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FEE Boucheron portrait.png
Portrait render of Boucheron.

Prince Alfred's retainer. A tender-hearted man whose powerful build comes naturally.








May 11


190 cm (6′3″)



Starting class

Axe Fighter

Voiced by



Boucheron (Japanese: ブシュロン Boucheron) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Engage.


Boucheron is a palace knight of Firene.[1]

Fire Emblem Engage


Boucheron is a playable character.

Starting stats and growth rates

Playable - Main story

Small portrait boucheron fe17.png
Ma ns02 axe fighter boucheron.png Axe Fighter
Level 4
Movement 4
SP 300
Recruitment: Chapter 3, automatically from turn 2.

Stats Growth Rates Cap Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Iron Axe
Moved to Tears
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes (Innate) B Bows --
Knives -- Tomes -- Staves -- Arts -- Special --

Playable - Fell Xenologue

Fell Xenologue 1 Fell Xenologue 2 Fell Xenologue 3 Fell Xenologue 4 Fell Xenologue 5 Fell Xenologue 6

Small portrait boucheron fe17.png
Ma ns02 axe fighter boucheron.png Axe Fighter
Level 15
Movement 4
Max HP 38 Defense 10
Strength 12 Resistance 5
Magic 0 Luck 7
Dexterity 13 Build 11
Speed 12−1
Inventory Skills
Steel Axe
Moved to Tears
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes B Bows --
Knives -- Tomes -- Staves -- Arts -- Special --


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

As the first unit with access to chain attacks, Boucheron typically gets relegated to early game chip damage, attacking an enemy to weaken them so that another unit can take advantage of the extra chain attack damage to more easily secure the kill. Notably, this chip damage from chain attacks can add up quite quickly against the rather durable bosses Chapter 5 and Chapter 6, helping to bring down these daunting early game foes a fair bit more easily. Beyond these chapters and going into Brodia, deployment slots become restricted, and Boucheron has to compete with his fellow early game units for continued use. If you've primarily been using him as support to help wear down enemies, then his journey will likely not last long past this point, but should you be interested in investing in this gentle giant long term, he has some unique characteristics that can help him stay capable from beginning to end.

Boucheron's base stats are pretty typical for an early game fighter, with fairly high base HP and strength, while the rest of his stats range from average to middling. However, quite unusually for a fighter, his personal Strength growth is one of the lowest in the entire game, while at the same time sporting inordinately high dexterity and speed growths. This presents Boucheron's offense as rather awkward to the initial eye: his base strength starts out fairly good but doesn't grow incredibly well, while his base Speed is average to start and requires some time for him to level before he can start reliably hitting doubling thresholds. Complementing this profile, however, is the single highest build growth in the entire game, at a staggering 20% (25% in his base classline). This presents a notable out to his dilemma; Boucheron will, in time, reach a point where even the heaviest of weapons will barely slow him down if at all, allowing him to leverage their high might to offset his lackluster strength and perform some very respectable combat. Between silver weapons, killer weapons, effective weapons such as the Wyrmslayer and Poleax, and even Smash weapons like the almighty Silver Greataxe, Boucheron is spoiled for choice on all the various toys he can use to cave in a Corrupted's skull while circumventing most of the downsides.

Of course, reaching the point in the game where he can swing these heavy axes around requires a fair degree of early investment. Boucheron starts at level 4, and as such, will need a healthy dose of experience to even reach promotion by the time Master Seals start popping up. It's a pleasant boon, then, that he's able to make good use out of Emblem Marth in the early game. Boucheron has a notable advantage over all the other Marth users sans Vander, should the player have access to the free Heroes DLC: with the Nóatún, Engaged Boucheron is able to cleanly take out the Lance Fighters in Chapter 4 in but a single round of combat (though his hit rate with the weapon can be shaky, hovering around the mid to high 70's). This allows him to pick up a notable amount of experience from the southern enemies with relative ease; he does run into the issue of not being likely to reach the northern area before the map ends, but there's still enough enemies to fight in the south to where he can remedy the situation. Post Chapter 5, if not already reached, Boucheron can invest Bond Fragments into purchasing Bond Level 10 with Marth and gaining access to the Mercurius. With its superb might and doubled experience, he can gain a ton of levels in record time throughout Chapter 6 and all of Brodia, easily reaching Level 10 in time to promote fairly early. Boucheron isn't the only unit who can take advantage of Mercurius grinding, as other early units such as Alear, Alfred and especially Chloé can equally milk a lot of levels out of this weapon, but the downsides to who you use Mercurius on aren't very significant in the long run. If Boucheron is the unit you want to train, don't hesitate to invest in him.

Boucheron's two immediate promotions are Berserker and Warrior. Berserker has the advantage of slightly higher Strength and Build, and he can promote into it earlier due to not needing to wait for Bow proficiency. In spite of that, Warrior is generally better in almost every other way: his other stats are higher, he gains the added flexibility of Bows such as the Killer Bow and Longbow for both his own combat and Chain Attacks, and he gets access to the Merciless skill at Level 5, greatly increasing his damage against any broken enemy, all but guaranteeing a kill. Warrior is one of the strongest physical classes in the game for the aforementioned advantages, and Boucheron being able to access it without having to use a Second Seal is a notable boon among your earlygame roster, allowing you to use it on another unit or conserve the gold for other purchases. If one does wish to expend a Second Seal on him, however, then Wyvern Knight is another excellent physical class that grants him the utility of flight, letting him navigate over difficult terrain and participate in Bonded Shield chains with other flying units with perfect reliability (he can even be the Bonded Shielder himself), as well as either B swords or lances in addition to his A rank axes. Swords are generally the better option, giving him access to strong generalist options such as the Silver Sword and the Killing Edge, as well as useful effective weaponry in the Armorslayer and Wyrmslayer for armored and draconic foes (though armored foes are typically so bulky that the Armorslayer might not be enough to outright kill them). Other promotion options he can go into include Hero if you're truly struggling to make his combat work but are willing to continue using him in a supportive role with Brave Assist and Dual Assist (though this role is very replaceable) as well as Bow Knight if you want to put him on a horse while letting him use Silver Bows in tandem with his axes, though neither these nor the other classes stand out super strongly compared to Wyvern and Warrior.

As mentioned prior, Marth is an excellent choice of Emblem Ring for Boucheron, especially in the earlygame thanks to Mercurius grinding; his stat buffs to Strength, Dexterity and Speed as well as Divine Speed and Break Defenses help to shore up his raw power by letting him land extra hits. Sadly, Marth is lost to the player for a sizeable amount of time after Chapter 10 and won't return until very late into the game. Roy is also tailor-made for Boucheron, giving him heaps of raw stats through Rise Above in addition to his already massive Strength gains, but again, he is absent for the entire midgame, although he will return a few chapters earlier than Marth does. Still, in the lategame, these two will most certainly be his best friends for reliably killing enemies should he go the distance. Viable alternatives in the midgame include Ike and Eirika. Ike is a primarily defensive Emblem, but he does still provide a welcome Strength boost, and the sheer durability he provides as well as his extremely heavy weapons are a fairly good fit for Boucheron's very high HP and Build, respectively. He also allows inheritance of Axe Power; while Boucheron's best classes typically have multiple weapon types, his natural Axe proficiency and high Build will still let him capitalize off the extra damage this skill provides fairly well. Eirika's additional damage from skills such as Lunar Brace and Bravery (and both when engaged) can complement Boucheron's good Speed fairly well, as these bonuses will get double the value on a unit that can double enemies. For all of these Emblems, you might need some outside Speed assistance such as Speed +3 and Speed Tonics to reach thresholds against faster enemies. That said, it's best not to run Lyn on him, as Speed is relatively cheap to improve compared to damage, which Boucheron has a comparatively much higher demand for.


Boucheron is polite and kind.[1] He is an avid reader, and often finds himself crying when engrossed within a book. [2]


Main article: Boucheron/Supports


Big Softy Boucheron
Boucheron worked for many years to restore Firene. Upon seeing Florra Port fully restored, he cried tears of joy.
He traveled so often between the castle and Florra that, in honor of his kindness and dedication, the road connecting them was called Boucheron's Passage.

Divine Dragon Alear & Big Softy Boucheron
Alear became the new Divine Dragon Monarch. His/Her bonds with the rulers of each nation resulted in lasting peace.
Boucheron devoted his life to restoring his homeland's port town. When the work was finally done, he cried alongside his allies and the Divine Dragon Monarch.


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Battle quotes

I'm saving my tears for your victory speech. Our path is so clear, even I can't get lost!
— Boucheron in Chapter 26.

Critical quotes

Scatter like petals.
— Boucheron
Say your goodbyes.
— Boucheron
My path is clear.
— Boucheron
This is going to hurt.
— Boucheron

Defeat quotes

Don't cry for me... I think I can finally... find my way.
— Boucheron's death quote in Classic Mode.
I've taken too many serious wounds to remain here. Time for me to withdraw.
— Boucheron's retreat quote in a Training Skirmish.

Flavor text

Game Text
Prince Alfred's retainer. A tender-
hearted man whose powerful build
comes naturally.

Choose Your Legends placement history

Round Placement Character Votes
108 Portrait boucheron fe17 cyl.png
Total results This character has 1 entry across all Choose Your Legends polls. 678

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Potentially from French bûcheron "lumberjack".



Officially romanized as Boucheron.
















Simplified Chinese



Traditional Chinese





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  2. "I was reading this book, and I just got so swept up in the story." — Boucheron to Framme, Fire Emblem Engage
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