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Is wii canto.png
Icon of the Canto skill in Radiant Dawn.

Allows a unit that has not moved its full movement range to move the remaining amount at the end of its turn.





For the skill known as Canto in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, see Galdrar.

Canto (Japanese: 再移動 Move Again), known as Move Again in The Blazing Blade and colloquially known as "repeated movement", is a field skill which technically debuted in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War as an undefined skill; it was not until Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn that it became a visible, defined skill and gained a proper name. It is a skill exclusive to mounted and/or flying units. After such a unit moves and completes an action, if they have not used up their full movement range in that one go, it allows the user to move again and use up any leftover movement distance. In Radiant Dawn, and technically all of its appearances, the skill is locked and cannot be removed from units possessing it under any circumstances.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
Genealogy of the Holy War Is snes02 canto.png It allows the user to move again and use up any leftover movement distance. 100% -- An intended defined visible version of this skill is unused; this skill is used only in undefined form
Thracia 776 -- It allows the user to move again and use up any leftover movement distance. 100% -- --
The Binding Blade -- It allows the user to move again and use up any leftover movement distance. 100% -- Does not activate after attacking or using a staff.
Fire Emblem -- It allows the user to move again and use up any leftover movement distance. 100% -- Does not activate after attacking or using a staff.
The Sacred Stones -- It allows the user to move again and use up any leftover movement distance. 100% -- Does not activate after attacking or using a staff.
Path of Radiance -- It allows the user to move again and use up any leftover movement distance. 100% -- --
Radiant Dawn Is wii canto.png It allows the user to move again and use up any leftover movement distance. 100% 10 Debut as a defined visible skill.


Genealogy of the Holy War

Units (As a class skill) First Generation: AlecBeowolfEthlynFerryFinnLexMidayleNoishQuanSigurd

After promotion: AzelLachesis
Second Generation: AltenaAresDelmud/TristanFee/FeminaFinnJohanLester/DimnaNanna/JanneOifey
After promotion: ArthurLeifSeliph

Classes Knight LordMaster KnightCavalierTroubadourPaladinFree KnightRangerAxe KnightGreat KnightLance KnightDuke KnightArch KnightBow KnightMage KnightPegasus KnightFalcon KnightDragon RiderWyvern RiderWyvern Lord
Items Knight Ring

Thracia 776

Units (As a class skill) AlvaAmaldaBrightonCarrionConomoolDeanDelmudEdaFelgusFinnFredHicksKainKarinMishaNannaOlwenRobertSelfina

After promotion: Miranda

Classes CavalierTroubadourPaladinFree KnightRangerAxe KnightGreat KnightLance KnightDuke KnightArch KnightBow KnightMage KnightPegasus RiderPegasus KnightDragon RiderWyvern Rider

The Binding Blade

Units (As a class skill) AlenClarineDayanJunoLanceMarcusMiladyNoahSinShannaSueTheaZeissZelots
Classes CavalierPaladinNomadNomadic TrooperTroubadourValkyriePegasus KnightFalcon KnightWyvern RiderWyvern Lord

Fire Emblem

Units (As a class skill) FarinaFioraFlorinaHeathIsadoraKentLowenMarcusPriscillaRathSainVaida

After promotion: Eliwood

Classes Knight LordCavalierPaladinNomadNomadic TrooperTroubadourValkyriePegasus KnightFalcoknightWyvern RiderWyvern Lord

The Sacred Stones

Units (As a class skill) CormagDuesselFordeFranzKyleL'ArachelOrsonSethSyreneTanaVanessa

After promotion: Amelia (If promoted to Cavalier, Paladin, or Great Knight)EirikaEphraimEwan (If promoted to Mage Knight)Gilliam (If promoted to Great Knight)Lute (If promoted to Mage Knight)Natasha (If promoted to Valkyrie)

Classes Great LordCavalierPaladinGreat KnightTroubadourValkyrieMage KnightPegasus KnightFalcoknightWyvern RiderWyvern LordWyvern Knight

Path of Radiance

Units (As a class skill) AstridElinciaGeoffreyHaarJillKieranMakalovMarciaOscarTanithTitania

After promotion: Mist

Classes Sword KnightLance KnightAxe KnightBow KnightPaladinValkyriePegasus KnightFalcon KnightWyvern RiderWyvern LordPrincess Crimea
Items Knight Ring

Radiant Dawn

Units (As a class skill) AstridElinciaFionaGeoffreyHaarJanaffJillKieranLeanneMakalovMarciaNaesalaNealuchiOscarRenningReysonSigrunTanithTibarnTitaniaUlkiVika

After promotion: Mist

Classes Sword KnightLance KnightAxe KnightBow KnightBlade PaladinLance PaladinAxe PaladinBow PaladinGold KnightSilver KnightValkyriePegasus KnightFalcon KnightSeraph KnightDracoknightDragonmasterDragonlordQueenHawkHawk KingRavenRaven KingHeron

Other appearances

TCG Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)

Canto is present as a skill on three cards in Fire Emblem Cipher, all of which are members of mounted classes: B03-097HN Paladin Astride a Stubborn Steed, Sophie, B06-018HN Shining Flame of Kindness, Azel, and B06-038R Blizzard Flier, Ferry. It automatically triggers after its user performs an attack, and gives the player the option of also moving them to a different row.



Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English • Canto

• Move again

• Italian, Spanish, Portuguese: singing, chanting. This name is used only in Radiant Dawn. As it shares its name with the Canto skill from Path of Radiance, Canto may have gotten its name from being confused with it, since that Canto's Japanese name (再行動 act again) is very similar to this Canto's Japanese name.

• Used in The Blazing Blade.[1]

Japanese 再移動 Move Again. Internally referred to as TWICE in Path of Radiance, and as CANTO in Radiant Dawn.
Spanish Canto --
French Ranimer Revive
German 2. Schritt Second step
Italian Mobilità Mobility


  1. "Furthermore, mounted units have the unique ability to move again. Essentially, this allows cavalry to move the number of spaces left in their movement range if they haven't done so already. However, the attack command, among others, nullifies the move again ability, so be careful." - Tutorial, Fire Emblem

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