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Chain Guard

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The Chain Guard (Japanese: チェインガード Chain guard) command is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Fire Emblem Engage. It allows units to take a single hit in place of an adjacent ally, protecting them from taking damage. Chain Guarding can only be performed by Qi Adept-type classes: the Martial Monk, Martial Master, Dancer, and Enchanter.


The Chain Guard command can only be selected when a Qi Adept-type unit is at full HP. When the command is selected, the unit will prepare to defend any unit adjacent to them. If an enemy initiates combat against an ally adjacent to the Chain Guarding unit, then the first attack made against that ally will have its damage reduced to 0, and the Chain Guarding unit will take damage equal to 20% of their maximum HP. If that attack misses, it will not be blocked. The Chain Guard effect will only work for a single attack each turn; if an enemy has a brave weapon equipped or is able to make a follow-up attack and lands the first hit against a guarded unit, then only that first hit will be blocked, while any subsequent attacks will deal their full damage.

Because the Chain Guarding unit always takes damage equal to a percent of their maximum HP, the command can be used to protect allied units from otherwise lethal attacks. However, the effect of the command is completely nullified against enemy engage attacks.

If an enemy can make chain attacks against a Chain Guarded unit, the chain attacks will not be blocked; only the first non-chain attack hit will be blocked. The Chain Guard effect will also be canceled if the Chain Guarding unit is attacked and takes damage, or if the unit is refreshed by a dance.


Experience gained from Chain Guarding

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Flavor text

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Game Text
Shield adjacent allies from attack.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Chain Guard




Chain guard


Defensa en cadena

Chain defense. Unit command is abbreviated as Defensa cadena.


Garde enchaînée

Chained guard





Parata concatenata

Concatenated block


체인 가드

Chain guard

Simplified Chinese


Chain guard

Traditional Chinese


Chain guard


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