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For the mechanic referred to as "proficiency" in some games, see weapon level.

Proficiency (Japanese: 素質 Talent) is a mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage related to the class change and weapon level systems. In order to change into a new class, a unit must be proficient in all the weapon types the class can use; units have some proficiencies naturally, and may gain more by raising their bond level with Emblems. Units additionally have an "innate proficiency" that boosts their weapon level in certain classes.

Gaining proficiency

All units have proficiency in some weapon types naturally; most units have one or two proficiencies, but a few have three. Units may gain additional proficiencies by increasing their bond level with Emblems.

Proficiencies granted by Emblems
Weapon type Emblems (bond level)
Swords Sword Chrom (level 6)Corrin (level 6)Lucina (level 6)Roy (level 6)Leif (level 8)Lyn (level 8)Marth (level 8)Byleth (level 9)Celica (level 9)Eirika (level 9)Ike (level 9)Sigurd (level 9)Alear (level 10)
Lances Lance Eirika (level 6)Sigurd (level 6)Leif (level 7)Edelgard (level 9)
Axes Axe Leif (level 2)Camilla (level 6)Edelgard (level 6)Hector (level 6)Ike (level 6)
Bows Bow Leif (level 3)Lyn (level 6)Lucina (level 8)Edelgard (level 13)
Knives Knife Leif (level 4)Micaiah (level 6)Soren (level 6)
Tomes Tome Celica (level 6)Micaiah (level 9)Chrom (level 16)Soren (level 16)Veronica (level 16)Camilla (level 17)
Staves Staff Micaiah (level 3)Leif (level 6)Veronica (level 6)Soren (level 12)
Arts Art Byleth (level 6)Tiki (level 6)Alear (level 10)

No unit has proficiency with special weapons (and thus, with cannonballs) and no Emblem grants it.

Changing class

In order to change class, in addition to any level requirements, a unit must be proficient in all the weapon types useable by the class they are to change into; for instance, a unit changing into Sniper needs to be proficient only with bows, but a unit changing into High Priest must be proficient with tomes, staves, and arts.

The proficiency requirements must be met regardless of if a unit is promoting or reclassing. The only exception to this is the Mage Cannoneer, which does not require proficiency with cannonballs to reclass into.

Innate proficiency

All units have an innate proficiency, indicated by a blue weapon type icon on the reclass screen. Units that possess an innate proficiency with a weapon type will have a higher level with that weapon in certain classes; e.g. Alear's innate proficiency in swords does not increase their sword level as a Dragon Child, but it does increase their sword level as a General from A to S.

Units by innate proficiency
Weapon type Units
Swords Sword AlearBunetDiamantKagetsuLapisZelestia
Lances Lance AlfredAmberChloéGoldmaryLouisNelTimerra
Axes Axe BoucheronJadeMadelineRafalRosadoSaphirVander
Bows Bow AlcrystAnnaEtieFogado
Knives Knife MerrinPanetteYunakaZelkov
Tomes Tome CélineCitrinneClanneIvyVeyle
Staves Staff GregoryHortensiaLindonMauvierPandreo
Arts Art FrammeJeanneSeadall
Classes where innate proficiency boosts weapon level
Weapon type Class (weapon level boost)
Swords Sword Bow Knight (C→B)General (A→S)Great Knight (B→A)Griffin Knight (A→S)Mage Knight (B→A)Paladin (A→S)Wolf Knight (B→A)Wyvern Knight (B→A)
Lances Lance Bow Knight (C→B)General (A→S)Great Knight (B→A)Griffin Knight (A→S)Hero (C→B)Mage Knight (B→A)Paladin (A→S)Wolf Knight (B→A)Wyvern Knight (B→A)
Axes Axe Bow Knight (C→B)General (A→S)Great Knight (B→A)Griffin Knight (A→S)Hero (C→B)Mage Knight (B→A)Paladin (A→S)Wolf Knight (B→A)Wyvern Knight (B→A)
Bows Bow Warrior (C→B)
Knives Knife Enchanter (B→A)Wolf Knight (A→S)
Tomes Tome High Priest (B→A)
Staves Staff Griffin Knight (C→B)Royal Knight (C→B)Sage (B→A)
Arts Art Enchanter (B→A)High Priest (C→B)

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