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New Game +

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The menu accessed from Byleth's journal in Three Houses.

New Game + (Japanese: クリアデータ引き継ぎ clear data takeover) is a gameplay mode in many video games which allows players to start a new game and carry over some data from a save file that had cleared the game previously. It usually does not alter the story or progression of the game, but it does allow access to many resources earlier than normal, and sometimes offers additional features or challenges. In the Fire Emblem series, it first appeared in the spin-off Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, then was an option in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Warriors: Three Hopes. A similar mechanic, in which the player can do a subsequent playthrough with added content using a cleared save file, was also present in several earlier games.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

A standard save file (top), a New Game + file (center), and a Clear Data file (bottom).

Upon clearing the game, the player will be prompted to save after the credits to create a Clear Data save file. By loading this file, a New Game + playthrough can be started.

The game can be cleared again in New Game +, and a new Clear Data save file can be created - this process can be repeated indefinitely. An in-use New Game + save file will be labeled as "Season #", with # indicating the current playthrough. For example, the first time a New Game + is created the file will be labeled as "Season 2"; if beaten and used again it will be "Season 3" and so on.

When first loading a clear data file, the player will be taken to the New Game + process and informed of what will carry over to the new playthrough. The data is split into two types: automatic and optional.

Automatic data will automatically carry over into the new game. This includes:

  • Play records and rewards earned. Play records that require performing some action X times will also carry over their progress (example: use Dia- type skills 300 times)
  • Items available in shops (normally, the available stock increases with game progress). This includes Anzu's lottery, but not Hee Ho Mart's lottery (specifically, the Master Seal must be unlocked again).
  • Unlocked Costumes. Itsuki's Emblem Form and The President costumes will also be unlocked, the latter only if the true ending was reached.
  • Artwork collected from Anzu
  • Analysis information on previously-defeated enemies (excluding bosses' stats)
  • Urahara Arena titles
  • The ability to reforge Carnages (normally unlocked in chapter 4)

Optional data can be kept or reset when starting a new game. This includes:

  • Current levels, as well as stat boosts from Incense
  • Unlocked Carnages (mastery will be reset)
  • Stage Rank and most skills (Ad-libs, Duo Arts, Special Performances not associated with a Mirage, story-critical Radiant Skills, and all of Maiko, Barry, and Tiki's skills will be lost regardless)
  • Map progress
  • Money and most items (Performa, Arena Coins, and story-critical Key Items will be lost regardless). Since Maiko's skill Organizational Skills cannot be kept, items in excess of normal inventory limits will be discarded.

The player will be asked for each one if they wish to import or reset it, allowing for some customization. If the player is starting a new game on the Lunatic difficulty, this step is skipped and all optional data will automatically reset.

In the Wii U version, one of Tiki's costumes will become available at the Anzu lottery, and the ability to rewatch cutscenes will be unlocked in a New Game +. Both of these features however were moved in the Encore version to be available in the first playthrough.

In the Encore version, after completing Chapter 1, the player is granted the ability to remove Itsuki from the main party. He also obtains a new Perfoma, allowing him to learn the skill Open Audition, to accommodate this.

In all versions, a new "Legendary" difficulty in the Urahara Arena will be unlocked. This difficulty awards the player with War Testament Performa at certain point thresholds, which can be used to create the strongest carnages for each character.

Two new requests are also added in a New Game +. The first is a set of challenges presented by the Grandmaster Mirage located in Illusory Daitama. He will challenge the player to a series of fights carried out by the 6 Assistant Masters, each one located in one of the main Idolaspheres. After defeating each one, the Grandmaster himself will challenge the player. The second can be found by talking to the mirage Nieg in the Urahara Arena. After trading enough Detritus with him, he will show the player his final form, an enhanced version of the final boss known as M-DEUS. This boss is undoubtedly the hardest enemy in the entire game and requires dedicated grinding in order to even compete against him.

It should be noted that some achievements can only be obtained in a New Game + playthrough, namely:

  • Completing the game a second or third time
  • Achievements related to the Legendary Arena and the two new requests
  • Achievements that require Itsuki to not be in the Main Cast*

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

A standard new game save file (above) and a New Game + file (below).

Upon clearing the game on any route, the player will be prompted to save after the credits and create cleared-game data; New Game + save files are also considered cleared-game saves. Cleared-game save files are marked with a sprite of Sothis and a decorated label. When starting a new game, if at least one cleared-game save file exists, the player will be given the option to start the new game in New Game + and select a cleared-game save to use the data from. The game can be cleared in New Game +, and a new cleared-game save file can be created, containing the data of the New Game + file and the previous non-New Game + file; this process can be repeated indefinitely, preserving data from every past file.

When starting a New Game + file, four aspects are carried over from the cleared game: accrued renown, hired battalions and their experience gains, shop inventories, and saint statue levels; play time is also carried over between files, though that has no effect on the gameplay. Additionally, renown can be spent at Byleth's journal in Garreg Mach Monastery to unlock professor levels, Byleth's support levels with other characters, and any character's skill levels and class masteries. Byleth's supports with a character can be purchased at any point after that character is introduced, provided they could normally gain support with Byleth—for example, on the Blue Lions route, Byleth's supports with Edelgard can never be purchased, but their supports with Gilbert can after Chapter 5, even during Chapter 10 when Gilbert is absent from the Monastery; a character's skill levels and class masteries can only be purchased if that character has been recruited.

In addition to content carried over between files, New Game + files have unique access to some exclusive features. Through the Unit Appearance tab in Byleth's journal, every recruited character may be set to their Part I or Part II appearance at any point in the story, and each of the house leaders—Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude—is granted a hairstyle option, available in their Part II appearances. Crest items are granted to the player based on which route the clear data completed, the rest of which may be purchased from Byleth's journal for 1,000 points of renown each; when in a unit's inventory, a crest item will grant that unit the corresponding crest, allowing them to use Heroes' Relics without any HP penalty, activate the crest's effect at a decreased chance, use the combat art of the correlating Hero's Relic at an increased durability cost, and receive increased healing from the correlating sacred weapons. Additionally, if a Fire Emblem series amiibo is used at the amiibo Gazebo, the Holy Tomb can be accessed to obtain rare items each week. If the player talks to Sothis (or, after Chapter 10, the opposite-gendered Byleth) in the Holy Tomb, they will be granted the Sothis Shield, a team-wide Ward ability that can be used once per battle.

Crest items
Crest item Corresponding Crest Starting availability
Silver Snow Crimson Flower Azure Moon Verdant Wind
Thorn Dragon Sign Ernest
Wind Dragon Sign Macuil
Sky Dragon Sign Seiros
Crusher Dragon Sign Dominic
Shield Dragon Sign Fraldarius
Bloom Dragon Sign Noa
Light Dragon Sign Cethleann
Flame Dragon Sign Daphnel
Grim Dragon Sign Blaiddyd
Craft Dragon Sign Gloucester
Kalpa Dragon Sign Goneril
Earth Dragon Sign Cichol
Ice Dragon Sign Aubin
Fissure Dragon Sign Gautier
Water Dragon Sign Indech
Storm Dragon Sign The Beast
Lightning Dragon Sign Charon
Dark Dragon Sign Timotheos
Star Dragon Sign Riegan
Snow Dragon Sign Chevalier
Aegis Dragon Sign Lamine

Renown costs

The Support Level menu, accessed through Byleth's journal.

Unlocking Byleth's professor levels or a unit's skill levels or class mastery through Byleth's journal costs 500 points of renown each, regardless of the level or class. Unlocking any of Byleth's supports costs 400 points, also regardless of the rank. Purchasing any crest item costs 1,000 points of renown.

In order to purchase a professor, skill, or support level, it must have been previously unlocked in the file which the New Game + file takes its data—being registered in the Support Log is not sufficient for support levels—and any previous levels must have been unlocked in the current game, though multiple professor and skill levels may be purchased at once, at a cost equal to the cost of purchasing each level individually.

Due to how support points are programmed, it is possible to purchase certain S supports without having unlocked them; if Byleth as a given gender is incapable of unlocking an S support with a particular character, their support points can increase to the threshold where it would unlock—if a pair meets that threshold in a file, that file is used as the basis for a New Game + file, and Byleth is the opposite gender than in the original file, the S support between that pair will be purchasable as if it had been unlocked.[1]

Skill and Professor level costs
Level Total renown point cost
E+ 500
D 1,000
D+ 1,500
C 2,000
C+ 2,500
B 3,000
B+ 3,500
A 4,000
A+ 4,500

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Upon clearing the game on any route, the player will gain the ability to start a New Game + by loading any save file where the chosen route's final chapter has been completed. Eligible save files will be marked with a sprite of the corresponding house leader. Additionally, if the game has been completed with Byleth recruited, a sprite of Arval will be shown as well. If the game has been cleared on New Game +, the player may choose to start another New Game + playthrough using their previous New Game + save file. The sprites of the house leaders and Arval will be kept, and all four sprites are visible on the same save file at the same time if the player has completed all three routes and recruited Byleth in at least one of them. The process of carrying over data from a New Game + save file can be repeated indefinitely, and progress from all save files will be preserved.

Content that will be carried over

Upon choosing to start a New Game + playthrough, the player is prompted to select which characters' levels should be carried over. The player can decide which characters' levels should be carried over for every character individually, and levels can be reset even if they were carried over on a previous New Game + playthrough. Additionally, the player can opt out of carrying over their unlocked supports, though this can not be decided on a per-character basis. The player's convoy, gold, renown, and achieved class masteries will be carried over automatically, though the Merc Whistle is notably excluded from this.

If the player has already given the Merc Whistle to another character, their special accessories will be carried over. The player may choose to give the Merc Whistle to another character to receive their special accessory, and it is possible to have multiple different accessories in the player's convoy at the same time. However, it is not possible to receive multiple copies of the same items in this way. Instead, the new accessory will automatically overwrite the older one. The game will notify players of this, should they try to give the Merc Whistle to a character for the second time.

Additionally, since class masteries are carried over, it is possible for Shez, Byleth, and Arval to carry over otherwise gender-locked skills and combat arts in this way.

On a New Game + playthrough, Anna's shop and the purchasable items in the "spend renown" section of Shez's journal will be restocked.

New features

Clear Game features

Certain features of the game will become available upon beating the game, and will not explicitly require the player to be on a New Game + playthrough. The following features become available upon beating the game:


Certain units will be added to the "spend renown" section of Shez's journal. These units are treated as Bonus Units and can only be used at the Records Keeper or at the training grounds. They can not be used for camp activities, and the player can not give them gifts, including the Merc Whistle. They can reach up to C support with any unit, but lack any support conversation. They will always be recruited at level 50, but their level can be reset at the training grounds.

The following units become available after finishing at least one route:

Purchasable units
Portrait Unit Class Equipment Price
Small portrait seiros fe16.png Rhea Saint Sword of Seiros
Seiros Shield
Small portrait sothis fe16.png Sothis Gremory Silver Tome 60

Additionally, one unit is only available if the player has completed the game with Byleth recruited:

Purchasable units
Portrait Unit Class Equipment Price
Small portrait arval fewa2.png Arval Dark Bishop (if Shez is male) or Gremory (if Shez is female) Silver Tome 60

Certain equipment will be added to the "spend renown" section of Shez's journal. This equipment will be added to their inventory, and cannot be sold afterwards. The weapons can be forged like any other weapon, and the items can be used anywhere, including the main story.

The following equipment becomes available after finishing at least one route:

Purchasable equipment
Icon Item Type Stock Price
Is ns01 sword relic.png Sublime Creator Sword Sword 1 15
Is ns01 sword relic.png Dark Creator Sword Sword 1 15
Is ns01 sword black.png Athame Sword 1 15
Is ns01 sword black.png Ridill Sword 1 15
Is ns01 staff black.png Asclepius Staff 1 15
Is ns01 gem.png Experience Gem Gem 1 15
Is ns01 gem.png Knowledge Gem Gem 1 15

Additionally, the player may purchase Dragon Signs to allow units who lack a crest of their own, or units with a different crest to make full use of Heroes' Relics, Sacred Weapons, and crest effects. The items available to the player are dependent on the route or routes cleared on the same file.

The following Dragon Signs are available after finishing at least one route:

Crest items
Icon Item Crest Stock Price Route(s)
Is ns01 thorn dragon sign.png Thorn Dragon Sign Ernest 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire All
Is ns01 wind dragon sign.png Wind Dragon Sign Macuil 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire All
Is ns01 sky dragon sign.png Sky Dragon Sign Seiros 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Scarlet Blaze
Is ns01 crusher dragon sign.png Crusher Dragon Sign Dominic 1 6 Azure Gleam Azure Gleam
Is ns01 shield dragon sign.png Shield Dragon Sign Fraldarius 1 6 Azure Gleam Azure Gleam
Is ns01 bloom dragon sign.png Bloom Dragon Sign Noa 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire All
Is ns01 light dragon sign.png Light Dragon Sign Cethleann 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Scarlet Blaze
Is ns01 flame dragon sign.png Flame Dragon Sign Daphnel 1 6 Azure Gleam Azure Gleam
Is ns01 grim dragon sign.png Grim Dragon Sign Blaiddyd 1 6 Azure Gleam Azure Gleam
Is ns01 craft dragon sign.png Craft Dragon Sign Gloucester 1 6 Golden Wildfire Golden Wildfire
Is ns01 kalpa dragon sign.png Kalpa Dragon Sign Goneril 1 6 Golden Wildfire Golden Wildfire
Is ns01 earth dragon sign.png Earth Dragon Sign Cichol 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Scarlet Blaze
Is ns01 ice dragon sign.png Ice Dragon Sign Aubin 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire All
Is ns01 fissure dragon sign.png Fissure Dragon Sign Gautier 1 6 Azure Gleam Azure Gleam
Is ns01 water dragon sign.png Water Dragon Sign Indech 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire All
Is ns01 storm dragon sign.png Storm Dragon Sign The Beast 1 6 Golden Wildfire Golden Wildfire
Is ns01 lightning dragon sign.png Lightning Dragon Sign Charon 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Scarlet Blaze
Is ns01 dark dragon sign.png Dark Dragon Sign Timotheos 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire All
Is ns01 star dragon sign.png Star Dragon Sign Riegan 1 6 Golden Wildfire Golden Wildfire
Is ns01 snow dragon sign.png Snow Dragon Sign Chevalier 1 6 Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire All
Is ns01 aegis dragon sign.png Aegis Dragon Sign Lamine 1 6 Azure Gleam Azure Gleam

New Game + features

Additionally, certain features only become available on a New Game + playthrough:

Other units

All units the player has recruited at any point that are not already available in their roster will be added to the new "Other" section of the player's roster and will be moved to the main section of the player's roster when recruited. These units can not be used for regular story missions or most base camp facilities, but can be used at the Record Keeper or at the Training Grounds. They can obtain new classes and their levels and support ranks can be increased, but support conversations cannot be viewed unless both participants are recruited to the player's current army and the player's story progress allows for it. Curiously, the house leaders all have C-level support conversations with each other, but as they are never considered allies by the game, these support conversations cannot be viewed. The conversations during Chapter 16 are considered support conversations by the game and will be added to the support viewer in the Extras menu, but the support rank will not be unlocked.

Record Keeper

On a New Game + playthrough, the Record Keeper will allow the player to replay missions from any route they have completed using the same save file in addition to the current playthrough's available missions. Every route will have its own tab, and the player can switch between the tabs using the L and R buttons. When talking to the Record Keeper, the tab will always default to the current route. For these missions, the player may use all units that are available either in their current roster or in the "other units" section of the character roster. Additionally, the player can obtain items, including S rank rewards, and all of these items will be added to their inventory just like a regular mission. Additionally, the characters may build support relationships with each other. For a chapter's main mission, all strategy resources gethered throught all playthroughs of the same route will be added up. Both variations of Chapter 14 Scarlet Blaze are considered part of the same chapter.


One unit will only become recruitable if the player has played through two different routes and is now playing their third route on the same New Game + playthrough. Like the other bonus units, he does not have any support conversations and all of his supports cap at the C level, but unlike them, he will start at level 1 and can be used in story missions and participate in all activities at the base camp, including expeditions. He can also be given most gifts in the game, but as his support relationship with Shez caps at C, he cannot be given the Merc Whistle.

Additional units
Portrait Unit Class Equipment Unlocked at
Small portrait gatekeeper fewa2.png Gatekeeper Soldier Iron Lance Chapter 5 Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire; start of chapter


On a New Game + playthrough, the player may purchase an unlimited number of Vanguard Whistles from the "spend renown" section of Shez's journal. Vanguard Whistles allow the player to instantly clear any side quest that does not have special restrictions. The player will gain access to the survey spots, strategy resources, and first-time capture rewards as though they had finished the side quest normally, and the side quest will be marked as cleared with a rank of D. The player may purchase an infinite amount of Vanguard Whistles, but only 99 can be stored in the player's inventory at the same time.

Purchasable items
Icon Item Stock Price
Is fewa2 vanguard whistle.png Vanguard Whistle 3


Two paralogues only become available on a New Game + playthrough. In both cases, the associated character cannot be recruited on an initial playthrough.

Unit Title Available from Notes
Small portrait arval fewa2.png
Cycles of Nostalgia Chapter 11 Scarlet Blaze Golden Wildfire
Chapter 13 Azure Gleam
Becomes unavailable if Byleth was recruited.
Only one unit can be deployed.
Initially, only Shez or Arval can be deployed.
Small portrait gatekeeper fewa2.png
Eagles, Lions, and Deer Chapter 5 Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire Only one unit can be deployed.
Initially, only Shez can be deployed.

Similar features

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Amelia's class promotion screen with the extra promotion option accessible.

Once the game has been completed once on both Eirika and Ephraim's routes, Ross, Amelia and Ewan gain a third class promotion option; this third class has the exact same name and appearance as their initial classes (Journeyman, Recruit, and Pupil, respectively), but has increased stats and properties akin to typical classes such as having twenty levels and requiring an item to promote.

This third promotion option can promote into the character's second promoted class (such as Paladin for Amelia) or into itself again; this third and final iteration again has the same appearance as the unit's initial class but features even heightened stats, as well as a new special property, such as the ability to use light and dark magic for Ewan's Pupil class or a 15% critical rate bonus for Amelia's Recruit class.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

On a second playthrough onward, eleven characters have an additional Equipment item in their inventory—bosses with these items drop them. These items are all "Band" items, which increase the growth rates of the unit that is equipping them. These Bands are all exclusively obtained via this method and thus cannot be obtained on a first playthrough.

List of "band" items
Item Character Chapter Effects
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Paladin Band Oscar Chapter 1 +5% -- -- -- +5% -- -- --
Fighter Band Boyd Chapter 1 +5% -- +5% -- -- -- -- --
Priest Band Rhys Chapter 2 -- -- -- -- -- +5% -- +5%
Archer Band Shinon Chapter 3 -- -- -- +5% +5% -- -- --
Knight Band Gatrie Chapter 3 -- +5% -- -- -- -- +5% --
Thief Band Havetti (boss) Chapter 3 -- -- -- +5% +5% -- -- --
Sword Band Mia Chapter 7 -- -- -- +5% -- +5% -- --
Mage Band Balmer (boss) Chapter 7 -- -- +10% -- -- -- -- --
Soldier Band Kamura (boss) Chapter 8 +5% -- -- -- -- -- +5% --
Pegasus Band Marcia Chapter 9 -- -- -- -- -- +5% -- +5%
Wyvern Band Jill Chapter 12 -- +5% -- -- -- -- +5% --

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

New Game +

A term coined by Chrono Trigger to refer to the concept of starting a new game with some features from the previously cleared game.[2]



Clear data takeover; similar wording is used for the option in Radiant Dawn.


Partida nueva +

New game +


Nouvelle partie +

New game +


Neues Spiel beginnen

Begin new game


Nuova partita+

New game+


클리어 데이터 이어받기

Inherit clear data

Simplified Chinese


Inherit clear data

Traditional Chinese


Inherit clear data


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  1. u/Jacien_V, [FE3H] Support Points Information - The point ranges, New Game Plus trickery, and Misc info., r/fireemblem, Reddit, Published: August 26, 2019, Retrieved: September 20, 2020
  2. "The option itself dates back decades, but the term 'New Game+' wasn't actually used until 1995's Super Nintendo RPG, Chrono Trigger."New Game Plus (Concept), Giant Bomb, Retrieved: September 19, 2020
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