time and has one of his ninjas take her away; Kagero states that she has always been prepared to die carrying out her mission, but regrets failing to deliver Ryoma's message. We cut over to Saizo's group, where he asks Orochi if this is the area where Kagero was captured, to which Orochi states that this appears to be the area their scout described but she can't be sure since they're deep into the woods; Saizo suggests that the group search the area, to which Reina notes the animosity within the forest and suggests that she handle the enemies within, after which Saizo tells Reina that she needs to stay focused. Back over to Corrin's group, Corrin states that they have spotted Saizo, after which Azura notes that Saizo appears to be fighting the same enemies they are, and that he may be more willing to join now than back at their previous encounter; the battle begins at this point.

Should Corrin speak with Saizo, Saizo questions Corrin's motives in following the smoke signal, to which Corrin states that they wouldn't simply abandon him to the enemy; Saizo states that no traitor would risk themselves to help him and decides to join Corrin's cause, then reveals Kagero's plight. The player may now control Saizo, Orochi, and Reina at this point.

Once the battle ends, Corrin states that they've taken care of the Mokushujin and asks where Kagero is, to which Sakura states that she's located her; Kagero asks what Corrin's doing in the area, given that she last heard that they had betrayed Ryoma and fled the battlefield; Sakura states that Corrin hasn't betrayed anyone and that herself and Takumi travelling with them is proof, to which Kagero asks Corrin for forgiveness and Corrin stating they are glad Kagero's safe. Saizo and Kagero then check up on one another, after which Kagero reveals that Ryoma was on his way to Cheve near the Nohrian border; Kagero reveals that the Chevois are currently fighting Nohrian forces, with Ryoma seeking to take advantage of the situation and use them to infiltrate Nohr. Takumi suggests to Corrin that they head for the nearest port, as they'll need a boat in order to reach Cheve; Corrin suggests that the group hurry, as they're going to need Ryoma's help, then suggests that Ryoma might know about the dragon Izana spoke of with his dying breath.


Corrin rescues Archduke Izana from a Nohrian illusionist and gains a valuable ally, Takumi. The group then heads into a forest to rescue more Hoshidan forces.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Corrin dies* or the player's army is routed* 1–12+3 {{{partner}}} 3−3 26

Initial Traps

Cm fe14r 11.png
Map dimensions:
25 columns by 13 rows

Character data

New units
Small portrait saizo fe14.png
Steel Shuriken
NPC, talk to with Corrin
Small portrait orochi fe14.png
Ox Spirit
NPC, talk to Saizo with Corrin
Small portrait reina fe14.png
Kinshi Knight
Iron Naginata
NPC, talk to Saizo with Corrin
Small portrait kagero fe14.png
Automatically at the end of the chapter
Required characters
Corrin f ​
Available characters
Azura ​Jakob ​Gunter ​Sakura ​Hana ​Subaki ​Kaze ​Rinkah ​Hayato ​Takumi ​Oboro ​Hinata ​

Note: Felicia is only a returning character if Corrin is male, while Jakob is only a returning character if Corrin is female. The returning characters list does not include any characters recruitable in paralogues or xenologues, as the player may not have taken on any available paralogue chapters yet. The list also does not include any bonus units, as they are recruitable at the player's discretion.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds02 rod.png Sun Festal Dropped by enemy Shrine Maiden
Is 3ds02 staff.png Heal Dropped by enemy Master Ninja
Is 3ds02 shuriken.png Steel Shuriken Dropped by Kotaro
Is 3ds02 class change.png Master Seal Open the chest

Event tile data

There are no event tiles during the events of the chapter. When returning to the area for skirmishes, the following event tiles appear:

  • Column 2, row 8: Adjacent to the westernmost spikes tile
  • Column 20, row 8: Adjacent to the southeasternmost spikes tile

Dragon Vein data

The Dragon Veins in this chapter are stated to have the effect "Clear spikes in this area and disarm trap" (but they do not actually disarm the trap since one can re-trigger the same trap after using its respective dragon vein) ; they do not appear until the traps they are located on emerge. They are located as follows:

  • Column 17, row 7: Adjacent to a Steel Club Oni Savage
  • Column 14, row 8: Two squares west, one square south of the previously-listed Oni Savage
  • Column 12, row 6: Two squares west, two squares south of the previously-listed vein
  • Column 6, row 7: Two square east, two squares south of a Steel Shuriken Ninja

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 master ninja kotaro enemy.gif Kotaro Master Ninja 2 1 36 12 3 13 14+2 8 10 10 - Steel ShurikenThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. Steel Katana
Ma 3ds02 shrine maiden enemy.gif Mokushujin Shrine Maiden 9 1 21 0 7 9 9 6 4 9 5 Sun FestalThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Ma 3ds02 shrine maiden enemy.gif Mokushujin Shrine Maiden 9 1 21 0 7 9 9 6 4 9 5 Sun Festal
Ma 3ds02 master ninja enemy.gif Mokushujin Master Ninja 1 3 28 10 0 13 14+2 5 11 15 6 Iron Shuriken Iron Katana
Ma 3ds02 ninja enemy.gif Mokushujin Ninja 9 4 21 5 0 13 13+2 3 6 7 5 Steel Shuriken
The western two begin moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma 3ds02 ninja enemy.gif Mokushujin Ninja 9 3 21 5 0 13 13+2 3 6 7 5 Iron Shuriken
The western two begin moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma 3ds02 master ninja enemy.gif Mokushujin Master Ninja 1 1 28 10 0 13 14+2 5 11 15 6 Iron Shuriken Iron Katana HealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma 3ds02 samurai enemy.gif Mokushujin Samurai 10 2 23 8 0 10 14+1 6 6−1 7−1 5 Iron Katana
Ma 3ds02 samurai enemy.gif Mokushujin Samurai 10 1 23 8 0 10 14+1 6 6−1 7−1 5 Steel Katana
Ma 3ds02 archer enemy.gif Mokushujin Archer 9 2 23 9 0 9 8 4 8 3+2 5 Iron Yumi
The western one begins moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma 3ds02 archer enemy.gif Mokushujin Archer 9 1 23 9 0 9 8 4 8 3+2 5 Steel Yumi
Ma 3ds02 diviner enemy.gif Mokushujin Diviner 9 2 20 0 8 9 10 3 3+1 6 5 Ox Spirit
The western one begins moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma 3ds02 oni savage enemy.gif Mokushujin Oni Savage 10 1 25 10 1 5 8 1 11 4 5 Iron Club
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma 3ds02 oni savage enemy.gif Mokushujin Oni Savage 10 1 25 10 1 5 8 1 11 4 5 Steel Club
Ma 3ds02 spear fighter enemy.gif Mokushujin Spear Fighter 10 1 23 10 0 9 9 4 9+1 6+1 5 Iron Naginata
Ma 3ds02 spear fighter enemy.gif Mokushujin Spear Fighter 19 1 23 10 0 9 9 4 9+1 6+1 5 Steel Naginata

NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 ninja saizo other.gif Saizo Ninja 9 1 23 11 3 15 12+2 9 9 8 5 Steel Shuriken Vulnerary
Pyrotechnics Locktouch
Ma 3ds02 diviner orochi other.gif Orochi Diviner 7 1 20 1 10+2 12 7 6 5+1 10 5 Ox Spirit Vulnerary
Capture Magic +2
Ma 3ds02 kinshi knight reina other.gif Reina Kinshi Knight 1 1 28 18 4 16 21 15 10+1 13+1 8 Iron Naginata Vulnerary
Morbid Celebration Darting Blow Camaraderie

Boss data

Main article: Kotaro

Normal Hard Lunatic

Small portrait kotaro fe14.png
Ma 3ds02 master ninja kotaro enemy.gif Master Ninja
Level 2
Movement -
Max HP 36 Speed 14+2
Strength 12 Luck 8
Magic 1 Defense 10
Skill 13 Resistance 10
Inventory Skills
Steel ShurikenThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Steel Katana
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas C Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken C Dragonstones --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Mutual Enemies




Joint Struggle


Enemigo mutuo

Mutual enemy


Ennemis communs

Common enemies


Gemeinsame Feinde

Common Enemies


Nemici comuni

Common enemies


공동의 적

Common enemy


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