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Emblem Rings

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Male Alear wearing the Ring of the Hero-King, one of the Emblem Rings.

Emblem Rings (Japanese: 紋章士の指輪 Emblem person ring) are a gameplay mechanic and story element in Fire Emblem Engage. They are artifacts found on the continent of Elyos that contain Emblems: incorporeal echoes of heroes from other worlds. Emblem Rings iterate on previous gameplay systems such as Pair Up from Awakening and Fates, granting a variety of bonuses to their users based on how closely bonded the user and the Emblem have become.

In an alternate Elyos, Emblems are instead housed within Emblem Bracelets, which function largely identically to their ring counterparts.


Emblem Rings serve as a form of equipment for units, with a unit only being able to equip one ring at a time. When equipped, the unit will be "synced" with that ring's Emblem, granting the unit statistical bonuses and sync skills based on the equipped ring, as well as on the unit's bond level with the Emblem in question. There are initially twelve Emblem Rings, with each containing an echo of a hero or major character from a previous Fire Emblem series title.


Equipping an Emblem Ring allows a unit to engage (Japanese: エンゲージ engage) with its Emblem, merging with them and gaining new powers. The engage command can be used at any time if the unit has not acted yet. Engaging with an Emblem will grant the unit access to various engage weapons, which the unit can use regardless of whether their class or weapon level would normally allow them to. For example, an Axe Fighter with no sword weapon level will still be able to use Emblem Marth's engage weapon, the Rapier.

Engaging also grants one or more special engage skills. These engage skills offer unique effects that can provide a great advantage and/or greatly change a unit's playstyle. In addition, engaging allows the unit to perform an engage attack (Japanese: エンゲージ技 Engage technique); a powerful command skill that, despite its name, is not always an attack. Engage attacks can only be used once per engaged state. As well, being in the engaged state will reduce the damage taken from enemy engage attacks by 20%. Both engage skills and engage attacks will also often have additional effects depending on the user's unit type. These bonuses and which unit types they are granted to vary with each skill, though generally, Dragon-type classes almost always gain a special extra effect from them.

Units can engage if their engage meter is currently filled. Once initiated, the engaged state lasts for only three turns. The engage meter is normally filled at the start of every battle, and is fully depleted after the engaged state ends. The meter fills by 1 step whenever the unit makes or faces an attack that is not a chain attack, or targets another unit when using a staff. When the meter is filled to its maximum 8 steps, the unit can engage again. Alternatively, the engage meter will be completely filled if a unit ends their turn on a space with emblem energy. Emblem energy always appears on predetermined spaces on a map.

Bond level

Battling with an Emblem Ring equipped will cause the unit to earn bond experience, which will increase their bond level. A unit's bond level with an Emblem determines the stat bonuses, sync skills, and engage weapons the unit gains from their equipped Emblem Ring. Some bond levels will also unlock weapon proficiencies, which allow a unit to reclass into classes that use those weapons.

The highest possible bond level a unit can reach is 20, though this is limited to 10 until the Emblem's specific paralogue chapter is completed. Certain bond levels—5, 10, and 20 specifically—will also unlock a short bond conversation between the unit and the Emblem that can be viewed outside of battle. Once a unit has gained enough bond experience to reach that level, they cannot gain any more until the bond conversation is viewed.

Bond levels can also be unlocked more quickly by fighting against the Emblem in the arena on the Somniel, which costs bond fragments.

Bond experience point requirements for level increase
Level Total bond experience points at bond level
(points from last level)
Is ns02 bond fragment.png Total bond fragment cost at bond level
(fragments from last level)
2 11 100
3 33 (22) 200 (100)
4 66 (33) 300 (100)
5 110 (44) 400 (100)
6 165 (55) 700 (300)
7 231 (66) 1,000 (300)
8 308 (77) 1,300 (300)
9 396 (88) 1,600 (300)
10 495 (99) 1,900 (300)
11 604 (109) 2,400 (500)
12 724 (120) 2,900 (500)
13 855 (131) 3,400 (500)
14 997 (142) 3,900 (500)
15 1,150 (153) 4,400 (500)
16 1,314 (164) 4,900 (500)
17 1,489 (175) 5,400 (500)
18 1,675 (186) 5,900 (500)
19 1,872 (197) 6,400 (500)
20 2,080 (208) 6,900 (500)

Skill inheritance

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Bond Rings

Bond Rings are a similar form of equipment to Emblem Rings that also appear in Engage; they represent non-main characters from the same worlds as the Emblems. They take up the same slot as an Emblem Ring does, meaning a unit can only have either one Bond Ring or one Emblem Ring equipped at any given time. Unlike Emblem Rings, Bond Rings only offer small statistical bonuses and possibly a single skill. They do not have bond levels or gain bond experience, and cannot be engaged with. There are four different levels of Bond Rings that can be obtained: in ascending order, C, B, A, and S.

Bond Rings are obtained at random by spending bond fragments in the Ring Chamber of the Somniel. The player can choose to create Bond Rings from the world of a particular Emblem either one at a time for 100 bond fragments each, or in batches of ten at a time for 1,000 bond fragments. Multiple copies of the same Bond Ring can be melded into one of a higher level.

Melding Bond Rings
New ring Required rings Is ns02 bond fragment.png Bond fragment cost
Is ns02 bond ring b.png B Is ns02 bond ring c.png C ×2 100
Is ns02 bond ring a.png A Is ns02 bond ring b.png B ×3 1,000
Is ns02 bond ring s.png S Is ns02 bond ring a.png A ×4 10,000


Emblem Rings

Ring Emblem Sync skills Engage skills Engage attack Engage weapons Proficiencies
FEE Emblem Ring Marth.png
Ring of the Hero-King
Small portrait marth fe17.png
Break Defenses
Divine Speed Lodestar Rush Rapier
FEE Emblem Ring Celica.png
Ring of the Caring Princess
Small portrait celica fe17.png
Holy Stance
Favorite Food
Echo Warp Ragnarok Seraphim
Swords Tomes
FEE Emblem Ring Sigurd.png
Ring of the Holy Knight
Small portrait sigurd fe17.png
Headlong Rush
Gallop Override Ridersbane
Brave Lance
Swords Lances
FEE Emblem Ring Leif.png
Ring of the Sage Lord
Small portrait leif fe17.png
Arms Shield
Adaptable Quadruple Hit Killer Axe
Master Lance
Light Brand
Swords Lances Axes
Bows Knives Staves
FEE Emblem Ring Roy.png
Ring of the Young Lion
Small portrait roy fe17.png
Hold Out
Rise Above Blazing Lion Lancereaver
Binding Blade
FEE Emblem Ring Lyn.png
Ring of the Lady of the Plains
Small portrait lyn fe17.png
Call Doubles Astra Storm Killer Bow
Mani Katti
Swords Bows
FEE Emblem Ring Eirika.png
Ring of the Azure Twins
Small portrait eirika fe17.pngSmall portrait ephraim fe17.png
Eirika and Ephraim
Lunar Brace / Solar Brace
Night and Day
Gentility / Bravery
Eclipse Brace
Sacred Twins
Blue Skies
Twin Strike Rapier
Wind Sword
Swords Lances
FEE Emblem Ring Ike.png
Ring of the Radiant Hero
Small portrait ike fe17.png
Laguz Friend Great Aether Hammer
Swords Axes
FEE Emblem Ring Micaiah.png
Ring of the Dawn Maiden
Small portrait micaiah fe17.png
Healing Light
Silence Ward
Augment Great Sacrifice Shine
Knives Tomes Staves
FEE Emblem Ring Lucina.png
Ring of the Princess Exalt
Small portrait lucina fe17.png
Dual Strike
Dual Assist
Dual Support
Bonded Shield All for One Noble Rapier
Parallel Falchion
Swords Bows
FEE Emblem Ring Corrin.png
Ring of the Crux of Fate
Small portrait corrin fe17.png
Dragon Vein
Quality Time
Draconic Hex
Dreadful Aura Torrential Roar Dual Katana
FEE Emblem Ring Byleth.png
Ring of the Instructor
Small portrait byleth fe17.png
Divine Pulse
Lost & Found
Instruct Goddess Dance Aymr
Aegis Shield
Rafail Gem
Sword of the Creator
Swords Arts
FEE Emblem Ring Alear.png
Ring of the Connector
Small portrait alear m emblem fe17.pngSmall portrait alear f emblem fe17.png
-- Holy Aura
Bond Forger
Holy Shield
Boon of Elyos
Dragon Blast / Bond Blast Lyrátion
Dragon's Fist
Swords Arts

Emblem Bracelets

Bracelet Emblem Sync skills Engage skills Engage attack Engage weapons Proficiencies
FEE Emblem Bracelet Tiki.png
Bracelet of the Ancestor
Small portrait tiki fe17.png
Draconic Form Divine Blessing Eternal Claw
Tail Smash
Fire Breath
Ice Breath
Flame Breath
Dark Breath
Fog Breath
FEE Emblem Bracelet Edelgard.png
Bracelet of the Three Houses
Small portrait edelgard fe17.pngSmall portrait dimitri fe17.pngSmall portrait claude fe17.png
Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude
Friendly Rivalry
Weapon Sync
Combat Arts Houses Unite Aymr
Lances Axes Bows
FEE Emblem Bracelet Hector.png
Bracelet of the Brash General
Small portrait hector fe17.png
Quick Riposte
Heavy Attack
Piercing Glare
Impenetrable Storm's Eye Wolf Beil
FEE Emblem Bracelet Soren.png
Bracelet of the Strategist
Small portrait soren fe17.png
Assign Decoy
Anima Focus
Keen Insight
Block Recovery
Flare Cataclysm Bolting
Knives Tomes Staves
FEE Emblem Bracelet Camilla.png
Bracelet of the Doting Sister
Small portrait camilla fe17.png
Dragon Vein
Decisive Strike
Soar Dark Inferno Bolt Axe
Camilla's Axe
Axes Tomes
FEE Emblem Bracelet Chrom.png
Bracelet of the Shepherd Exalt
Small portrait chrom fe17.pngSmall portrait robin fe17.png
Chrom and Robin
Surprise Attack
Rally Spectrum
Brute Force
Other Half Giga Levin Sword Levin Sword
Swords Tomes
FEE Emblem Bracelet Veronica.png
Bracelet of the Lonely Heir
Small portrait veronica fe17.png
Book of Worlds
Level Boost
SP Conversion
Contract Summon Hero Hliðskjálf
Tomes Staves

Bond Rings

Marth Celica Sigurd Leif Roy Lyn Eirika Ike Micaiah Lucina Corrin Byleth Special

Ring Effects Jewel color
Is ns02 bond ring c.png Rank C Is ns02 bond ring b.png Rank B Is ns02 bond ring a.png Rank A Is ns02 bond ring s.png Rank S
Small portrait caeda fe17.png
Spd +1 Spd +1
Lck +1
Dex +1
Spd +1
Lck +1
Dex +1
Spd +2
Lck +1
Small portrait ogma fe17.png
Str +1 Str +1
Dex +1
Str +1
Dex +1
Spd +1
Str +2
Dex +1
Spd +1
Small portrait merric fe17.png
Spd +1 Dex +1
Spd +1
Dex +1
Spd +1
Def +1
Dex +1
Spd +2
Def +1
Small portrait minerva fe17.png
Lck +1 Lck +1
Def +1
HP +2
Lck +1
Def +1
HP +2
Lck +2
Def +1
Small portrait linde fe17.png
Lck +1 Lck +1
Mag +1
Spd +1
Lck +1
Mag +1
Spd +1
Lck +2
Mag +1
Small portrait tiki bond ring fe17.png
Lck +1 Spd +1
Lck +1
Dex +1
Spd +1
Lck +1
Dex +1
Spd +1
Lck +2
Small portrait kris fe17.png
HP +2 HP +2
Str +1
HP +2
Str +1
Dex +1
HP +4
Str +1
Dex +1
Small portrait katarina fe17.png
Def +1 HP +2
Def +1
HP +2
Lck +1
Def +1
HP +2
Lck +1
Def +2
Small portrait legion fe17.png
Str +1 Str +1
Spd +1
Str +1
Dex +1
Spd +1
Str +2
Dex +1
Spd +1

Weapons and skills affecting Emblem Rings and engaging

Weapons and skills affecting Emblem Rings and engaging
Skill Effect Games
Is ns02 libération.png Libération If user initiates combat and defeats the target, fills engage meter by 1. Engage
Is ns02 lyrátion.png Lyrátion If user initiates combat and defeats the target, fills the engage meters of adjacent allies by 1. Engage
Is ns02 nodus.png Nodus Completely fills all allies' engage meters.
Fills the user's engage meter by 1 for every ally affected.
Is ns02 sombron attack.png Disengage Forces all foes out of their engaged states. Engage
Is ns02 favorite food.png Favorite Food Completely fills the user's engage meter if they use a meal. Engage
Is ns02 divine spirit.png Divine Spirit Shortens the user's engage meter by −1. Engage
Is ns02 fell spirit.png Fell Spirit Fills the user's engage meter by 1 at the start of their phase. Engage
Is ns02 dark spirit.png Dark Spirit Depletes the engage meters of foes within 2 spaces by −1 at the start of the user's phase. Engage
Is ns02 spirit strike.png Spirit Strike If user's attack hit the target, depletes the target's engage meter by −5. Engage
Is ns02 resist emblems.png Resist Emblems Reduces damage taken from enemy engage attacks by −20%. Engage
Is ns02 spur emblems.png Spur Emblems Fills adjacent allies' engage meters by 1 at the start of the user's phase. Engage

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Emblem Ring




Emblem person ring


Anillo Emblema

Emblem ring


Anneau d'Emblème

Emblem Ring



Emblem ring


Anello dell'emblema

Emblem ring


문장사의 반지

Emblem person ring

Simplified Chinese


Emblem person ring

Traditional Chinese


Emblem person ring


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