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Tragic Start

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Tragic Start


Small Village

New units



Nohrian Faceless

Run, Mozu! Please, dear! Run and don't look back!
— Mozu's mother telling her to get to safety

Tragic Start (Japanese: 悲劇にさす光明 Hope Shining in Tragedy) is the first paralogue chapter in Fire Emblem Fates. As a paralogue chapter, its events are not integral to the game's main storyline and can be done at the player's leisure. In this chapter, Corrin and their army arrive at a village decimated by Faceless and must protect the sole survivor of the disaster.


Main article: Tragic Start/Script

A Faceless (presumably the stage's boss) growls in front of a mother and daughter. The mother asks her daughter, Mozu, to run away from the area and not look back; Mozu asks her mother to take her hand and asks that they run together. The Faceless growls again as it attacks, killing Mozu's mother; Mozu cries out to her fallen mother one last time.

We cut to Corrin hearing Mozu's cries and deducing something bad is happening; Felicia/Jakob also notes the trouble brewing and notes that the village is under attack by Faceless--and it has been ravaged, they are too late. Corrin refuses to give up hope and states there must be survivors; he/she deduces that with any luck, some people escaped, and asks his/her army to start searching the area. Preparations take place at this point.

Once preparations are finished, we find Mozu moping over the destruction of her village and the deaths of her mother and the village's other inhabitants; she deduces that she's alone with nowhere to go and sees the Faceless are coming back for her. The battle begins at this point.

If Corrin speaks to Mozu, they ask her if she's OK, to which Mozu says she's not, making mention of her mother and friends; Corrin states he/she is here to help, and asks Mozu where her mother and friends are, to which Mozu states her mother wouldn't take her hand. Corrin apologizes and tells Mozu that there's no time to grieve now, asking her to stay behind him/her, he/she vowing to keep her safe; Mozu vows that she has to fight for her mother, friends, and everything the Faceless took from her. The player may now control Mozu at this point.

Once the battle ends, Corrin states that they've finished off the last of the Faceless; Mozu asks Corrin what she does now, as the Faceless took everything from her; Corrin believes that Mozu must have some surviving family nearby and offers to take Mozu to them, but Mozu states that there is no surviving family and she can't even start over in this area--all of the homes and fields in this area are destroyed, yet she says she wouldn't stay in the area if it wasn't, as everyone she called family is dead and every house is a grave. Corrin states that his/her army will be glad to take her in, saying they can't replace all that Mozu lost but that the army can take care of her; Mozu asks if she can really join Corrin's group, to which Corrin confirms, at least until they can find a safe place for her to call home. Corrin states that their group is a dangerous cause, going from one battle to the next, ever in peril, which he/she believes is no life for Mozu; Mozu states she's not afraid, that she can help and possibly even save Corrin or one of his/her friends, then asks Corrin to let her join his/her cause, vowing to keep them safe. Corrin accepts Mozu's offer, then admits that Mozu sounds like one of the group already; Mozu states she'll do her best, and that she'll stay safe--her mother's watching over her now.


Corrin receives a report that a nearby village is under attack by Faceless. The group rush to the village with the hope that they will be able to save the victims.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Corrin dies* or the player's army is routed* 8+1 {{{partner}}} 1-1 19 {{{third}}}
Cm fe14 1x.png

This chapter's map is 25 columns by 20 rows.

Character data

Birthright Conquest Revelation

New Units
Small portrait mozu fe14.png
NPC, talk to with Corrin
Returning Characters

Small portrait avatar m-default fe14.pngSmall portrait kaze fe14.pngSmall portrait rinkah fe14.pngSmall portrait sakura fe14.pngSmall portrait azura fe14.pngSmall portrait felicia fe14.pngSmall portrait hana fe14.pngSmall portrait subaki fe14.pngSmall portrait saizo fe14.pngSmall portrait orochi fe14.pngSmall portrait silas fe14.png

Note: The returning characters list only those recruited by the time this chapter is unlocked. Felicia is only a returning character if Corrin is male, while Jakob is only a returning character if Corrin is female. As a paralogue chapter, there is no set timeframe in which the chapter must be taken on; thus, it is possible to have recruited more characters than the above by the point the chapter is started.

Item data

There are no items in this chapter.

Event tile data

There are no event tiles during the events of the chapter. When returning to the area for skirmishes in Birthright and Revelation, the following event tiles appear:

  • Column 6, row 12: Plains tile to the right of five wall tiles
  • Column 22, row 20: Three squares west of the bottom-right square of the map

Dragon Vein data

There are no Dragon Veins in this chapter.

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Cha Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 faceless enemy.gif Nohrian Faceless 6 18 21 5 2 7 9 0 9 8 5 Shackled Fist
• The lower center-northern one, the upper left northwestern one, the center-eastern one, and the upper southeastern one immediately begin moving unprovoked.
• The furthest left southwestern two begin moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma 3ds02 faceless enemy.gif Nohrian Faceless 10 1 31 9 4 11 13 0 14 10 - Shackled Fist

NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Cha Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 villager mozu other.gif Mozu Villager 1 1 16 6 0 5 7 3 4+1 1+1 5 Brass Naginata Vulnerary
Forager Aptitude
Immobile until recruited.

Boss data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Generic small portrait faceless fe14.png
Ma 3ds02 faceless enemy.gif Faceless
Level 10
Movement -
Max HP 31 Speed 13
Strength 9 Luck 0
Magic 4 Defense 14
Skill 11 Resistance 10
Inventory Skills
Shackled Fist --
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas -- Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken -- Fists C


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

This paralogue is fairly simple no matter what route you are playing since the Faceless mostly attack you one or two at a time, allowing you to fight them in small bites. The best strategy is to proceed clockwise around the map, fighting the Faceless as you go. Mozu will be attacked around turn 7 or so, so make sure to get Corrin over to her and recruit her before she is killed. Once Mozu is safe, the battle is won. If you're planning on using Mozu long-term, make sure to reclass her to Archer with a Heart Seal and feed her lots of kills on this map.

Mozu's usefulness varies depending on which route you are playing. On Birthright, she serves as a slightly higher-investment version of Setsuna once reclassed into an Archer. Due to the lower difficulty and the hordes of flying enemies in Chapter 11, she can be safely brought up to par and pull her weight for the rest of the route, and she makes a fine wielder of the Pursuer. On Conquest, Mozu takes immediate investment during this chapter and intelligent play to contribute, but can be a powerful player phase unit. On Revelation, Mozu is extremely valuable since Corrin, Felicia/Jakob, and Azura will be somewhat over-leveled thanks to Chapter 7, and Mozu can replace Gunter and spend all of Chapter 8 catching up. Due to Setsuna's horrible jointime and bases, Mozu is far and away the best candidate for the Pursuer on the Revelation route.


  • This chapter is the only paralogue in Fates to not be a child paralogue.
    • It is also the only Fates paralogue that does not scale to the player's progress; all units in this chapter keep the same setups regardless of whether the paralogue is done at the chapter 8 or chapter 27 positions.
  • This chapter is set in southwestern Hoshido. While this raises no oddities on the Birthright and Revelation routes, the player unlocks this chapter on the Conquest route when Corrin is currently on the other side of the continent and is a direct enemy of Hoshido, making the idea of gallivanting into the country to rescue one village from Faceless utterly absurd.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Tragic Start



Hope Shining in Tragedy


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