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This article is about the weapon type. For other uses, see Stone (disambiguation).
Kana channeling the power of a Dragonstone in Fire Emblem Cipher.

The stone (Japanese: stone) is a weapon type which was introduced in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light. The stone category encompasses the special items used by units of various non-human species to transform into more powerful forms briefly to attack. This includes the dragonstones used by manaketes in every game to assume dragon form, and the beaststones used by taguel and other species from Awakening onward to assume various beast forms.

In addition to their considerable attacking power, all stones award a different set of stat boosts to their users when equipped, making their users extremely dangerous and often much more powerful than regular human units. However, they are usually extremely limited in number and it is relatively rare to have more than one unit capable of using stones, and stone-using units are completely helpless once all of their stones break.

Eleven different stone weapons have existed across the Fire Emblem series; eight of these are dragonstones, while the remaining three are beaststones.


Stones function the exact same way in every game except Mystery of the Emblem. Stone weapons grant their user substantial stat bonuses when equipped, reflecting the power of transformed state. Every time the user attacks or is attacked, the equipped stone is activated at the very beginning of the battle before either participant does anything, regardless of whether the stone user is within range to counterattack, and the transformation is reverted at the battle's end and the unit appears in their humanoid form on the map. The stone's durability is consumed with every time the stone wielder actually attacks, not just when they transform without attacking. Without an equipped stone, needless to say, a stone-user will not transform, will receive no stat boosts, and will be completely unable to attack or counterattack.

Although the existence of dragonstones dates back to the original Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light and has persisted throughout the entire series, stones were technically classified and treated as regular items despite their offensive use for most of the series' history. The Nintendo DS remake Shadow Dragon was the first game to treat stones as a separate weapon classification, Awakening was the first to give stones their own supply convoy box, and Fates was the first to give stones a proper increasing weapon level; the Fates stone weapon level is shared between both stone types as well as the other nn-human weapon types, and if a character has a class pool that includes wielders of both types of stone, the weapon level will carry over between both stone types.

In Mystery of the Emblem

Tiki using a Divinestone to transform into a Divine Dragon in Mystery of the Emblem.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem's dragonstones operate very differently from those of other games. While other games treat stones as equippable weapons, Mystery-style dragonstones behave as consumable items instead and the transformations they cause function similarly to laguz transformation. When used by a compatible Manakete unit, a dragonstone will transform that manakete into the matching dragon both in and out of battle.

The transformation lasts for a minimum of five turns, with the duration randomly increased depending on the unit's current luck stat, calculated thus:

(5 + [Random number between 0 and 1] × [Luck/2])

Once the allotted time has expired, the transformation automatically wears off at the beginning of the unit's next phase. Transformed Manaketes are not able to manually revert before their time is up. Enemy Manaketes will remain transformed for the rest of the map.

A transformed Manakete receives alterations to their current stats depending on the stone used, mostly giving boosts but always reducing the speed stat. They are able to attack with a breath matching the stone they used (although for playable units, the breath weapon is not visible in their inventory and can only be seen when selecting the Attack command). As every transformation gives different boosts, they also give unique advantages, disadvantages, and terrain penalties. For instance, the Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon transformations introduce mutual effective strengths and weaknesses over each other, the Mage Dragon transformation gives an immense boost to resistance, and the Wyvern transformation provides the single highest base movement of any class in the Fire Emblem series.

Dragonstones are still affected by durability under this system. One point of durability is reduced every time a stone is used to transform. Stone durability is not affected at all by anything Manaketes do while transformed.

Of the two playable Manakete units, only Tiki is allowed to use all of the stone types available to the player. Bantu is only allowed to use Firestones.

Stone stat gains in Mystery of the Emblem
Base state Stone Transformed state HP Str Skl Spd Lck WLv Def Res Mov Breath obtained
Ma snes01 manakete playable.gif Manakete
Firestone Ma snes01 fire dragon playable.gif Fire Dragon ×2 +8 +0 −2 +0 +0 +11 +4 +2 Fire Breath
Ma snes01 manakete tiki playable.gif Manakete
×2 +8 +0 −3 +0 +0 +11 −5 +2
Divinestone Ma snes01 divine dragon playable.gif Divine Dragon ×2 +10 +10 −3 +0 +0 +9 +0 +2 Ice BreathBook 1/
Fog BreathBook 2
Magestone Ma snes01 mage dragon playable.gif Mage Dragon ×2 +6 +0 −3 +0 +0 +14 +10 +1 Fire Breath
Wyvernstone Ma snes01 wyvern playable.gif Wyvern ×2 +4 +0 −3 +0 +0 +9 −5 +7 Fire Breath
Icestone Ma snes01 ice dragon playable.gif Ice Dragon ×2 +10 +0 −3 +0 +0 +14 +0 +1 Ice Breath
Ma snes01 manakete enemy.gif Manakete
Earthstone Ma snes01 earth dragon enemy.gif Earth Dragon ×2 +10 +0 −2 +0 +0 +14 +14 +0 Dark Breath
Transformation stat boosts cap at the maximum stat values (52 for HP, 12 for movement, 20 for all other stats) and will not exceed these maximums.
For generic enemy Manaketes, transformation changes their stats into the respective dragon class's base stats.

In the DS games

Dragonstones in Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem are more standard weapons than in Mystery of the Emblem, but they have an effect similar to Mystery of the Emblem's transformation: a Manakete with a dragonstone equipped uses the base and maximum stats of the corresponding dragon in combat. Additionally, Manaketes will visibly transform into the dragon corresponding with their equipped setone—both in the battle screen and the on the map—but this has no mechanical effect.

Stone stat gains in Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem
Stone Dragon Str Mag Skl Spd Def Res
Firestone Ma ds02 fire dragon enemy.gif Fire Dragon +8 +0 +4 +4 +9 +4
(New Mystery of the Emblem only)
Ma ds02 ice dragon enemy.gif Ice Dragon +5 +0 +7 +4 +13 +8
(New Mystery of the Emblem only)
Ma ds02 wyvern enemy.gif Wyvern +5 +0 +4 +7 +8 +3
Magestone Ma ds02 mage dragon enemy.gif Mage Dragon +0 +7 +1 −1 +11 +10
Divinestone Divine Dragon +10 +0 +7 +4 +15 +11
(Shadow Dragon only)
Ma ds02 earth dragon enemy.gif Earth Dragon +14 +0 +9 +7 +13 +18
Stat changes may differ if the unit has capped any of their stats.
HP and luck do not change, as every dragon class has the same base stats as the Manakete (18 and 0, respectively); changes in movement are moot, as move is not used in combat.

In-universe role

A Firestone, one of the most frequently recurring stones, in the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game.
Main article: Manakete § History

In the Archanea and Elibe games (every game where manaketes appear except The Sacred Stones and Fates), dragonstones were first created in response to great calamities which threatened the very being of dragons and which forced them to abandon living in their dragon bodies as their usual forms. When dragons assumed the human-like forms of manaketes, they sealed their power into gemstones to create dragonstones, which kept their power for them.[1][2] By sealing their powers into dragonstones, manaketes retained the ability to become dragons for brief, safe periods of time, but overusing a dragonstone can be harmful especially for younger manaketes.[3] As demonstrated by Bantu and Myrrh, manaketes are capable of being separated from their dragonstones for extended periods of time without suffering consequences to their health aside from being unable to achieve dragon form. When not in use, at least, dragonstones give off a glow.[4]

It is unknown if Magvel's manaketes have a similar history with their dragonstones. It is believed by Lyon that only two dragonstones exist anywhere in Magvel, one of which is Myrrh's.[5]

Dragonstones can also be used in human weapons to imbue them with immense power, and in this form are often called "orbs" or "gemstones" by humans. Weapons explicitly confirmed to contain dragonstones include Falchion, Aura, and the twelve regalia of the Twelve Crusaders; it is likely, although unconfirmed, that the five orbs of the Binding Shield are also dragonstones. The practice of using dragonstones this way is rare, use of these weapons is primarily restricted to those who have undergone blood rites with a dragon, and using such a weapon risks the human wielder's will being overridden by that of the dragon.[6]

Beaststones and their users are not currently known to have a history or purpose similar to dragonstones and manaketes in any game setting.

Stones in the Fire Emblem series by type

This list does not count the breath weapons wielded by already-transformed dragons in Mystery of the Emblem, The Binding Blade, The Sacred Stones and New Mystery of the Emblem as stone weapons; in the latter, "Breath" is its own separate weapon type.


Weapon Available in: Notes
FE01 FE02 FE03 FE04 FE05 FE06 FE07 FE08 FE09 FE10 FE11 FE12 FE13 FE14 FE15 FE16 FE17
Firestone --
Magestone Magic weapon. Unused in The Binding Blade.
Divinestone --
Earthstone Unobtainable. Used by Medeus
Icestone --
Wyvernstone --
Dragonstone Magic weapon in Fates. Technically considered a monster weapon in The Sacred Stones.
Dragonstone+ Magic weapon in Fates.
A means that the weapon is available in that game, while a indicates the contrary.


Weapon Available in: Notes
FE01 FE02 FE03 FE04 FE05 FE06 FE07 FE08 FE09 FE10 FE11 FE12 FE13 FE14 FE15 FE16 FE17
Beaststone --
Beaststone+ --
Beastrune --
A means that the weapon is available in that game, while a indicates the contrary.

Classes capable of using stones

Dragonstone users

Class Wields dragonstones in: Notes
FE01 FE02 FE03 FE04 FE05 FE06 FE07 FE08 FE09 FE10 FE11 FE12 FE13 FE14 FE15 FE16 FE17
Manakete --
Nohr Prince --
Nohr Princess --
Hoshido Noble --
Nohr Noble --
A means that the class wields dragonstones in that game, while a indicates the contrary.

Beaststone users

Class Wields beaststones in: Notes
FE01 FE02 FE03 FE04 FE05 FE06 FE07 FE08 FE09 FE10 FE11 FE12 FE13 FE14 FE15 FE16 FE17
Taguel --
Kitsune --
Nine-Tails --
Wolfskin --
Wolfssegner --
A means that the class wields beaststones in that game, while a indicates the contrary.


  • The Stone weapon type appears in Fire Emblem Warriors and is the only weapon type featured in that game that is only used by a single playable character: Tiki.

Etymology and other languages

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  1. "If you really wanna know... Tens of thousands of years ago, the dragon tribe settled down on this continent, and created a civilization. They possessed intellect and abilities far exceedin' those of humans. But suddenly, outta nowhere, their day of destruction came. At first, they couldn't bear children. Then they began to lose their minds, goin' berserk one after the next. The elders warned that the end of dragons as a species was approachin'. There was no longer any way to prevent it. However, there was one way they could survive: to discard their identities as dragons and live on as humans. The dragons fell into a panic. Those who believed the elders sealed their forms within stones and became humans. But those who couldn't throw away their pride as a dragon; those who adamantly refused to become human... They eventually lost their minds and became naught but beasts..." — Xane, Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem
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    Roy: The dragonstones...
    Jahn: Yes. We were utterly powerless against the humans. In human form, we were even more feeble than the humans themselves. The humans took the opportunity to slaughter us.
    Roy: Why did you choose the form of humans? Why not some other shape?
    Jahn: In the new order of nature, the human form required the least energy to transform into.
    " — Jahn and Roy, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
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  5. "That's right. It's very rare. There are only two in the entire world. I've heard rumors of a collector there who has one for sale. It looks like nothing but a common gemstone. I need it for my research. If I have that stone…my… Urg…gaa…" — Lyon, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  6. "Q: How do the Holy Weapons work?
    A: The dragon tribe has the ability to transfer their power and will into dragon stones (what humans refer to as orbs). The Falchion from
    Mystery of the Emblem and powerful magic like Aura, as well as the orbs on the 13 Holy Weapons of Jugdral, are all dragon stones. Humans can obtain tremendous strength from these dragon stones, but they are also in danger of losing their own will. Usually, only those who have formed blood pacts with the dragon tribe can use the power of the dragon stones, but there are exceptions if the seal on the orb has been broken."Designers' notes from a Genealogy of the Holy War playing guide, as translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: January 14, 2016

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