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Selecting a paralogue chapter that takes place in the deeprealms from the world map menu.




Fire Emblem Fates

The castle that everyone called home was no safe place for infants. Where could newborns be hidden in such dangerous times? The answer was in the Deeprealms—tiny worlds strewn across the astral plane. In the blink of an eye, babies grew into children. Soon after, to adulthood!
— Narration

The Deeprealms (Japanese: 秘境 secret regions) are a series of pocket-dimensions that appear in Fire Emblem Fates. They are the location of many of the optional paralogues in Fates. Their existence in their own small pocket worlds are similar to that of the one that My Castle exists in.

The deeprealms have no central governing body of any sort, and are disconnected from each other.

The deeprealms are accessed by using Lilith's inter-dimensional traveling powers. Within the deeprealms, time passes at a different rate than it does in the realm that Hoshido and Nohr exist in. Time flows faster, and anyone who stays in the deeprealms finds themselves aged several years compared to those that stay out of them. The various children characters in Fates are placed into the deeprealms for their safety, but when the characters age they find themselves desiring to leave and fight with their parents.

Characters raised in the various deeprealms

Character Description Appears in
Small portrait kana f fe14.png
Child of the avatar, has lived a lonely life. Fates
Small portrait shigure fe14.png
Son of Azura, inherited his mother's affinity for singing. Fates
Small portrait midori fe14.png
Daughter of Kaze, studies herbal medicine. Fates
Small portrait sophie fe14.png
Daughter of Silas, has difficulty keeping her horse, Avel, in check. Fates
Small portrait dwyer fe14.png
Jakob's son, is content to sit back and let others do the work. Fates
Small portrait shiro fe14.png
Ryoma's son. Fates
Small portrait kiragi fe14.png
Takumi's son, eternally optimistic and enjoys hunting. Fates
Small portrait asugi fe14.png
Saizo's son, has a massive sweet tooth. Fates
Small portrait selkie fe14.png
A half-human, half-Kitsune, and daughter of Kaden. Eager to hang out and play with everyone. Fates
Small portrait hisame fe14.png
Son of Hinata, doesn't really see his father as a great role model. Also has a strange infatuation with pickles. Fates
Small portrait mitama fe14.png
Daughter of Azama, her favorite pastime is writing poetry. Fates
Small portrait caeldori fe14.png
Subaki's daughter, looks up to and aspires to be as perfect as her father. Fates
Small portrait rhajat fe14.png
Hayato's daughter, morally questionable, and may or may not be a spiritual reincarnation of a Tharja. Fates
Small portrait siegbert fe14.png
Xander's son, well studied but somewhat lacks a strong will. Fates
Small portrait forrest fe14.png
Son of Leo, is kind, gentle, and fashionable. Fates
Small portrait ignatius fe14.png
Benny's son, like his father, is kind but intimidates people inadvertently. Fates
Small portrait velouria fe14.png
Keaton's daughter, likes to collect trash, like her father. Fates
Small portrait percy fe14.png
Son of Arthur, and an almost impossibly lucky child. Fates
Small portrait ophelia fe14.png
Odin's daughter, shares her father's obsession with theatrics and legendary artifacts. Fates
Small portrait soleil fe14.png
Daughter of Laslow, likes to flirt with girls to the point where it is almost a reflex. Fates
Small portrait nina fe14.png
Niles's daughter, constantly trapped in her daydreams. Fates


Etymology and other languages

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Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes





Secret regions


Reinos siderales

Astrals realms


Terres oubliées

Forgoten realms


Geheimen Reich

Secret realm. Sometimes abbreviated to Geheim. Reich due to space restrictions.


Regno Etereo

Ethereal Realm


Reinos remotos

Remote realms

Traditional Chinese


Secret region


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