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This article is about the main story chapter in Fates: Conquest. For the invasion skirmishes in each of Fates's campaigns, see My Castle § Invasions.

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Cm fe14c 16.png


Nohrian Sea

New units

Xander, Shura



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The Black Pillar

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Den of Betrayal

Hmm...good boy/girl. Go by sea rather than taking the overland route. The Hoshidans will expect us to go by land and may be waiting to ambush. We shall outsmart them at every turn. In the meantime, I will return to Castle Krakenburg. I will monitor the situation from there and send more soldiers when the time is right. Iago, Hans, you two will come with me.
— Garon, planning the invasion of Hoshido and ordering Corrin to take the route by sea.

Invasion (Japanese: 白夜侵攻 Invasion of White Night) is the sixteenth chapter of the Conquest campaign in Fire Emblem Fates. In this chapter, Corrin has been tasked with leading the Nohrian forces tasked with the invasion of Hoshido, and is gifted a large sum of gold by Iago in the process. While at sea en route, the army's ship falls prey to what the army believes to be Hoshidan ninja out to plunder their gold, tasking the army to attempt to defend their gold stash; Corrin later has to make a difficult choice as to the fate of the leader of the plunderers.


Main article: Invasion/Script
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One night, in Cyrkensia, Garon welcomes Gunter back into the fold and thanks him for his safe return, stating that he is pleased to see him alive and well after his fall into the Bottomless Canyon; after Hans also welcomes Gunter back into the fray, Garon states that he wishes to discuss the Nohrians' next endeavor--Nohr and Hoshido will soon be engaged in an all-out war, the greater Nohrian army will set up base in Cyrkensia and immediately send troops to Hoshido, and states that they may be able to secure a early win if they catch the Hoshidan by surprise. Garon states that he tasks Corrin with leading the Hoshidan infiltration, and suggests going by sea rather than the overland route--Garon states that he suspects the Hoshidans will expect the Nohrians to go by land and may be ready to ambush, and that the Nohrians shall outsmart the Hoshidans at every turn going by sea; Garon states that he himself will head back to Castle Krakenberg, monitor the situation from there, and send reinforcements when the time is right, and asks his retainers Hans and Iago to return with him. Iago asks Corrin where they and Azura wandered off to the previous evening, forcing Corrin to come up with a cover story so as not to reveal information that could kill them; Iago ultimately believes the cover story, to which Corrin states that they hope that they have heard Iago question their loyalty for the last time. Cutting away to another part of town, Corrin explains their cover story to Azura, then states that it's imperative Garon trusts them, winning the war won't matter if they can't get Garon to sit on the Hoshidan throne; Corrin tells Azura that she'll have to get used to them feigning loyalty to Garon no matter how it tortures them, to which Azura reluctantly agrees.

We cut to a port the following morning, when Corrin asks Leo if their boat is arriving soon, to which Leo confirms; Leo then states that Iago gave him some extra funds for their war chest and said that he hoped it would prove useful; both Corrin and Leo state that they were surprised that Iago gave as much as he did, as it's normally difficult to pry money from Iago, to which Corrin suggests that they stock up on supplies before they leave, to which Leo warns Corrin of a presence behind them as he agrees with their suggestion. Corrin blocks an attack from an unseen figure, which turns out to be Xander; Xander notes the improvement in Corrin's reflexes, then congratulates them on being granted the Rainbow Sage's power, to which Corrin asks Xander what he's doing in the area. Xander states that he finished the mission Garon gave him, and that he set out toward Corrin once he finished--then declares that, if Corrin's going to infiltrate Hoshido, he's coming along and will not be seated out; Corrin thanks Xander and states that having him on their side is like having a thousand extra soldiers, to which Xander thanks Corrin for their kindness. Laslow and Peri reunite with Xander, after which Leo states that the family has all come together again, with Camilla stating that she's happy that the family's back together and Elise revealing that Azura is also back in the fold; Xander reveals that he remembers Azura but not as much as he would have liked as they met only a handful of times and that he remembers how badly the other Nohrians treated her back then. Xander reveals that Azura is the child of Garon's second wife, Arete, then reveals that many Nohrians were still distraught after his own mother's death--those that had loved Katerina were not happy about either Arete or Azura; Xander states that he, Camilla, and later Leo were told not to associate with Azura because of these details, assuming Garon wanted to protect his legacy--yet they wished they could have been close with Azura like siblings should have been, and states that he's happy to have Azura in the fold. As the royal family prepares for their departure, Camilla states that heading into enemy territory will not be easy, while Corrin states that they'll find a way to win the war together and that they will protect them all.

Once aboard the ship, Xander notices that the sailing is smooth and that there are no Hoshidan ships in sight, to which Corrin notes that things are indeed going smooth and hopes it stays that way; one of the Nohrian soldiers appears on the scene and states that pirates are aboard the ship and have raided the war chest, stating that they must have snuck aboard before they set sail. Xander deduces that the pirates aren't an ordinary bunch, and that only Hoshidan ninja could have pulled off such a tactic, then asks Corrin to follow him; preparations take place at this point.

Once preparations are finished, Xander states that the pirates must be highly organized and that somebody must be leading the charge, and that once the leader is taken down, the rest of them will fall; Leo states that he can't figure out who the leader is and deduces that they're all attacking in unison, to which Xander deduces that the leader of the pirates isn't actually among them. Leo states that Hoshidan ninja are masters of disguse, and that the leader is masquerading as a Nohrian soldier and giving orders on the sly, then states that they'll have to speak to each of the soldiers one by one to smoke out the leader, to which Xander states that they have to move quickly, as they stand to lose money the longer the battle takes. The game states that the NPC Lancers need to be spoken to in order to unmask the enemy commander, then reveals that the war chest contains 10,000 gold, but some will be stolen each turn until the leader is found and defeated; the battle begins at this point.

The first three NPC Lancers that are spoken to will consent to having their faces inspected, and thus are proven to be genuine Nohrian lancers. The fourth NPC Lancer will not consent to a face inspection and states that he has nothing to hide; upon whomever is speaking with that Lancer starting the inspecton, the Lancer will state he has no choice but to reveal his identity, revealing himself as Shura and stating that he must be getting sloppy if his disguise was seen through. Xander states that Shura is a Nohrian pirate that leads his men just like ninja, then states that he'll get to the bottom of how a common pirate snuck aboard later, as all that matters at that moment is stopping him.

Once the battle ends, Xander tells Shura that the battle is over and asks him to surrender quickly if he knows what's good for him, to which Shura asks what Xander will do next, stating he'd rather live than die. A short time later, Xander tells Shura not to move or else he dies, and that he is to stay in the cabin until Corrin decides what to do; Shura asks why Xander doesn't simply kill him on the spot like he'd expect from a Nohrian royal, to which Azura states that Shura deserves to be punished after what he did. Azura attempts to start reasoning with Shura, until Leo jumps in and states that he has no reason, deducing that Shura's men boarded without thinking things through, and telling Azura that reasoning with Shura is a waste of time; upon hearing Leo state Azura's name, an exchange begins that reveals that Shura was one of the people responsible for stealing Azura away to Hoshido years back, revealing that he was commissioned by a Hoshidan strategist by the name of Yukimura and led him through the secret tunnel leading into Castle Krakenberg. Azura asks how a Nohrian could perform that task, to which Shura states he's not a Nohrian--he's actually a ninja from Kohga, a land that now exists only in memory, and states that his clan served Hoshidan royalty long ago and feels he can avenge his clan's loss; Shura states that he could help take out the Mokushu should war break out and states that Yukimura may have never realized that he enlisted the help of a ninja from the Kohga. Azura states that she learned of the destruction of the Kohga by the Mokushu and asks Shura if that's how he became a thief; Shura states that he was chased from home once the Kohga fell and separated from the other survivors, and chose to steal rather than die, eventually carvng himself a life in Nohr as a pirate, and now wishes to return to Hoshido to exact revenge. Corrin arrives on the scene and summarizes Shura's plight, after which Shura introduces himself to Corrin; Shura asks that Corrin spare his life and offers to become Azura's retainer, vowing to protect Corrin however he can, stating he's not crazy about the Hoshidans and feels bad for kidnapping Azura. Corrin contemplates Shura's pitch, while Leo and Camilla attempt to talk Corrin into killing Shura; Xander steps in and states that Shura's fate is up to Corrin, and that they alone decides whether Shura lives or dies. At this point, the player must decide Shura's fate.

If the player selects not to kill Shura, Corrin tells Leo and Camilla that they may believe Shura to be dangerous and that he could very well be, but they knows in their heart that they can trust him and allow him to join their cause, to which Shura thanks Corrin; Corrin states that Shura's been through a lot and is overdue for some mercy, but states that if he places even one toe out of line, they will personally kill Shura, vowing that nobody will endanger their family, to which Shura vows he will never betray Corrin's kindness. Leo ask Corrin not to be soft and states that they're at war, to which Camilla states that Corrin being soft is part of who they are and states that she hopes their kindness never comes back to haunt them; Xander states that he'll respect Corrin's decision and ensure word of this decision never reaches Garon, as Garon would never trust Corrin again if he knew Corrin attempted to make an ally out of one of Azura's kidnappers, to which Corrin thanks Xander and says they don't know what they'll do without him. Xander says they'll never have to find out.

If the player selects to kill Shura, Corrin tells Leo and Camilla that they're right in that Shura is too dangerous to take with them; Corrin states that they take no pleasure in this choice but won't let anyone endanger their family, then tells Shura that his time is at an end and apologizes. Leo and Camilla congratulate Corrin on this decision, to which Xander states that Corrin likely saved their lives this day and respects this decision to protect loved ones, noting how Corrin has grown as a person; Xander states that he'll send a messenger to Garon at once, stating that Garon would be proud to learn that one of Azura's kidnappers have been brought to justice, and this is sure to earn Corrin favor with Garon. Shura states that he's getting what he deserves and asks Corrin to make the process quick; Corrin states that the path they are walking is cold, and hopes that the war will be ended soon.


Nohrian and Hoshidan forces meet in an all-out war. Corrin sets out to lead the vanguard but instead must defend the Nohrian war chest from Hoshidan ninja.

Chapter data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Shura Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Corrin dies* or the player's army is routed* 2–13 {{{partner}}} 4−1 25+1
Cm fe14c 16.png
Map dimensions:
30 columns by 22 rows

Character data

New units
Small portrait xander fe14.png
Automatically from turn 1
Small portrait shura fe14.png
Killer Bow
Automatically at the end of the chapter if the player chooses to spare him
Required characters
Corrin f ​Xander ​
Available characters
Jakob ​Silas ​Elise ​Arthur ​Effie ​Odin ​Niles ​Azura ​Nyx ​Camilla ​Selena ​Beruka ​Kaze ​Laslow ​Peri ​Benny ​Charlotte ​Leo ​Keaton ​Gunter ​Felicia ​

Note: The returning characters list does not include any characters recruitable in paralogues or xenologues, as the player may not have taken on any available paralogue chapters yet. The list also does not include any bonus units, as they are recruitable at the player's discretion.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds02 class change.png Master Seal Dropped by enemy Sorcerer
Is 3ds02 class change.png Heart Seal Dropped by enemy Hero
Is 3ds02 gold.png Gold Automatically at end of chapter
Total obtained: 10,000 - (300 × Turn count)
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Boots Automatically at end of chapter if player chooses not to spare Shura

Dragon Vein data

There are no Dragon Veins in this chapter.

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 dark mage enemy.gif Ruffian Dark Mage 17 2 26 0 15 10 9 3 9 12 5 Fimbulvetr
• The northern one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The southern one moves to attack if a unit is in range; he returns to his starting position otherwise.
Ma 3ds02 fighter enemy.gif Ruffian Fighter 16 3 31 17 0 14 13 4 10 5 5 Steel Axe
• The southern two immediately begin moving unprovoked.
• The northern one moves to attack if a unit is in range; he returns to his starting position otherwise.
Ma 3ds02 fighter enemy.gif Ruffian Fighter 16 1 31 17 0 14 13 4 10 5 5 Hand Axe
Moves to attack if a unit is in range; returns to his starting position otherwise.
Ma 3ds02 dark mage enemy.gif Ruffian Dark Mage 17 2 26 0 15 10 9 3 9 12 5 Nosferatu
• The eastern one Moves to attack if a unit is in range; he returns to his starting position otherwise.
• The western one begins moving if the nearby Sorcerer is provoked.
Ma 3ds02 fighter enemy.gif Ruffian Fighter 16 2 31 17+4 0 14 13+2 4 10 5 5 Steel Axe
Paired up together.
• Begins moving if the far western Dark Mage or Sorcerer is provoked.
Ma 3ds02 berserker enemy.gif Ruffian Berserker 1 2 40 20 0 14 14 3 11 4 6 Steel Axe
Moves to attack if a unit is in range; returns to his starting position otherwise.
Ma 3ds02 sorcerer enemy.gif Ruffian Sorcerer 1 1 29 0 18 13 13 4 13 15 6 Fimbulvetr Master SealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Begins moving if the nearby Dark Mage is provoked.
Ma 3ds02 mercenary enemy.gif Ruffian Mercenary 16 4 30 14 0 18 15 7 13 7 5 Steel Sword
• The southeastern two immediately begin moving unprovoked.
• The other two move to attack if a unit is in range; they return to their starting positions otherwise.
Ma 3ds02 outlaw enemy.gif Ruffian Outlaw 17 3 26 11 1 11 17 4 6 12 5 Steel Bow
Moves to attack if a unit is in range; returns to his starting position otherwise.
Ma 3ds02 outlaw enemy.gif Ruffian Outlaw 17 2 26 11 1 11 17+2 4 6 12+2 5+1 Steel Bow
Paired up together.
• Moves to attack if a unit is in range; returns to his starting position otherwise.
Ma 3ds02 adventurer enemy.gif Ruffian Adventurer 1 1 30 14 14 12 20 6 9 18 - Shining Bow Freeze
Ma 3ds02 adventurer enemy.gif Ruffian Adventurer 1 1 30 14 14 12 20 6 9 18 - Steel Shortbow Enfeeble
Ma 3ds02 hero enemy.gif Ruffian Hero 1 1 34 16 0 20 17 8 15 9 6 Steel Sword Heart SealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 adventurer shura enemy.gif Shura Adventurer 2 1 38 16 9 19 22 13 12 19 - Mini Bow Killer Bow
Highwayman Underdog
Replaces the last NPC Lancer talked to.

NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 lancer other.gif Nohrian Lancer 10 4 25 13 0 10 10 5 12 5 - Iron Lance
• Ignored by enemies.
• One of these is Shura in disguise.

Boss data

Main article: Shura
Note: Shura hides amongst what are otherwise four NPC Lancers, who must be spoken to in order to progress the chapter; the last of the Lancers spoken to is the one eventually revealed to be Shura. The stats used for the Lancer disguse are shared amongst all four Lancers, including the three that do not turn out to be Shura.

Lancer disguise, All difficulties Shura, Normal Shura, Hard/Lunatic

Generic small portrait lancer fe14.png
Ma 3ds02 lancer other.gif Lancer
Level 10
Movement -
Max HP 25 Speed 10
Strength 13 Luck 5
Magic 0 Defense 12
Skill 10 Resistance 5
Inventory Skills
Iron Lance --
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas -- Lances/Naginata D Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

At the beginning of this chapter, you get Xander The Almighty One. Thanks to his horse and Siegfried, he can zip around the battlefield, hit like a dump truck at any range, and take hits like a tank. Like Leo, his only real issue is his below-average Speed, but a support with Charlotte can handily fix that and make him hit even harder.

This chapter demands a brisk pace in order to collect as much of the war chest as possible. You must talk to the four NPC Lancers to figure out which one is Shura in disguise; it will always be the last one you talk to. Hit the west side of the ship first and clear it out as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are no reinforcements to worry about, and the enemies aren't very aggressive with their aggro. Once everyone is dead and the two Lancers have been spoken to, you can circle back east and clear out the other half of the ship. Shura's Mini Bow and Counter skill encourage you to pick him off at range with magic users and your new Siegfried. All in all, this is a fairly simple chapter. Your units will also start promoting around this time, so keep that in mind.


  • This chapter reuses the map from Birthtright Chapter 11.
  • This is the only time in the Conquest route where a potential recruit can die permanently.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes





Invasion of White Night (i.e. Hoshido)














백야 침공

White Night (Hoshido) invasion


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