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Sun Festal

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Sun Festal

Is 3ds02 rod.png
Icon of Sun Festal from Fates.

Restores a lot of HP to a nearby ally.



First game

Fire Emblem Fates

Sun Festal (Japanese: 夏祭 Summer Festal) is a healing rod introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. The Sun Festal is a low-level rod with a higher healing output than the Bloom Festal.


In the main Fire Emblem series

Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Fates Is 3ds02 rod.png D -- -- -- -- 1-2 15 1,000 ? --

In other Fire Emblem series titles

Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Warriors -- 5 0 Recovers a sizable amount of HP to allies within a wide range


Game Effect Experience acquired by the healer
Fates Restores (14 + one-third of the healer's magic stat) HP to the target. 30*
Warriors Recovers a sizable amount of HP to allies within a wide range. ??



This list may be incomplete.
Inventory All campaigns: Dwyer
Birthright and Revelation: Azama
Dropped by Birthright: Chapter 10, enemy Shrine MaidenChapter 11, enemy Falcon KnightChapter 17, enemy Maid (reinforcement) • Chapter 21, enemy OnmyojiChapter 23, enemy Wyvern LordChapter 25, enemy BerserkerChapter 26, enemy Maid (×2/×1)
Revelation: Chapter 11, enemy Shrine MaidenChapter 13, enemy ArcherChapter 18, enemy OnmyojiChapter 20, enemy Onmyoji
Vendor Rod Shop: All levels (no limit)
Rank rewards Visitor Rank: 440 (limit 1)


This list may be incomplete.
Event The Path Is Yours, clear Arena Lv. 63 Space-Time Distortion with any rank


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Sun Festal
Japanese 夏祭 Summer Festal
Spanish Fasto solar Sun Festival
French Fête estivale Summer Festival
German Sonnenfest Sun Fest
Italian Festa del sole Sun Festival


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