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This article is about the country from Fates. For the chapter, see Nohr (chapter).

FEF world map.png
Nohr (left) and Hoshido (right).









Nohr (pronounced /⁠nɔɹ⁠/[key][1]; Japanese: 暗夜王国 Kingdom of Anya) is a powerful "glory-seeking" kingdom present in Fire Emblem Fates. It is ruled by Garon. This kingdom has many qualities that are opposite to its counterpart, Hoshido. Hoshido is a peace loving kingdom, while Nohr thirsts for glory. Nohr also looks aesthetically different from Hoshido, Nohr's architecture resembles a European influence, instead of Hoshido's Japanese influence. Their color preferences also seem to be at odds, Hoshido generally features red and white colors, while Nohr has blue and black as their corresponding colors.

All members of the Nohrian royal family possess the power of Dragon Vein, the ability to alter the environment around them.

Notable locations within Nohr

Dragon's Gate

Main article: Dragon's Gate (location)

An ancient draconic ruin built long ago by the First Dragons. It grants access to other worlds across time and space.

Nohr Capital

The capital of Nohr, which contains Castle Krakenburg, the home of the Nohrian royal family. The Hoshidan army infiltrates the capital and Castle Krakenburg in Birthright.

Northern Fortress

An isolated fort in the northern reaches of Nohr. Corrin was raised here for most of their life.

Demon's Falls

A watefall of lava located east of the Nohrian Capital that Corrin's army visits in Birthright. It is said it came to be after a massive amount of water was mixed with oil which was set on fire.[2]

Fort Dragonfall

A Nohrian fortress located at the south of the Nohrian Capital. It was built around the corpse of a dragon that died in that area.[3] Corrin's army crosses through it in both Birthright and Conquest.

Palace Macarath

A palace located in the territory of Macarath, where the best doctors and medicines of the land can be found. Corrin's army visits it in both Birthright and Conquest, seeking a medicine that can cure Takumi (Birthright) or Elise (Conquest).

Ice Tribe

Main article: Ice Tribe

The Ice Tribe is a nation of Nohr located south of the Woods of the Forlorn. Corrin's army crosses through it in both Birthright and Conquest.


Cheve (Japanese: シュヴァリエ Chevalier) is a location in Nohr. A group of rebels was located within Cheve.

In Conquest, by King Garon's orders, Corrin's army was sent to suppress the rebellion. Corrin refused to kill the rebels, but Hans killed them and gave Corrin credit.

Despite the existence of a rebellion, most citizens actually are loyal to Nohr.

Mount Garou

A mount located in Nohr territory where the Wolfskin live. Corrin's army crosses through it in Birthright.

Woods of the Forlorn

The Woods of the Forlorn is a heavily forested area in central Nohr, where the thick canopy causes no light to enter the woods. The forest is - or was - also used as a graveyard to members of Nohr, as many graves can be spotted around the woods. According to Camilla, there is also a mansion within the woods, known to be "more terrifying" than the haunted mountain in the Boo Camp DLC. The woods also contain marsh puddles frequently around the forest, causing harm towards people not raised in Nohr.

In Birthright, Corrin's army head from the Ice Tribe village to the capital of Nohr - Windmire - with the quickest route being the Woods of the Forlorn. Whilst heading deep into the forest, they are ambushed by Leo and his retainers, by summoning Faceless and using the marsh to his advantage. Despite this, Corrin's Army were able to defeat Leo, and granted the army a Warp Book to warp once from the Woods of the Forlorn to Notre Sagesse.


Main article: Nestra

An independent state located in southern Nohr, it is known for its grand theater in its capital, Cyrkensia.

Characters from Nohr

Character Description Appears in
Small portrait garon fe14.png
The brutal ruler of Nohr, and Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise's father. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait arete fe14.png
The deceased former queen of Nohr who succeded Queen Katerina, and Azura's mother. Fates
Small portrait corrin m fe14.png
A person of noble heritage raised in Nohr. Of some sort of dragon heritage. Fates, Heroes, Engage
Small portrait azura fe14.png
A Norhian princess that was kidnapped by Hoshido, has singing talent. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait xander fe14.png
A paladin, and the eldest prince of Nohr. Corrin's eldest adoptive sibling. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait camilla fe14.png
A Malig Knight and royal of Nohr and Corrin's adoptive elder sister, adores Corrin. Fates, Heroes, Engage
Small portrait leo fe14.png
Dark Knight prince of Nohr, Corrin's adoptive brother. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait elise fe14.png
A Troubadour and princess of Nohr, Corrin's adoptive sister. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait felicia fe14.png
A Maid who works under Corrin, prone to mistakes, but brave. Flora's twin sister. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait jakob fe14.png
A Butler who also works under Corrin. He is unsociable with all but Corrin. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait gunter fe14.png
A Great Knight who travels with Corrin, also taught him to fight. He is strict, but kind. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait silas fe14.png
A Cavalier and a childhood friend of Corrin. Accompanies Corrin regardless of their decision. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait peri fe14.png
A childlike noble who enjoys killing, serves Xander. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait beruka fe14.png
A seemingly emotionless assassin who now serves Camilla. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait niles fe14.png
An Outlaw serving under Leo. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait effie fe14.png
A Knight working under Elise. Dedicated to her training, and very strong. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait arthur fe14.png
A Fighter working for Elise. He believes that he is a heroic and just figure. However, he is plagued by bad luck. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait nyx fe14.png
A Dark Mage who is older than she appears. Fates
Small portrait benny fe14.png
A gentle border guard with a scary face. Fates
Small portrait charlotte fe14.png
A border guard who dreams of marrying into money. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait keaton fe14.png
A Wolfskin with an unusual collection. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait flora fe14.png
Felicia's twin sister and a maid who serves Corrin. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait scarlet fe14.png
A fighter from Cheve who leads a resistance against Nohr. Fates
Small portrait iago fe14.png
A scheming tactician who is loyal to Garon. Fates, Heroes
Small portrait hans fe14.png
A former criminal currently in service to Garon. Fates
Small portrait zola fe14.png
A Nohrian mage specialized in illusions. Fates
Small portrait daniela fe14.png
A Nohrian general in charge of Nohr's border guard. Fates
Small portrait kilma fe14.png
Chief of the Ice Tribe and father of Flora and Felicia. Fates
Small portrait layla fe14.png
A dancer from Nestra. Fates
Small portrait cassita fe14.png
Elise's former retainer. Fates
Portrait shade status fe15.png
A gifted practitioner of magic. Cipher, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


Genealogy of Nohr
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Concubines* ══ Garon
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Katerina ══ Garon
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
══ Arete
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
══ King of Valla
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png
An unbroken line indicates direct descent; a dashed line (╍) indicates descent across multiple undefined generations. A double line indicates marriage or had children together; italics indicates the spouse from outside the family. Important relatives not directly connected with Nohr's royal family are marked in gray.


  • In Warriors, as an enemy faction in Chapter 12, Nohr is the first faction in the series to bear the third army designation.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


A corruption of noir, a French word for black, which reflects the kingdom's aesthetic.



Kingdom of Anya (lit. "dark night")



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



Mentioned in Heroes.[4]



Lit. "dark night"

Traditional Chinese


Lit. "dark night"; mentioned in Heroes.[5]



  1. Corrin's critical quote
  2. "There is a massive resevoir of oil nearby that has mixed with the water. At some point, hundred of years ago, the river was set aflame. It might have been a lightning strike, or an accident, but regardless... It has burned ever since." — Jakob in Birthright Chapter 21, Fire Emblem Fates
  3. "(The fort) It's some big ol' dragon that died a long time ago. (...) Rumor has it this dragon was incredibly powerful. They say that when it died, its body eventually became this very fort!" — Elise in Conquest Chapter 9, Fire Emblem Fates
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