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Combination bonus

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Leif and Nanna activate a lover combination bonus.

In Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, a combination bonus is a statistical bonus awarded to a pair of units who are lovers or siblings. When an eligible pair of units stand next to each other on the battlefield, both gain a +20% chance of executing a critical hit. A combination bonus is the only way for a unit who does not possess the Critical skill, either as their own skill or through their weapon's kill bonus, to execute a critical hit; if they already do possess the skill, the +20% bonus is added to their pre-existing critical hit rate. If a combination bonus critical activates, a brief animation indicating this will play before the battle commences (pictured).

Combination bonuses do not explicitly exist in later Fire Emblem series games, with their function incorporated into the support/bond bonus systems.


Critical hit rate

Game Formula Notes
Genealogy of the Holy War
Critical rate (without Critical)
(Combination bonus)% +20% critical hit rate when the combination bonus is in effect.
Genealogy of the Holy War
Critical rate (with Critical)
Skill + (Kill bonus - 50) + (Combination bonus)% +20% critical hit rate when the combination bonus is in effect.
A kill bonus of 50 awards the weapon's wielder Critical,
and every kill bonus point above 50 awards +1 to the critical rate.

Sibling pairs

The following pairs of characters are siblings and can thus activate combination bonuses:

Though half-siblings as part of the game's story, Seliph and Julia are not counted as siblings for the purpose of the combination bonus.

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