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Adjutant (Japanese: 副官 Adjutant) is a gameplay system introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As an extension of the support system, this system awards the player's units various boons and the chance for their allies to assist them in battle similar to the Pair Up system.


By pressing the Y button on the deployment screen, it is possible to assign an adjutant to a unit. Any unit not currently deployed can be selected as an adjutant. Restrictions are applied to flying units, which can only be assigned another flying unit as an adjutant. The ability to assign adjutants is unlocked upon reaching a Professor Level of C, with 1 adjutant able to be assigned. Reaching professor levels of B and A will increase the total number of adjutants able to be assigned by 1 each (for a maximum of 3).

While deployed, adjutants gain 50% of the experience their host unit gains, the full amount of skill level experience (with the exception of authority experience) and class mastery experience, as well as support points. The boost of experience gained by equipping the Experience Gem as well as the boost of skill experience and class mastery experience gained by equipping the Knowledge Gem still apply to an adjutant.

Unlike the Pair Up system, adjutants cannot swap positions with the host unit mid-battle and they do not provide any stat boosts for the host unit. They instead participate in Linked Attacks for any attack initiated by the host unit and provide benefits depending on their role which is influenced by their current class (as indicated by the icon next to their portrait). If the host unit falls in battle, the adjutant will leave the battlefield completely unharmed.


Adjutant Follow Up icon.

Adjutant Follow-Up is the adjutant ability of most classes in the game, the exceptions being Brawler, Armored Knight, Grappler, Fortress Knight, Great Knight, Armored Lord, Emperor, Monk, Priest, Bishop, Holy Knight, War Monk, and War Cleric. It provides a chance, based on the pair's support level, of triggering an additional attack from the adjutant at the end of combat, after both units involved in the combat have performed all of their attacks. Use of a Combat art does not affect the probability of a follow-up attack, nor does the host unit missing their attack. However, the adjutant must be able to attack the enemy from the same attack range as the host unit. Additionally, adjutant follow-up attacks cannot trigger during the enemy phase.

The damage dealt by an adjutant follow-Up attack will be equal to 50% of the damage that would have otherwise been dealt by the adjutant themselves, including any bonus damage from their weapon but excluding consecutive attacks from a brave weapon and certain Abilities that trigger during combat like Death Blow. Adjutant Follow-Up attacks can miss or trigger a critical hit as normal, and do not consume weapon durability.


Support status Activation rate
None 10%
C Rank 20%
B Rank 30%
A Rank 40%
S Rank 50%


Adjutant Guard icon.

Adjutant Guard is the adjutant ability of the classes Brawler, Armored Knight, Grappler, Fortress Knight, Great Knight, Armored Lord, Emperor, War Monk, and War Cleric. It reduces the damage of enemy follow-up attacks based on the pair's support level. If an enemy's follow-up attack would reduce the host unit's HP to 0, they will survive the attack with 1 HP left instead, even if they were already at 1 HP before the start of combat. In case the enemy is wielding a weapon that allows for two consecutive attacks, the enemy second consecutive attacks will not trigger adjutant guard, but the third and fourth attacks will.


Support status Damage reduction
None 10%
C Rank 20%
B Rank 30%
A Rank 40%
S Rank 50%


Adjutant Heal icon.

Adjutant Heal is the adjutant ability of the classes Monk, Priest, Bishop, and Holy Knight. They restore the host unit's HP at the start of a turn turn if the host's HP is equal or lower to 50% of their Maximum HP. The amount of HP restored is equal the amount restored by the adjutant normally using the Heal spell, including bonuses from abilities like White Magic Heal +. The amount of times the host unit can be healed per battle is limited, and depends on the pair's support level.


Support status Number of heals
None 1
C Rank 2
B Rank 3
A Rank 4
S Rank 5


  • Before the release of Version 1.1.0, an oversight turned the activation rate of adjutant Follow Up attacks to 10% if the pair have a C+, B+, or A+ support level. This even applies for Byleth's hidden C+, B+, and A+ support levels.

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A military appointment given to officers that assist a commanding officer in unit administration.



Adjutant; alternately aide-de-camp, an assistant to a high-ranking military officer or government official.









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