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Hunter & Prey

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Hunter & Prey


Poachers' Forest

New units




Lemme at 'em. Or, wait...I've got a game for you, Daughter. It's called Hunt the Humans.
— Kaden

Hunter & Prey (Japanese: 狩る者狩られる者 The Hunter and the Hunted) is the tenth paralogue chapter in Fire Emblem Fates. As a paralogue chapter, its events are not integral to the game's main storyline and can be done at the player's leisure. The chapter is unlocked after both clearing chapter 12 in Birthright or clearing chapter 13 in Revelation, and have Kaden married.

In this chapter, Kaden's daughter, Selkie, manages to find her way out of her Deeprealm and straight into a pack of poachers looking to sell her for profit. It is up to Corrin and his/her army to save Selkie from the poachers, provided Selkie's playful nature doesn't get to the poachers first.


Main article: Hunter & Prey/Script

Inside one of the Deeprealms, we find Selkie chasing after a bird only to have it fly away; after Selkie contemplates how she plans to learn how to fly, she notices a glowing doorway and opts to take a peek through it. Cutting to a forest in south-central Nohr, Selkie takes note of the environment before a poacher named Daichi arrives on the scene and notices Selkie; Daichi states his intention to sell Selkie for a fortune dead or alive, after which Selkie smells more of Daichi's poachers in the area and decides to play with them, prompting Daichi to order Selkie be surrounded. Cutting to elsewhere in the forest, Selkie's father, Kaden, speaks with Hayato about her, after which they run into one of Daichi's poachers running from Selkie; after Kaden deduces that the poacher was indeed running from Selkie, he smells her and more of Daichi's poachers in the area and vows to protect Selkie or else. Preparations take place at this point.

Upon Kaden speaking with Selkie, Kaden tells Selkie he's in the area to protect her, to which Selkie deduces that Kaden's in the area to play with her; as Selkie explains the game she thins she's playing with Daichi's poachers, Kaden tells her that the poachers want her fur, after which Selkie finally understands the intentions of Daichi's poachers. Kaden initially announces his intention to attack Daichi's poachers head-on, then decides to task Selkie with the attack under the pretense of a game called "Hunt the Humans", with Selkie stating that the game should be fun; the player may now control Selkie at this point.

Once the battle ends, Selkie expresses her disappointment that the "game" didn't last longer, then upon hearing that Kaden's battles operate similarly, states her intentions to leave the Deeprealm and join up with Corrin and his/her army; Kaden initially refuses to allow Selkie to leave the Deeprealm, but is eventually convinced to do so upon realizing that some of Corrin's army might be receptive to Selkie's games.


Selkie discovers a way to the outside world but is attacked by bandits when she arrives. Kaden, originally on his way to visit, rushes to save her.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Corrin dies* or the player's army is routed* 2–14+1 {{{partner}}} 1−1 29
Cm fe14 10x.png
Map dimensions:
20 columns by 25 rows

Character data

Birthright Revelation

New units
Small portrait selkie fe14.png
Offspring Seal*
NPC, talk to with Kaden
Small portrait daichi fe14.png
Capture and persuade in the Prison
Required characters
Corrin f ​Kaden ​
Available characters
Kaze ​Rinkah ​Sakura ​Azura ​Jakob ​Hana ​Subaki ​Saizo ​Orochi ​Silas ​Hinoka ​Azama ​Setsuna ​Hayato ​Oboro ​Hinata ​Takumi ​Kagero ​Reina ​

Note: The returning characters list only those recruited by the time this chapter can first be unlocked (after completing chapter 12 in Birthright or after completing chapter 13 in Revelation). Felicia is only a returning character if Corrin is male, while Jakob is only a returning character if Corrin is female. As a paralogue chapter, there is no set timeframe in which the chapter must be taken on; thus, it is possible to have recruited more characters than the above by the point the chapter is started.

Item data

No items are obtained in this chapter.

Event tile data

There are no event tiles during the events of the chapter. When returning to the area for skirmishes, the following event tiles appear:

  • Column 5, row 18: Adjacent to plain to the west and south, and to mountains to the north and east
  • Column 20, row 12: A plain tile adjacent to a peak to the north, and to woods to the west and south

Dragon Vein data

There are no Dragon Veins in this chapter.

Level scaling data

This chapter's enemy and NPC units are subject to level scaling mechanisms that increase their levels as the player makes progress along the main story path. The tables below show the differences between the initial levels of the units and the levels of the units at each particular main story path chapter position. Initial unpromoted units who reach an effective level of 21 will become promoted units of level (effective level -20) unless otherwise stated.

Chapter 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Levels from previous chapter 0 +2 +1 +2 +1 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2
Total levels gained 0 +2 +3 +5 +6 +8 +10 +12 +14 +16 +18 +20 +22 +24 +26
Additional notes: Selkie stops visibly scaling upon hitting level 20 unpromoted at the chapter 18 position; from the chapter 19 position onward, Selkie will have an Offspring Seal in her inventory. Initial unpromoted enemy units become promoted at the chapter 19 position. Daichi reaches level 20 at the chapter 22 position and stops scaling from this point.

When enemies become promoted, they become the following classes:

Enemy data

Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range. The figures to the left of the ~ are taken from a chapter 11 playthrough, the earliest possible point where this chapter may be undertaken in the Birthright campaign; the figures to the right of the ~ are taken from a chapter 27 playthrough, the latest possible point a save file may be positioned at.

Normal Hard/Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 basara daichi enemy.gif Daichi Basara 4~20 1 44~58 12~20 6~15 16~23 11~19+1 1~7 13~20 11~20 6 Tiger Spirit
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 14.
Ma 3ds02 archer enemy.gif Ruffian Archer 12~18 8 22~44 9~23 0 14~32 11~28 6~13 4~18 5~14 - Steel Bow*/ Silver Bow*
Ma 3ds02 mercenary enemy.gif Ruffian Mercenary 12~18 4 24~48 9~25 0 13~32 12~27 6~14 10~23 7~17 5~6 Steel Sword*/ Silver Sword*
• The southern two immediately begin moving unprovoked.
• The northern two begin moving unprovoked on turn 2.
Ma 3ds02 oni savage enemy.gif Ruffian Oni Savage 12~18 3 28~49 11~29 1~13 7~15 10~22 2~6 13~30 6~20 5~6 Steel Club*/ Silver Club*
• The southern two immediately begin moving unprovoked.
• The northern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 2.
Ma 3ds02 outlaw enemy.gif Ruffian Outlaw 12~18 2 22~41 6~18 1~15 9~20 14~31 3~9 6~14 10~29 5~6 Steel Bow*/ Silver Bow*
• The southern one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The northern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 2.
Ma 3ds02 fighter enemy.gif Ruffian Fighter 12~18 3 28~56 12~35 0 12~28 11~27 3~5 9~19 5~10 5~6 Steel Axe*/ Silver Axe*
• The lower southeastern one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The northern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 2.
• The upper southeastern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 3.
Ma 3ds02 dark mage enemy.gif Ruffian Dark Mage 12~18 2 23~42 0 12~32 9~18 8~21 2~6 9~22 11~27 5~6 Fimbulvetr*/ Ragnarok*
• The southeastern one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The northern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 2.
Ma 3ds02 ninja enemy.gif Ruffian Ninja 12~18 2 23~42 9~22 0 16~35 16~35+2 5~12 8~17 10~30 5~6 Steel Shuriken*/ Silver Shuriken*
• The western one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The eastern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 3.
Ma 3ds02 diviner enemy.gif Ruffian Diviner 12~18 2 22~40 0 9~28 12~25 13~27+(1/0) 3~9 6~15 9~23+(0/1) 5~6 Tiger Spirit*/ Rabbit Spirit*
Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Ma 3ds02 archer enemy.gif Ruffian Archer 12~18 2 22~44 9~23 0 14~32 11~28 6~13 4~18 5~14+2 5~6 Steel Yumi*/ Silver Yumi*
Immediately begins moving unprovoked.

NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 kitsune selkie other.gif Selkie Kitsune 12~20 1 Varies Varies Varies Varies+5 Varies+3 Varies Varies−2 Varies 5 Beaststone Concoction
Playthings Beastbane EvenhandedIs 3ds02 outrealm skill.png VariesIs 3ds02 outrealm skill.png Varies
• See Selkie/Stats for more information on Selkie's stats.
• Attacks a different enemy each turn.

Boss data

Main article: Daichi
Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range. The figures to the left of the ~ are taken from a chapter 13 playthrough, the earliest possible point where this chapter may be undertaken in the Birthright campaign; the figures to the right of the ~ are taken from a chapter 22 playthrough, the point where this boss hits level 20 and stops scaling from there.

Normal Hard/Lunatic

Small portrait daichi fe14.png
Ma 3ds02 basara daichi enemy.gif Basara
Level 4~20
Movement 6
Max HP 44~58 Speed 11~19+1
Strength 12~20 Luck 1~7
Magic 6~15 Defense 13~20
Skill 16~23 Resistance 11~20
Inventory Skills
Tiger Spirit --
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas -- Lances/Naginata E Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls C Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

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Selkie will run towards the boss as she fights the stationary archers. While she won't be in any immediate danger, it's still an good idea to recruit her in order to kill off the rest of the bandits. A fast way of rescuing her is to pair Kaden with Takumi, who should be equipped with the Fujin Yumi to ignore the forest's movement penalty. After dealing with the initial group of opposition, divide your army into two groups; one to deal with the foes approaching from the north, and another for the enemies to the east. After a few rounds of combat, the only people that should be left is the boss and the occasional immobile archer.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Hunter & Prey




The Hunter and the Hunted


Cazador y presa

Hunter and prey


La proie et le chasseur

The pray and the hunter


Jäger und Beute

Hunter and Prey


Cacciatore e preda

Hunter and prey


사냥꾼과 사냥감

Hunter and prey


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