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Ties That Bind

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Ties That Bind


Hoshido Plains

New units

Corrin, Takumi*



Corrin, what's the matter with you? You seem distracted... If you're worried, don't be. All your siblings are here with you. The Nohrians don't stand a chance!
— Hinoka

Ties That Bind (Japanese: その手が拓く未来 The Hand that Forges the Path to the Future) is the prologue chapter in Fire Emblem Fates. It serves as the game's tutorial chapter, introducing the player to the basics of the game's combat system, and setting the stage for the conflict to come.


Main article: Ties That Bind/Script

(Cutscene: "Two Swords") The chapter begins by the side of a lake, where a young woman is singing as she dives into the water. Under the water are entire buildings and islands; the woman dives past all of them, and vanishes into what appears to be a portal. The scene cuts to a battlefield, where Xander, the crown prince of Nohr, leads his army into battle against the forces of Hoshido, commanded by Prince Ryoma. Ryoma leads the Hoshidan army's charge, challenging Xander to single combat.

Just as their match begins, the cutscene ends, and the action moves to the far side of the battlefield, where Corrin is fighting a small group of Nohrian soldiers alongside his/her siblings, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura. Corrin is distracted, and takes a hit from the Nohrian fighter. Hinoka reassures him/her that he/she will be fine, as his/her siblings are by his/her side. Corrin recollects himself/herself, and successfully defeats the enemy fighter.

The battle rages on elsewhere–Ryoma and Xander exchange blows, and soldiers on both sides fight to hold their lines of defense. On the opposite side of the river, Xander's siblings, Camilla, Leo, and Elise, are concerned over Corrin, who they claim is also their brother/sister. Camilla uses her Dragon Vein ability to dry out the river, allowing the younger Nohrian royals to cross it. Hinoka and Takumi are surprised; since only royalty can use Dragon Veins, they realize that they are not dealing with regular soldiers. Reinforcements enter on both sides: Nohrian soldiers led by General Hans, who claims to have orders from King Garon to "kill 'em all", and Hoshidans led by the strategist Yukimura. Hinoka departs to scout out the Nohrian reinforcements, leaving Corrin in the care of Sakura, who heals his/her wounds, and Takumi. Amidst the chaos, a lone Nohrian lancer ambushes Corrin. Corrin fights the lancer, with assistance from Takumi.

Regardless of whether or not Corrin defeats the lancer, Hinoka calls him/her to Ryoma's side. Ryoma tells his siblings that Nohrian reinforcements are coming, and asks Corrin to help Hinoka and the others fight them off. Xander interjects, however, saying he is relieved that Corrin is safe, and that he has come to take him/her "home" to Nohr. The siblings on both sides argue over who Corrin's true family is - the Nohrian royal family, or that of Hoshido. As the argument reaches its head, it is abruptly ended by a voice calling out–"wake up!" It was all just a dream, but could there have been some deeper meaning to it...?


Corrin wakes after dreaming of a strange battle–one where both friend and foe call [him/her] "[brother/sister]". Was the dream a glimpse into Corrin's future?

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Automatically at the end of Turn 2's player phase.* Player Other Enemy
Defeat: Impossible. 1+1 14+7 15+11

Initial DV active

Cm fe14 prologue.png

The chapter's map is 20 columns by 22 rows.

Character data

New Units
Small portrait avatar f-default fe14.png
Nohr Prince*/Nohr Princess*
Automatically from the start
Small portrait takumi fe14.png
Automatically at the start of Turn 2*
Returning Characters


Item data

There are no items obtained in this chapter.

Dragon Vein data

The Dragon Vein in this chapter is stated to have the effect "Use fire to dry up the river". It is located as follows:

  • Column 6, row 6: Three squares south of the rubble tile on the northwestern bridge. Corrin cannot reach this vein; Camilla activates it during turn 1 enemy phase.

Enemy data

Only the first enemy, and the first reinforcement, may be engaged by the player; the rest exist purely for dramatic purposes.

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Nohrian Fighter 1 1 Is 3ds02 axe.png Bronze Axe --
Ma 3ds02 malig knight camilla enemy.gif
Camilla Malig Knight 1 1 Is 3ds02 axe.png Iron Axe
Is 3ds02 rose's thorns.png Rose's ThornsIs 3ds01 strength +2.png Strength +2
Activates a Dragon Vein on her turn.
Ma 3ds02 dark knight leo enemy.gif
Leo Dark Knight 1 1 Is 3ds02 tome.png Brynhildr
Is 3ds02 pragmatic.png PragmaticIs 3ds02 heartseeker.png Heartseeker
Ma 3ds02 troubadour elise enemy.gif
Elise Troubadour 1 1 Is 3ds02 staff.png Heal
Is 3ds02 lily's poise.png Lily's PoiseIs 3ds01 resistance +2.png Resistance +2
Gunter Great Knight 1 1 Is 3ds02 lance.png Iron Lance
Is 3ds02 forceful partner.png Forceful Partner
Ma 3ds02 maid flora enemy.gif
Flora Maid 1 1 Is 3ds02 dagger.png Iron Dagger
Is 3ds02 icy blood.png Icy Blood
Ma 3ds02 cavalier peri enemy.gif
Peri Cavalier 2 1 Is 3ds02 lance.png Bronze Lance
Is 3ds02 bloodthirst.png Bloodthirst
Ma 3ds02 wolfskin keaton enemy.gif
Keaton Wolfskin 3 1 Is 3ds02 beaststone.png Beaststone
Is 3ds02 collector.png Collector
Ma 3ds02 wyvern rider beruka enemy.gif
Beruka Wyvern Rider 3 1 Is 3ds02 axe.png Bronze Axe
Is 3ds02 opportunist.png Opportunist
Ma 3ds02 dark mage nyx enemy.gif
Nyx Dark Mage 3 1 Is 3ds02 tome.png Fire
Is 3ds02 countercurse.png Countercurse
Ma 3ds02 outlaw niles enemy.gif
Niles Outlaw 2 1 Is 3ds02 bow.png Bronze Bow
Is 3ds02 kidnap.png Kidnap
Ma 3ds02 knight effie enemy.gif
Effie Knight 2 1 Is 3ds02 lance.png Bronze Lance
Is 3ds02 puissance.png Puissance
Ma 3ds02 fighter arthur enemy.gif
Arthur Fighter 2 1 Is 3ds02 axe.png Bronze Axe
Is 3ds02 misfortunate.png Misfortunate
Ma 3ds02 knight benny enemy.gif
Benny Knight 3 1 Is 3ds02 lance.png Bronze Lance
Is 3ds02 fierce mien.png Fierce Mien
Initiates a scripted battle against Saizo with Beruka.
Ma 3ds02 paladin xander enemy.gif
Xander Paladin 1 1 Is 3ds02 sword.png Siegfried
Is 3ds02 chivalry.png ChivalryIs 3ds02 elbow room.png Elbow RoomIs 3ds01 defender.png Defender
Initiates a scripted battle against Ryoma.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Nohrian Lancer 1 6 Is 3ds02 lance.png Bronze Lance Only one is fought by the player.
Nohrian Fighter 1 2 Is 3ds02 axe.png Bronze Axe --
Nohrian Mercenary 1 2 Is 3ds02 sword.png Bronze Sword --
Ma 3ds02 berserker hans enemy.gif
Hans Berserker 1 1 Is 3ds02 axe.png Bronze Axe --

NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds02 sky knight hinoka other.gif
Hinoka Sky Knight 3 1 Is 3ds02 naginata.png Brass Naginata
Is 3ds02 rallying cry.png Rallying CryIs 3ds02 darting blow.png Darting Blow
Ma 3ds02 archer takumi other.gif
Takumi Archer 5 1 Is 3ds02 yumi.png Fujin Yumi
Is 3ds02 competitive.png CompetitiveIs 3ds01 skill +2.png Skill +2
Becomes playable on turn 2.
Ma 3ds02 shrine maiden sakura other.gif
Sakura Shrine Maiden 1 1 Is 3ds02 rod.png Bloom Festal
Is 3ds02 quiet strength.png Quiet StrengthIs 3ds01 miracle.png Miracle
Heals Corrin on her turn.
Ma 3ds02 ninja saizo other.gif
Saizo Ninja 3 1 Is 3ds02 shuriken.png Iron Shuriken
Is 3ds02 pyrotechnics.png Pyrotechnics
Fights in a scripted battle against Benny with Rinkah.
Ma 3ds02 kinshi knight reina other.gif
Reina Kinshi Knight 1 1 Is 3ds02 yumi.png Iron Yumi
Is 3ds02 morbid celebration.png Morbid Celebration
Ma 3ds02 diviner hayato other.gif
Hayato Diviner 2 1 Is 3ds02 scroll.png Rat Spirit
Is 3ds02 pride.png Pride
Ma 3ds02 oni savage rinkah other.gif
Rinkah Oni Savage 2 1 Is 3ds02 club.png Brass Club
Is 3ds02 fiery blood.png Fiery Blood
Ma 3ds02 ninja kagero other.gif
Kagero Ninja 3 1 Is 3ds02 shuriken.png Brass Shuriken
Is 3ds02 shuriken mastery.png Shuriken Mastery
Ma 3ds02 kitsune kaden other.gif
Kaden Kitsune 3 1 Is 3ds02 beaststone.png Beaststone
Is 3ds02 reciprocity.png Reciprocity
Ma 3ds02 archer setsuna other.gif
Setsuna Archer 3 1 Is 3ds02 yumi.png Brass Yumi
Is 3ds02 optimistic.png Optimistic
Ma 3ds02 samurai hinata other.gif
Hinata Samurai 3 1 Is 3ds02 katana.png Brass Katana
Is 3ds02 triple threat.png Triple Threat
Ma 3ds02 spear fighter oboro other.gif
Oboro Spear Fighter 2 1 Is 3ds02 naginata.png Brass Naginata
Is 3ds02 nohr enmity.png Nohr Enmity
Ma 3ds02 sky knight subaki other.gif
Subaki Sky Knight 2 1 Is 3ds02 naginata.png Brass Naginata
Is 3ds02 perfectionist.png Perfectionist
Ma 3ds02 swordmaster ryoma other.gif
Ryoma Swordmaster 1 1 Is 3ds02 katana.png Raijinto
Is 3ds02 bushido.png BushidoIs 3ds01 astra.png AstraIs 3ds02 duelist's blow.png Duelist's Blow
Fights in a scripted battle against Xander.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds02 samurai other.gif
Hoshidan Samurai 1 2 Is 3ds02 katana.png Brass Katana --
Hoshidan Ninja 1 2 Is 3ds02 shuriken.png Brass Shuriken --
Hoshidan Oni Savage 1 2 Is 3ds02 club.png Brass Club --
Ma 3ds02 mechanist yukimura other.gif
Yukimura Mechanist 1 1 Is 3ds02 shuriken.png Brass Shuriken
Is 3ds02 perspicacious.png Perspicacious

Boss data

Main article: Xander
Small portrait xander fe14.png
Level 1
Movement -
Max HP 28 Speed 13
Strength 15 Luck 15
Magic 1 Defense 14+4
Skill 14 Resistance 7
Inventory Skills
Is 3ds02 sword.png Siegfried Is 3ds02 chivalry.png Chivalry

Is 3ds02 elbow room.png Elbow Room
Is 3ds01 defender.png Defender

Weapon Levels
FE14RankSword.png C FE14RankLance.png D FE14RankAxe.png -- FE14RankBow.png --
FE14RankTome.png -- FE14RankStaff.png -- FE14RankDagger.png -- Dragonstone --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

As a tutorial chapter, the battle is simple and straight-forward. On the first turn, Corrin should attack the nearby Fighter; he/she will kill the Fighter in one round. Sakura will heal Corrin, and Takumi will become playable, on the ally phase. On turn 2, Takumi should attack the Lancer first. Corrin should then be able to kill the Lancer, and end the chapter.

The player may also choose not to engage any enemies, and the chapter will still end in a victory after the second turn's player phase. Doing so is not recommended, however, as it deprives Corrin of valuable experience points.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Ties That Bind --
Japanese その手が拓く未来 The hand that forges the path to the future
Spanish Lazos que unen Ties that bind
French Des liens forts Strong links


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Ties That Bind Nohr

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