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Creature Campaign

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Creating a Creature Campaign save file in The Sacred Stones.

The Creature Campaign (Japanese: 大陸の魔物退治 Continental Monster Eradication) is a post-game gameplay mode which is available in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The player can choose to continue Epilogue save files in Creature Campaign mode through the Extras menu.

In Creature Campaign, the player wanders the completed world map and fights in the Tower of Valni, Lagdou Ruins, and various monster Skirmishes, using all their units and items from the cleared save file. The player has access to all of the game's shops on the world map to replenish their supplies as they go. The mode has no ending at all and there is no clear goal, giving the player freedom to do whatever they want with the mode: among other activities, they can aim for time and kill records in the Tower and Ruins, or they can focus on grinding to maximize the levels of all of their units. Secret shops are available allowing the player army to infinitely collect items, allowing every unit to have their stats maxed if the player is interested in doing so.


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During Creature Campaign mode, three skirmishes will spawn on the world map at the beginning of the mode and every time the Tower of Valni or Lagdou Ruins are visited. Skirmishes can take place on every skirmish location from the main game.

Tower and Ruins records

Exclusive characters

There are also several bonus units to be recruited when playing the Creature Campaign, with most of them being major story characters and bosses. The Creature Campaign has no story content whatsoever.

Portrait Name Initial class First appears in Joining Conditions
Small portrait caellach fe08.png Caellach Hero Chapter 5 Tower of Valni: Clear 3rd floor
Small portrait orson fe08.png Orson Paladin Chapter 5x Tower of Valni: Clear 6th floor
Small portrait riev fe08.png Riev Bishop Chapter 5 Tower of Valni: Defeat at least 200 enemies in one run
Small portrait ismaire fe08.png Ismaire Swordmaster Chapter 14A Tower of Valni: Clear 8th floor
Small portrait selena fe08.png Selena Mage Knight Chapter 2 Tower of Valni: Clear 8th floor 3 times
Small portrait glen fe08.png Glen Wyvern Lord Chapter 5 Lagdou Ruins: Clear 5th floor
Small portrait hayden fe08.png Hayden Ranger Chapter 2 Lagdou Ruins: Defeat at least 200 enemies in one run
Small portrait valter fe08.png Valter Wyvern Knight Prologue Lagdou Ruins: Clear 7th floor
Small portrait fado fe08.png Fado General Prologue Lagdou Ruins: Clear 10th floor
Small portrait lyon 01 fe08.png Lyon Necromancer Chapter 8 Lagdou Ruins: Clear 10th floor, 3 times
There are 10 extra playable characters in Creature Campaign.


  • Hayden is the only character recruited in the Creature Campaign that is not deceased by The Sacred Stones's conclusion.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Creature Campaign
Japanese 大陸の魔物退治 Continental Monster Eradication
Spanish Monstruos Monsters
French Combat de créatures Battle of creatures
German Monster-Kampagne Monster Campaign
Italian Campagna mostri Monster campaign



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