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Anna on the Run

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Anna on the Run


Outrealms (Ferox: The Twins' Hideout)

New units



Llewelyn, Lloyd

It's unsettling how much you all look alike. Not that I'm one to talk.
— Anna

Anna on the Run is a downloadable content xenologue chapter in Fire Emblem Fates. As a xenologue chapter, it does not officially bear a chapter number; if all xenologues are purchased and its list is viewed at the Dragon's Gate, Anna on the Run is the tenth one from the top in the North American version of the game. Anna on the Run is part of the second series of Japanese DLC releases and the first seres of international DLC releases.

This chapter was first made available on September 24, 2015 in Japan, April 7, 2016 in North America, and June 30-July 1 in the PAL regions.

In this chapter, as its name implies, Anna is on the run from a large family of (mostly) similarly-named Berserkers who seek to have her join them. It's up to Corrin and their army to take down the Berserkers and rescue Anna before it's too late.


Main article: Anna on the Run/Script
The below plot corresponds to the use of a female Corrin. If you refresh this page, it is possible to get an alternate reading using a male Corrin instead.

In an Outrealm similar to a fortress area of Regna Ferox, Lloyd asks Llewelyn if Anna has turned up anywhere, to which Llewelyn states he's seen neither hide nor hair of her; Lloyd states that if she's hiding, one wouldn't see her hair, then asks Llewelyn to quit being so harebrained or else he'll give him a hiding. Llewelyn apologizes and tells Lloyd he only took his eyes off of Anna for a second, to which Lloyd asks how Anna keeps hornswaggling them, stating it's like she's in several places at once, with Llewelyn replying she'd be a good addition to their crew, and wonders how they could get Anna to sit still. Anna emerges from the nearby stairway and tells Llewelyn and Lloyd to give up and save themselves the trouble--she can run rings around the two of them and they know it; Llewelyn states that they'd need a whole pirate crew to pin her down, with Lloyd adding they just happen to have such a crew around--she'll go on recount before the day's through, with Lloyd swearing on "Jaunty Skeet". Anna states that Llewelyn and Lloyd are the saddest excuse for pirates she's ever heard, as they don't even know Shanty Pete's true name. The rest of the stage's enemies arrive on the scene, with Llewelyn introducing Llars, Llucas, Llincoln, Llogan, Lleland, and Llamar; Lloyd then introduces Llouis, Llyle, Lliam, Lluther, Llester, and Tom. Anna states it's unsettling how all of the Berserkers look alike--not that she's one to talk; Llewelyn tells Anna she's outgunned, telling her she can surrender and be the first sister in the family, with Lloyd telling Anna it's a pirate's life for her. Anna again chews out Lloyd on his bad pirate's speech, then tells him that her services don't come cheap--if they can't pay the price, he and Llewelyn should stop window-shopping and leave the area.

Corrin and Jakob rush onto the scene, to which Jakob notes that they have a problem and states that someone is being assaled by thieves; Corrin asks if nowhere is safe for the common folk, to which Jakob tells her that there are many such places--this particular one is in the midst of a notorious thieves' den, and that these thieves have made several lucrative scores and have quite the reputations--not for their prowess as highwaymen, but for their unfortunate attempt at pirate cant and also because they're identical. Corrin asks Jakob if he isn't serious, then notices he actually is, to which he tells her it's like every time one thinks they have seen it all; Corrin answers that there's no time to stand in awe at the mysteries of the universe, that there's a person who needs help, with Jakob stating he understands and then calls the army in for battle. Preparations take place at this point. During this phase, the player can notice that the chest Llewelyn, Lloyd, and Anna were standing next to has been opened. The battle starts once preparatons are finished; the game states that Anna will flee whenever she's attacked, cycling through the stairways one after the next.

The first time the player completes the chapter, Anna thanks Corrin and notes that her army got her out of a jam and states she's not sure how she can begin to repay the debt; Corrin states it's payment enough to see Anna unharmed, to which Anna states that won't cut it--they saved her life, they owe her something. Anna then notes Corrin's clothes, noting they're fancy like royalty would wear; Anna asks if she's getting warm, to which Corrin confirms that she is indeed royalty, to which Anna replies the payment for Corrin's services is her own. After a shocked reaction from Corrin, Anna states she's posing as a thief for the moment, but that her real job is in sales, feeling that Llewelyn and Lloyd were rude for treating her like one of them; the only reason she's here is to steal back what they took from her, to which Corrin states that the situation sounds more complicated than they realized. Anna says she didn't expect Llewelyn and Lloyd to find her out, and adds she thinks she's best off sticking with Corrin--then she can focus on what matters most, sales, and she's got a lot to offer--and for Corrin, her services are free; Anna asks how Corrin could refuse, states she couldn't, and she's now on her team, to which Corrin thanks her.

Website summary

Anna is cornered by thieves! What will her fate be…?[1]

North American eShop summary

Anna's in a tight spot! Can you defeat the strangest thieves of all?
Rewards: Recruit Anna

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy while leaving Anna alive. Player Other Enemy
Defeat: Corrin* or NPC Anna dies, or the player's army is routed. 11 1 14
Difficulty rating:
Stage dimensions:
16 columns by 20 rows
Block sizes:
Japan: ??
North America: 121
PAL region: ??
Map based from: Paralogue 4 of Awakening
Map phase music: Duty
Battle phase music: Duty (Ablaze)
Japan: ¥250
United States: $1.99
Europe: €1.99
United Kingdom: £1.79
Australia: $2.60
New Zealand: $3.40
Also available in: Series 2 (Japan)
Map Pack 1 (international) Pack

United States: $17.99
Europe: €17.99
United Kingdom: £16.19
Australia: $23.40
New Zealand: $30.60

Character data

Birthright Conquest Revelation

New Units
Small portrait anna fe14.png
Automatically the first time the chapter is cleared
Returning Characters

Small portrait avatar f-default fe14.pngSmall portrait kaze fe14.pngSmall portrait rinkah fe14.pngSmall portrait sakura fe14.pngSmall portrait azura fe14.pngSmall portrait jakob fe14.png

Note: The returning characters list represents the minimum characterbase recruitable by the point the player can first access the Dragon's Gate. Felicia is only a returning character if Corrin is male, while Jakob is only a returning character if Corrin is female. If more chapters along the chosen main story path are cleared, or if any paralogues are cleared, the player can have access to characters not listed here by the point the chapter is first started. As bonus units are recruitable at the player's discretion, the returning characters list does not list them either.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Arms Scroll Anna's inventory

Event tile and Dragon Vein data

There are no event tiles or Dragon Veins in this chapter.

Enemy data

Note: The following enemies' levels are those assuming the player plays this chapter closer to chapter 7 than closer to the final chapter. Levels may be higher depending on progress along the main story path.
Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds02 berserker lloyd enemy.gif
Tom Berserker 1 1 Berserker's Axe
Ma 3ds02 berserker lloyd enemy.gif
Llester Berserker 1 1 Hand Axe --
Ma 3ds02 berserker lloyd enemy.gif
Lluther Berserker 1 1 Iron Axe
Ma 3ds02 berserker lloyd enemy.gif
Lliam Berserker 1 1 Throwing Club
Ma 3ds02 berserker lloyd enemy.gif
Llyle Berserker 1 1 Throwing Club
Ma 3ds02 berserker lloyd enemy.gif
Llouis Berserker 1 1 Throwing Club
Ma 3ds02 berserker llewelyn enemy.gif
Llamar Berserker 1 1 Iron Axe Door KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Ma 3ds02 berserker llewelyn enemy.gif
Lleland Berserker 1 1 Bolt Axe
Ma 3ds02 berserker llewelyn enemy.gif
Llogan Berserker 1 1 Throwing Club
Ma 3ds02 berserker llewelyn enemy.gif
Llincoln Berserker 1 1 Throwing Club
Ma 3ds02 berserker llewelyn enemy.gif
Llucas Berserker 1 1 Throwing Club
Ma 3ds02 berserker llewelyn enemy.gif
Llars Berserker 1 1 Throwing Club
Ma 3ds02 berserker lloyd enemy.gif
Lloyd Berserker 3 1 Throwing Club Supporting unit of pair up with Llewelyn.
Ma 3ds02 berserker llewelyn enemy.gif
Llewelyn Berserker 3 1 Steel Club Lead unit of pair up with Lloyd.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

NPC data

Note: The following NPC's level is that assuming the player plays this chapter closer to chapter 7 than closer to the final chapter. Levels may be higher depending on progress along the main story path.
NPC Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds02 outlaw anna other.gif
Anna Outlaw 10 1 Iron Bow Concoction Arms Scroll
Make a Killing Locktouch Movement +1
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

Boss data

Main articles: Llewelyn and Lloyd (Fates)
Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range. The figures to the left of the ~ are taken from a chapter 7 playthrough, the earliest possible point where this chapter may be undertaken; the figures to the right of the ~ are taken from a chapter 27 playthrough, the latest possible point a save file may be positioned at.
Stats with a + may be higher the further along one of the main story paths the player is.

Llewelyn, Normal Lloyd, Normal

Small portrait llewelyn fe14.png
Level 3~30
Movement 6
Max HP 47~80 Speed 10~25+3
Strength 14~33+5 Luck 2~6
Magic 0 Defense 10~22
Skill 11~26 Resistance 4~13
Inventory Skills
Steel Club*
Silver Club*
Weapon Levels
FE14RankSword.png -- FE14RankLance.png -- FE14RankAxe.png C~B FE14RankBow.png --
FE14RankTome.png -- FE14RankStaff.png -- FE14RankDagger.png -- Dragonstone --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Anna on the Run
Japanese 盗賊のアンナ Translates to "Thief Anna"


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