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Combination bonus

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Leif and Nanna activate a lover combination bonus.

A combination bonus is a game mechanic in which a statistical bonus is awarded to a pair of units who are lovers or siblings.


The mechanic first appeared in Fire Emblem Gaiden and was exclusive to Alm and Celica. During the final battle either character could get a guaranteed Critical Hit if attacking when standing adjacent to one another.

The mechanic appeared again in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War in a more expansive form. When an eligible pair of units stand next to each other on the battlefield, both gain a +20% chance of executing a critical hit. A combination bonus is the only way for a unit who does not possess the Critical skill, either as their own skill or through their weapon's kill bonus, to execute a critical hit; if they already do possess the skill, the +20% bonus is added to their pre-existing critical hit rate. If a combination bonus critical activates, a brief animation indicating this will play before the battle commences (pictured).

Combination bonuses do not explicitly exist in later Fire Emblem series games, with their function incorporated into the support/bond bonus systems.


Critical hit rate

Game Formula Notes
Genealogy of the Holy War
Critical rate (without Critical)
(Combination bonus)% +20% critical hit rate when the combination bonus is in effect.
Genealogy of the Holy War
Critical rate (with Critical)
Skill + (Kill bonus - 50) + (Combination bonus)% +20% critical hit rate when the combination bonus is in effect.
A kill bonus of 50 awards the weapon's wielder Critical,
and every kill bonus point above 50 awards +1 to the critical rate.

Sibling pairs

The following pairs of characters are siblings and can thus activate combination bonuses in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War:

Though half-siblings as part of the game's story, Seliph and Julia are not counted as siblings for the purpose of the combination bonus.

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