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Fire Emblem Fates pre-release information

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Seven named characters appear in the January teaser trailer:[1] Hana (Japanese: カザハナ Kazahana), Hinoka (Japanese: ヒノカ Hinoka), Rinkah (Japanese: リンカ Rinka), Felicia (Japanese: フェリシア Felicia), Hans (Japanese: ガンズ Ganz), Xander (Japanese: マークス Marx), and Kamui (Japanese: カムイ), who has since been revealed to be the Avatar of this game. The trailer also prominently featured a blue-haired woman, whose name is was not revealed until the Fire Emblem TCG stream on April 14th 2015. The Avatar appears wielding a sword called Yato (Japanese: 夜刀神 Yatogami; the Yato is a katana in the final product as opposed to a sword), which literally translates to "Night Blade God". Kamui was confirmed to be an Avatar type unit in the Nintendo Direct on April 1st, 2015. In a press release screenshot and the Famitsu leak their class was revealed to be Nohr Prince(ss) (Japanese: ダークプリンス Dark Prince/ダークプリンセス Dark Princess), a class that has the ability to use swords and dragonstones. The enemy faction portrayed in the January trailer are soldiers of Nohr (暗夜兵), possibly indicating that in this instance, the Avatar has sided with Hoshido. The name of the Avatar's sword features the character , indicating a possible connection to either of the two kingdoms of Nohr or Hoshido (being known in Japanese as the "dark night" and "white night" kingdoms respectively).

The April 1/2 Nintendo Direct [2] introduces further characters, and gives names to characters introduced in the January trailer. The red-clad soldier of Hoshido seen facing off against the paladin Xander is now known as Ryoma (Japanese: リョウマ Ryouma). Elsewhere, the glory-seeking ruler of Nohr, Garon (Japanese: ガロン), is introduced. Other characters shown are: Camilla (Japanese: カミラ Camilla) the purple haired revenant knight of Nohr (a newly introduced class), Elise (Japanese: エリーゼ) the blonde rod knight of Nohr (another new class), Orochi (Japanese: オロチ) a Hoshidan woman who appears to be the character casting ice magic in the previous trailer, Sakura (Japanese: サクラ) who is a red-haired cleric, Takumi (Japanese: タクミ) who is a Hoshidan archer, and Subaki (Japanese: ツバキ Tsubaki) a male Hoshidan pegasus knight with a very masculine voice.

On 14 April, 2015, the blue-haired woman's name was revealed to be Azura (Japanese: アクア Aqua).[3]

On May 6th a promotional board at a Japanese store revealed the name of the blond magic using Nohrian prince. He is called prince Leo (Japanese: レオン Leon).[4]

On May 20th, various characters were revealed through different magazine outlets. These characters are: Jakob (Japanese: ジョーカー Joker), a butler from Nohr, Gunter (Japanese: ギュンター Günther) a Great Knight and servant of the Avatar, Kaze (Japanese: スズカぜ Suzukaze), a calm Hoshidan ninja, and Kagero (Japanese: カゲロウ), a female ninja. The unnamed cavalier from earlier trailers also had his named revealed, Silas (Japanese: サイラス Silas). A female Dark Mage also appears; she is known as Nyx (Japanese: ニュクス). Another character, an on-foot-lance-using unit, Lance Fighter, named Oboro (Japanese: オボロ). Effie (Japanese: エルフィ Elfie), a knight, who also appeared in the first trailer for the game.

On May 27th even more characters were showcased, and some previous ones elaborated. The "brave hero" from last issue was revealed to be named Arthur (Japanese: ハロルド Harold), Hinata (Japanese: ヒナタ) a "samurai" (similar to the myrmidon), and a spellcaster, Tsukuyomi (Japanese: ツクヨミ).

The website updated with a character page on May 31st 2015, this update added a small portion of new characters. Charlotte (Japanese: シャーロッテ), the first female fighter in the entire series, and a knight named Benoit (Japanese: ブノワ), who has a scary appearance but is friendly. The name of the Hoshidan ruler was also revealed, her name is Mikoto (Japanese: ミコト), she has no class listed. In the Nintendo Direct that also occurred that day the Wyvern Rider Crimson (Japanese: クリムゾン) also appeared, she was later revealed to be a Nohrian who defected to the Hoshidan cause.

The June 4th weekly famitsu also revealed more characters, Berka (Japanese: ベルカ) a Wyvern Rider and direct subordinate of Camilla, Luna (Japanese: ルーナ), another subordinate of Camilla. Luna bears an extreme resemblance to Severa, and they share voice actors; the character was later revealed to actually be Severa, one of three Awakening children characters in Fates''s plot. A particular character of interest is Nishiki (Japanese: ニシキ), who is a "Fox Spirit" similar to the laguz or taguel; as the class name suggests, he can transform into a large fox.




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