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For the resource from Fates, see Jade (ore).

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FEE Jade portrait.png
Portrait render of Jade.

Prince Diamant's retainer. A warrior of few words who always keeps her wits about her.








December 7


170 cm (5′5″)



Starting class

Axe Armor

Voiced by



Jade (Japanese: ジェーデ Jade) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Engage.


Jade is a palace soldier of Brodia, and is a retainer of Diamant.[1] Growing up in a mining town, Jade earned the nickname "Iron Wall" from guarding the local mine. She would later win a tournament allowing her to become Diamant's retainer.

Fire Emblem Engage


Jade is a playable character.

Starting stats and growth rates

Playable - Main story

Small portrait jade fe17.png
Ma ns02 axe armor jade.png Axe Armor
Level 12
Movement 4
SP 800
Recruitment: Chapter 9, talk to with Diamant or Alear, or automatically at the end of the chapter if she survived.

Stats Growth Rates Cap Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Steel Axe
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes (Innate) B Bows --
Knives -- Tomes -- Staves -- Arts -- Special --

Playable - Fell Xenologue

Fell Xenologue 1 Fell Xenologue 2 Fell Xenologue 3 Fell Xenologue 4 Fell Xenologue 5 Fell Xenologue 6

Small portrait jade fe17.png
Ma ns02 axe armor jade.png Axe Armor
Level 15
Movement 4
Max HP 35 Defense 20
Strength 15 Resistance 7
Magic 5 Luck 6
Dexterity 15 Build 8
Speed 6−4
Inventory Skills
Steel Axe
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes B Bows --
Knives -- Tomes -- Staves -- Arts -- Special --


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Jade is the second Armor to join the game. Compared to a Louis scaled to her join level, she has slightly less HP, Strength, Defense and Build while having more Magic, Skill and Resistance. The stat differences are mostly negligible, and she will be able to wall enemies just as Louis does. Her superior Skill makes her much more reliable than Louis; as both can only get one attack off per round of combat, a missed attack is far more detrimental than it would be for a faster unit. Unfortunately, her higher Resistance is mostly useless as enemy magic users scale their damage output too fast for Jade to keep up with.

Jade's growth rates are also less extremely optimized compared to Louis, with lower Strength and Defense. However, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Enemies on Maddening do not attack if they have 0% hit or deal 0 damage unless they can apply some sort of debuff, and Louis' higher Defense causes him to scale too fast for his own good, resulting in lower-STR enemies like Griffin Knights and Swordmasters ignoring him completely. On the other hand, Jade's Defense scales just slowly enough that she takes single-digit damage from them, allowing her to be targeted and for her to get counterattacks off; the difference in durability is not a detriment as Jade's HP pool is still sufficient to survive Enemy Phase, as like other armored units, she can't one-shot Maddening enemies without a lot of support. On the flip side, however, promoting Jade too early can also cause problems as a jump of 2 DEF is enough to make certain enemies ignore her, such as Sword Fighters and Sword Fliers in Chapter 10. This does make her compete for early Master Seals less, which can benefit units who need early promotions more; the general statline of armored units (strong enough to 2HKO, not strong enough to 1HKO) and lack of a movement increase on promotion means she doesn't lose anything important from waiting to promote.

Jade also has a 25% personal Magic growth. While it may look like a waste in the short term, after Chapter 14 it shows its true value. Marni drops her Hurricane Axe in that chapter; with it, Jade's base 4 Magic scales enough to OHKO every non-boss enemy flier with very little investment. More importantly, her DEF scales just slowly enough that Griffin Knights, even those with lower-MT swords, are able to scratch and target her, allowing Jade to massacre entire groups of them on enemy phase. 4 level ups gives her the 5 Magic needed to OHKO Griffin Knights in Chapter 16. As Jade doesn't care about speed or avoid, she can handle the Ike engraving well; its +3 might boost becomes +9 with effective damage, giving the Hurricane Axe 69 MT against fliers; this upgrade lets her slaughter fliers in Chapter 18 and Roy's Paralogue. By the time Chapter 21 rolls around, Jade can get away with a single forge onto the Hurricane Axe to keep OHKO-ing the fliers, whereas lower-MAG units would have required far more investment. A +3 forge (for a total investment of 150 Iron Ingots, 8 Steel Ingots and 4,000 gold) lets her continue OHKO-ing fliers in Chapter 23, while further chapters require no more than 6 additional points of damage, by which point means of providing that damage increase are widely available.


Jade is calm and collected and loyal to her duties, and is often considered coldhearted by others, but she is unexpectedly cheerful and enjoys interesting things.[1]


Main article: Jade/Supports


Iron Wall Jade
Jade celebrated Diamant's rise to the Brodian throne with pride, and further dedicated herself to Brodia as a knight of the king.
She always found time to write, despite her busy schedule, and managed to compete over 100 humor novels in her lifetime, all celebrated as masterpieces.

Divine Dragon Alear & Iron Wall Jade
Alear became the new Divine Dragon Monarch. His/Her bonds with the rulers of each nation resulted in lasting peace.
Jade protected the castle, trained royal knights, and wrote many stories about the Divine Dragon Monarch. Her novels kept finding new fans, even a century later.


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Battle quotes

So much for meditation. Now... Think you can get through my defenses?
— Jade as an NPC in Chapter 9.
The final page of our story will end with sunlight...and a victorious Divine Dragon.
— Jade in The Last Engage.

Critical quotes

Nothing short of victory!
— Jade
Your story ends here.
— Jade
My turn.
— Jade
The final blow.
— Jade

Defeat quotes

A fallen knight who couldn't protect anyone. I suppose it's funny... Like a tragic comedy...
— Jade

Flavor text

Game Text
Prince Diamant's retainer. A warrior
of few words who always keeps her
wits about her.

Choose Your Legends placement history

Round Placement Character Votes
140 Portrait jade fe17 cyl.png
Total results This character has 1 entry across all Choose Your Legends polls. 532

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


From the gemstone.



Officially romanized as Jade.
















Simplified Chinese



Traditional Chinese





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