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Event tile

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Lissa is about to step on an event tile; when moving a unit over an event tile, a question mark appears above them.

Event tiles are a gameplay mechanic first appearing in Fire Emblem Awakening. In Awakening, event tiles appear in the majority of the game's battle maps, and give random benefits to units that stop on one. In Fire Emblem Fates, event tiles are much less numerous, appearing mostly in skirmishes, and rarely in main chapter battles; they are completely absent in Fates: Conquest. In both games all feature a distinct sparkling effect floating above them to indicate their position, and they also display a question mark bubble when a unit is moved on top of them.

With the exception of the Endgame's map (which lacks event tiles), all chapter maps available in the vanilla Awakening game each have two event tiles placed on them, and the same is true for all of the series 1 DLC maps with the exception of the Rogues & Redeemers series (all of which lack event tiles). Series 2 DLC maps tend to lack event tiles; the exceptions are the Scramble maps, in which Harvest Scramble sports 18 event tiles, Summer Scramble sports 15 event tiles, and Hot-Spring Scramble sports 20 event tiles.

In Fates, main chapters and paralogues normally have no event tiles, while skirmishes usually have exactly two event tiles.

In Awakening, there are four possible outcomes when stopping on an event tile: gaining experience, gaining weapon proficiency, finding a random item, and boosting support (if paired up units stand on the tile). In Fates, only the first three can occur. Each of the non-bonus characters has a unique line tied to each of the first three events, and multiple lines tied to the fourth event.

Types of bonuses

Experience points

A character that gets this bonus will be given a random amount of experience points. This event works exactly the same as the event at the Barracks.

Weapon experience

Main article: Weapon experience

A character that gets this bonus will be given a random amount of weapon experience for all visible weapon types. The bonus can be wasted, but this only happens when the unit already has an A rank for all visible weapon types.

Random item

A unit getting this bonus will be given a random item, that is then placed into their inventory; if the character's inventory is full upon getting the item, the player can choose to send that item to the convoy or any other item in the character's inventory. Using a different set of currently-unknown percentage ratios, one of the following items will be randomly obtained when this bonus appears:

Items obtained in Awakening

Item Item Item
Is 3ds01 tree branch.png Tree Branch Is 3ds01 glass sword.png Glass Sword Is 3ds01 soothing sword.png Soothing Sword
Is 3ds01 superior edge.png Superior Edge Is 3ds01 leif's blade.png Leif's Blade Is 3ds01 roy's blade.png Roy's Blade
Is 3ds01 eliwood's blade.png Eliwood's Blade Is 3ds01 eirika's blade.png Eirika's Blade Is 3ds01 seliph's blade.png Seliph's Blade
Is 3ds01 alm's blade.png Alm's Blade Is 3ds01 log.png Log Is 3ds01 glass lance.png Glass Lance
Is 3ds01 miniature lance.png Miniature Lance Is 3ds01 shockstick.png Shockstick Is 3ds01 superior lance.png Superior Lance
Is 3ds01 finn's lance.png Finn's Lance Is 3ds01 ephraim's lnce.png Ephraim's Lnce Is 3ds01 sigurd's lance.png Sigurd's Lance
Is 3ds01 ladle.png Ladle Is 3ds01 glass axe.png Glass Axe Is 3ds01 imposing axe.png Imposing Axe
Is 3ds01 volant axe.png Volant Axe Is 3ds01 superior axe.png Superior Axe Is 3ds01 orsin's hatchet.png Orsin's Hatchet
Is 3ds01 titania's axe.png Titania's Axe Is 3ds01 hector's axe.png Hector's Axe Is 3ds01 slack bow.png Slack Bow
Is 3ds01 glass bow.png Glass Bow Is 3ds01 towering bow.png Towering Bow Is 3ds01 superior bow.png Superior Bow
Is 3ds01 wolt's bow.png Wolt's Bow Is 3ds01 innes' bow.png Innes' Bow Is 3ds01 dying blaze.png Dying Blaze
Is 3ds01 micaiah's pyre.png Micaiah's Pyre Is 3ds01 superior jolt.png Superior Jolt Is 3ds01 katarina's bolt.png Katarina's Bolt
Is 3ds01 wilderwind.png Wilderwind Is 3ds01 celica's gale.png Celica's Gale Is 3ds01 aversa's night.png Aversa's Night
Is 3ds01 kneader.png Kneader Is 3ds01 balmwood staff.png Balmwood Staff Is 3ds01 catharsis.png Catharsis
Is 3ds01 sweet tincture.png Sweet Tincture Is 3ds01 gaius's confect.png Gaius's Confect Is 3ds01 kris's confect.png Kris's Confect
Is 3ds01 tiki's tear.png Tiki's Tear Is 3ds01 seed of trust.png Seed of Trust Is 3ds01 reeking box.png Reeking Box
Is 3ds01 rift door.png Rift Door

This is the same list that is also used for the Barracks.

With the exception of the Glass weapons (which debuted in the previous game in the series) and the Seed of Trust (which reappeared in the following game), all of these items are unique to Awakening.

Items obtained in Fates

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Support boost

This bonus is only available to a unit who's paired up with another unit and capable of supporting with that unit. After a conversation, the two units involved will gain some support points. It works exactly the same as the equivalent Barracks event.


  • The Premonition chapter has two event tiles available to its map; however, these event tiles are placed outside the area where Chrom and the Avatar are restricted to, making these event tiles inaccessible, so the first accessible event tiles are the ones in the Prologue.
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