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Sumia and Lissa in the Barracks. Five two-person conversation bonuses are waiting to be activated by listening in, including Sumia and Lissa's.

The Barracks (Japanese: みんなの部屋 Everyone's Room) is a gameplay mechanic exclusive to Fire Emblem Awakening, accessed from the world map and first accessible after completing Chapter 4. This mechanic takes advantage of the Nintendo 3DS console's built-in clock and uses it primarily to reward random bonuses to units.

Barracks mechanics

The Barracks themselves consist of a menu with three options: "Listen In", "Roster", and "Look". It can be entered at any time from the world map, provided it is unlocked. Normally, this is just an empty room with decorative items, but if there is a pending bonus event, some characters will be present, walking around or talking to each other.


Every two hours of real time, a new event will be unlocked and added to a queue, up to a maximum of five. Each event's details are picked randomly, and the queue is represented with icons on the left side of the top screen when the Barracks are accessed. Icons can show one person, two persons, or a present. Two-person icons may or may not have an additional icon to their right; this additional icon indicates a support bonus. The characters belonging to the event at the front of the queue (the bottommost icon) will walk in and remain in the room. The events themselves take place each time the "Listen In" option is selected. Most events grant some kind of gameplay bonus.

Only the 49 core characters participate in the Barracks mechanics; each of these characters has a unique line tied to each of the one-person icon events. Bonus units do not participate in the Barracks.


The player can also look around the room, whether it has people in it or not, using the "Look" option. Upon picking this option, the camera zooms out a bit, and the player is given control. The analog stick controls the camera's angle, R zooms in, and L zooms out.


The Roster option allows players to obtain character profiles. Upon opening the Roster, the player is presented with a list of the current playable characters, ordered and numbered by most recent usage (although Robin is always first). To the left of the list is the highlighted character's full portrait. Pressing A on a highlighted character will update the bottom screen with that character's bio.

The bio includes the character's number on the list, their name, face portrait, and a short biography. The last line of this biography always indicates the character's birthday.

Pressing R on this screen sorts the list alphabetically instead, but keeps the "most recently used" numbering system.

Character descriptions

Small portrait robin f fe13.png
A traveler who remembers nothing prior to being found by the wayside. Chrom realized her tactical genius and enlisted her in the shepherds, where she is well liked. The biggest mystery of the group. Born on (chosen by the player). Small portrait chrom l fe13.png
The prince of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King. While of noble blood, he also leads a militia known as the Shepherds. His strong conviction makes him a fine captain. The most likely to break things. Born on May 27th.
Small portrait lissa fe13.png
Chrom's tomboyish little sister, the princess of Ylisse. With nary an ounce of nobility in her personality, she is among the most likeable and approachable of the Shepherds. The girl most likely to snort. Born on March 6th. Small portrait frederick fe13.png
Chrom's lieutenant, an Ylissean knight who is sincere to a fault. He tends to demand tremendous effort for seemingly trivial things, and prefaces such exercises with a grin. The fondest of starting fires. Born on August 26th.
Small portrait sully fe13.png
A no-nonsense, capable Shepherd with a mouth that would make brigands blush. Ylissean women admire her strength and call her "The Woman to End All Men." The last one you want cooking. Born on December 5th. Small portrait virion fe13.png
A secretive noble from some land or another. While many would brand him a buffoon or a braggart, his boasts are often founded. He is swift to propose to anything female. The most prolonged primper. Born on December 10th.
Small portrait stahl fe13.png
A surprisingly normal shepherd with a big heart and perpetual cowlick. He has a good head on his shoulders, but the rest of him often has trouble keeping up. The most eager to clean a plate. Born on June 16th. Small portrait vaike fe13.png
A rough-hewn Shepherd with a loud personality and far more confidence than his ability warrants. He sees himself as exemplary and reverently refers to himself in the third person. The best as misplacing things. Born on December 26th.
Small portrait miriel fe13.png
A grandiloquent but fastidious Shepherd who grows irascible if so much as a single arrow sits ajar in its quiver. She adores research and obsesses over her object of study. The most superfluous packer. Born on February 12th. Small portrait sumia fe13.png
An absentminded, klutzy Shepherd with a shocking lack of self-worth. However, she exhibits one-of-a-kind talent, particularly when it comes to working with animals. The best at tripping over nothing. Born on November 24th.
Small portrait kellam fe13.png
A laconic, blank-faced Shepherd whose infamous lack of presence causes him to pass by the others as if invisible. Despite his protests, he is actually quite proud of that. The tallest while seated. Born on June 24th. Small portrait donnel fe13.png
A villager from a remote corner of Ylisse who came to the fight with little more than farming experience. However, he is eager to learn and shows a great deal of promise. The one with the curliest hair. Born on June 4th.
Small portrait lon'qu fe13.png
A swordsman raised in Regna Ferox, where Khan Basilio has vouched from his skill. While cool and curt around most people, the very sight of a woman turns him beef red. The deftest potato peeler. Born on October 10th. Small portrait ricken fe13.png
A novice Shepherd who looks and acts like a child. While this endears him to others, he hates being treated as anything less than an equal. He sees Chrom as a brother. The most popular with cute animals. Born on May 23rd.
Small portrait maribelle fe13.png
Lissa's best friend. A proud and sharp-tongued noble from one if Ylisse's most well-to-do houses. She is cold to strangers, particularly commoners, but warms quickly. The most likely to toss in her sleep. Born on April 14th. Small portrait gaius fe13.png
A cool and capable Ylissean thief who will take any job for the right price. He is absolutely obsessed with sweets and hides 50 varieties of "emergency snacks" in his cloak. The most frequent nosebleeder. Born on January 2nd.
Small portrait panne fe13.png
A nationless shape-shifter and the last of the taguel. While cool and sensible by nature, she shows little interest in finding a partner and remedying the fate of her race. The fastest at wolfing down a meal. Born on November 18th. Small portrait cordelia fe13.png
An Ylissean pegasus knight who has been friends with Sumia since child-hood. Her beauty, skill, and record are surpasses by few, but she cannot seem to win Chrom's heart. The deepest, most frequent sigher. Born on July 7th.
Small portrait gregor fe13.png
A likeable merc whose feet have touched the soil of many a land. Years of experience have hardened him—mostly—but he still winces when people harp on him about his age. The first to get a crick in his back. Born on January 27th. Small portrait nowi fe13.png
A manakete from no land in particular. While she looks young and likes to play outside with children, she is actually over 1,000 years old and counting. The biggest oversleeper. Born on September 21st.
Small portrait libra fe13.png
An Ylissean priest with a calming mien. So lovely are his features that strangers often mistake him for a woman. His one flaw is a tendency to get caught up in details. The one with the scabbiest knees. Born on July 1st. Small portrait tharja fe13.png
A mopey Plegian dark mage with a jealous streak. She usually keeps to herself and chants disturbing hexes but openly stalks Robin, in whom she has an unhealthy interest. The one with the darkest thoughts. Born on April 2nd.
Small portrait olivia fe13.png
A shy, introverted caravan dancer who goes above and beyond to help others. Despite her stage fright, she is unparalleled in her craft and has admirers around the world. The most mesmerizing singer. Born on August 20th. Small portrait cherche fe13.png
A wyvern rider in the service of House Virion. She was raised with simple values and likes to cook and sew, but loves her "sweet, adorable" wyvern Minerva even more. The most terrifying when angry. Born on October 17th.
Small portrait henry fe13.png
A Plegian dark mage with a fetish for bloodshed and an indelible grin. While disarmingly optimistic, he shows a gruesome lack of mercy while on the battlefield. The one with lowest heart rate. Born November 13th. Small portrait anna fe13.png
An enigmatic merchant with a bevy of identical sisters—more than she can count. Like most merchants, she is a smooth talker who loves both gold and rich customers. The one with the fattest nest egg. Born on June 11th.
Small portrait say'ri fe13.png
The upright and dignified princess of the Chon'sin dynasty. Her old-fashioned speech and manners set her apart from the Ylisseans. She loves her brother Yen'fay fiercely. The most talented skin diver. Born on January 11th. Small portrait tiki fe13.png
The voice of the divine dragon. While mature, she also has a child-like side. Being a dragonkin, she has lived since days of yore and was friends with the Hero-King, Marth. The most likely to sleep in. Born on February 28th.
Small portrait flavia fe13.png
The East-Khan and current ruler of Regna Ferox. She has swagger about her and dislikes formalities, but nonetheless looks after her own. Basilio is her rival and best friend. The first to push for push-ups. Born on October 28th. Small portrait basilio fe13.png
The West-Khan of Regna Ferox. His rival, Flavia, calls him "oaf" due to his attitude, but he is actually quite quick witted. He exhibits a fatherly side around Chrom's group. The guy with the biggest reactions. Born August 13th.
Small portrait lucina fe13.png
Chrom's future daughter, a kind and just princess who has made it her duty to save the world. She loves her father and would do anything to keep him safe. The least likely to get a joke. Born on April 20th. Small portrait morgan m fe13.png
Robin's future son. An upbeat boy who remembers little about the future—not even which future he came from. He wants to be tactician like his mother. The most shamelessly self-driven. Born on May 5th.
Small portrait owain fe13.png
Lissa's future son. His elaborate theatrics suggest a need to stand out, as do the absurd names he bestows upon his weapons and his "special moves." The most apt to shout "Level up!" Born on July 15th. Small portrait inigo fe13.png
Olivia's future son. A friendly young man with an insatiable love for women. However, the ladies see his flirting as shallow and seldom bite. He secretly wants to be a dancer. The biggest night owl. Born on August 7th.
Small portrait brady fe13.png
Maribelle's future son. While he looks terrifying, he is more likely to burst into tears than bust out a weapon. The scar on his face is from a stray violin string. The most likely to incur friendly fire. Born on February 22nd. Small portrait kjelle fe13.png
Sully's future daughter, a model of chivalry. She believes the strong must protect the weak and loves to better herself through sport, but is reckless about who she challenges. The most attached to her armor. Born on September 29th.
Small portrait cynthia fe13.png
Sumia's future daughter. A veritable force of nature when it comes to enthusiasm. She longs to be a hero (the epic kind) but, like her mother, slips up more often than not. The most baffling sleep talker. Born on May 14th. Small portrait severa fe13.png
Cordelia's future daughter. Growing up in the shadow of her mother has given her an inferiority complex and an attitude to match. She likes using words to get her way. The most wasteful shopper. Born on January 21st.
Small portrait gerome fe13.png
Cherche's future son. He has concerns about meddling with the past and wears a mask to minimize interactions -- but like the other children, he wants his parents back. The last to fall asleep at night. Born on September 1st. Small portrait yarne fe13.png
Panne's future son. Terrified that his race (i.e., himself) will go extinct, he has become a colossal coward -- but he might put himself out on a limb for a comrade's sake. The loudest talker. Born on March 14th.
Small portrait laurent fe13.png
Miriel's future son. A sharp but overserious wunderkind. Folks take advantage of his wisdom and empathy, but his attention to detail makes him a natural problem solver. The one with the worst lens glare. Born on April 25th. Small portrait noire fe13.png
Tharja's future daughter. Repeated doses of her mother's hexes turned her into an extreme coward and pessimist -- but beware her terrifying alter ego when pushed too far. The first to flee when danger hits. Born on October 7th.
Small portrait nah fe13.png
Nowi's future daughter. Unlike her mother, she is remarkably grown up and keeps her feelings in check—especially about her weird name. She has a knack for reading people. The one with the nicest teeth. Born on March 29th. Small portrait gangrel fe13.png
The wild and ruthless former king of Plegia. He once took sick pleasure in hurting others, but his own life was not easy, and he has shown signs of reform since joining Chrom. The most hopeless acrophobe. Born on March 16th.
Small portrait walhart fe13.png
The unforgiving man who forged the Valmese Empire. He loathes losers and cowards and sought to unite the world through absolute power. (He's calmed down since. ...A bit.) The most devout vegetarian. Born on September 14th. Small portrait emmeryn fe13.png
Chrom's older sister, the former exalt of Ylisse. A fall in Plegia took most of her memory and impaired her speech, but the love in her heart could not be diminished. The hardest to kill. Born on December 23rd.
Small portrait yen'fay fe13.png
The former Chon'sin dynast, but not the Yen'fay who died in the volcano; like Lucina, he hails from the future. Earnest and meditative to a fault, he longs to protect his sister Say'ri. The best under high temperatures. Born on July 23rd. Small portrait aversa fe13.png
A cunning vixen who once served Valdiar faithfully and leveraged her "assets" to lead men to their ruin. She has sought to atone since learning Validar manipulated her. The fondest of taking long swims. Born on November 3rd.
Small portrait priam fe13.png
The descendent[sic] of a certain radiant hero. He has scoured the world in search of worthy opponents. While affable enough outside of battle, he is clearly more brawn than brains. The most insatiable meat eater. Born February 9th. Portrait old hubba fe13.png
Old Hubba*
An old man who just sort of showed up. Mostly useless, though he can assess relationships. Oh, and he's a few millennia old or something. The one with the wildest love life. Born on February 29th.

Bottom screen

While on the main menu of the Barracks, the 3DS's bottom screen will show a playable character saying something to Robin. What they say exactly depends on whether it is:

  • Morning.
  • Afternoon.
  • Evening.
  • Night.
  • Robin's birthday today.

In most cases, these are just greetings and small talk. During Robin's birthday, the characters will instead wish them a happy birthday, with a pleased expression, as opposed to a neutral one. If Robin is engaged to or a parent of that character, each of these lines will be altered to be more intimate.

Each time the main menu of the barracks is entered, the game picks a character at random. Although normally, characters are picked with a more or less equal chance, there are two exceptions:

  • If Robin is married and it is not Robin's birthday, Robin's spouse will appear much more frequently.
  • If Robin is female and is not married to Lon'qu, Lon'qu will appear less frequently.

Types of events

Two-person conversation

An event with a two-person icon will involve a conversation between two randomly-chosen characters. If the two-person icon is not accompanied by another icon, the two characters are incapable of support with each other, and no effect is applied. Otherwise, they will receive a support bonus, boosted by a random amount (although this will do nothing if they are already at maximum support). Exactly which second icon appears depends on certain factors involving the characters:

  • If the icon is a heart, the characters are an opposite-gender pairing capable of marriage and either of the pair are not already married, making use of the standard bank of lines. The heart icon also represents couples already married, with special lines reserved for this purpose. Peculiarly, the icon will also show a heart if the first character in the exchange is single while the second is married.
  • If the icon shows one large person shape and a smaller person next to it, the characters are a parent-child pairing. Special lines are reserved for this purpose.
  • If the icon is a handshake, the characters are capable of supporting but do not meet the criteria for either of the two other icons. The lines are mostly taken from the standard bank.

These conversations usually start with a question or remark from the first question, a reply by the second character, and nothing more, with each character saying just one line. Some parent-children conversations, particularly about the future, will usually have longer responses, though. Each character has a set of generic lines they use for their parts of the conversation, even though some lines of characters with extreme personalities may clash with the usual tone of the conversation. The format of each conversation is picked randomly:

  • If the two characters are married:
    • The first character professes their love to the second, who replies likewise.
    • The first character compliments the second character's beauty, who replies likewise.
    • The first character asks the second to never leave their side; the second character replies likewise.
    • The first character asks about a gift they notice the second character having, and the second character explains what it is.
  • If the two characters are parent and child:
    • The first character asks how the second character's life was before they met, to which the second replies with a longer-than-usual story.
    • The first character asks the second if they are ill, and they reply how they are all right.
    • The first character asks the second if they need anything, to which they reply with something or nothing.
    • The first character asks the second if they want to practice together, to which the other replies positively.
  • Otherwise:
    • The first character asks the second why they are feeling so cheerful.
    • The first character asks about what hobbies the second has.
    • The first character asks about what dreams the second has.
    • The first character asks the second if the two can fight together in upcoming battles.

Specific characters may also use unique lines on certain scenarios. For instance, Chrom and Lucina's conversations are unique, and Lon'qu uses more hesitant and distant sentences when talking to a woman.

This type of event can also happen when stepping on event tiles with two paired-up units.

Single person

If it is a one-person icon, a single character will walk around the room. They can also receive grant some sort of bonus. What exactly happens to this lonesome character is picked randomly.

Self conversation

In self conversations, a character points out how nothing interesting happened to them. If this happens, the character mentions a specific line, then simply leaves the room without anything else happening.

Experience points

Main article: Experience

In these cases, the character announces that they practiced fighting in some way. After their line, they are given a random amount of experience points between 10 and 30. This bonus cannot be used to gain a level—should a unit be chosen for this bonus and be given enough points to otherwise level up, the bonus will instead be truncated to leave them at 99 experience within their current level. The bonus can also be wasted if the chosen character already has 99 experience points within a level, or is already at the maximum level for their class. This event can also happen when stepping on an event tile.

Random item

Units might bump into a loose item. On these events, after the character explains how they found something, a random item will be placed into the convoy. The player is notified of what item is obtained, after the character's line. Using a different set of currently-unknown percentage ratios, one of the following items will be randomly obtained when this bonus appears:

With the exception of the Glass weapons (which debuted in the previous game in the series) and the Seed of Trust (which reappeared in the following game), all of these items are unique to Awakening. This same event can also happen when a unit steps on an event tile.


Sometimes, characters will announce how they are feeling particularly well today. In these events, that character is given a temporary +4 bonus to two randomly-chosen stats to be applied in the next chapter or skirmish. These boosts stack with other non-permanent stat boosts; for example, if a character gets Strength and Magic for their surge and has the Strength +2 and Tomefaire skills and a tome equipped, the character's bonuses will be represented as +6 Strength and +9 Magic.

Should a character who had gotten this bonus get this bonus again before going into a chapter or skirmish, the previous bonus will be replaced by the new one; for example, if a unit had previously gotten Defense and Resistance boosts, but gets chosen for this bonus again before entering a chapter and gets a surge in Skill and Luck, the +4 boosts to Defense and Skill will disappear and be replaced by +4 boosts in Skill and Luck.


Main article: Birthday

Each of Awakening's 49 core characters has a birthday. On one of those days, the first time the Barracks are accessed, the corresponding character(s) will be given the first bonus of that day, represented by a one-person icon with a red background and a birthday present icon next to it. This event is forcefully pushed to the front of the queue. They will then be given all three of a surge, a random item, and an experience point boost.

Robin's birthday is set by the player; the other 48 have fixed dates. In the event that Robin shares their birthday with another character, both of them will pop up on the 3DS's bottom screen, and two birthday events will be added to the queue, with Robin's appearing first.


As more characters join the party, the Barracks start to become more decorated. Once a certain character joins the party, a specific decoration will be added to the Barracks. They are as follows:

Character Decoration Character Decoration
Lon'qu Blade Ricken Bookshelf
Maribelle Staff Panne Rabbit-themed curtain
Gaius Candy tree Cordelia Empty shelf
Gregor Two wooden boxes Nowi Green dragonstone
Olivia Carpet Cherche Two wyvern-themed sacks
Henry Extra books Lucina Red Exalt-themed curtain
Say'ri Hanging scroll Owain Tree branch
Inigo Vase Brady Staff
Kjelle Armor and protector Cynthia Lance
Severa Urn Gerome Axe
Morgan Extra books Yarne Bag
Laurent Triangular hat Noire Feathers
Nah Red dragonstone


  • If at night, Noire is chosen to appear on the bottom screen to greet Robin, she will be using her manic portrait image instead of the neutral one used almost all the time, and will scream at Robin about not actually being alone in the room.

Etymology and other languages

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Everyone's Room







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