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This article is about the currency. For the class from Gaiden and character from Shadows of Valentia with the same name in Japanese, see Aurum.

Gold (Japanese: ゴールド gold), abbreviated as G, is the currency used in all but two games, Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, in the Fire Emblem series. It is accumulated and used by the player to fund their army, and its primary use in every game is to purchase items and weapons from shops. It occasionally has other uses, such as to pay certain units to join the player's army.

Gaiden is the only game where gold is wholly absent; its remake, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, uses the similar Silver Marks and Gold Marks as currency.


The majority of installments in the series handle gold through giving the player's army a communal supply thereof. Under the player's direction, any unit can use the army's gold to purchase items from shops located, depending on the individual game, on the chapter maps, the world map, the preparations screen or at the base.

Most of the time, the player will start the game with a set amount of gold. Further gold is obtained through selling items, finding it in treasure chests, winning arena battles, receiving it from villages or in cutscene events. The majority of games have a small number of special and rare items which serve no use beyond being sold to shops in exchange for high amounts of gold, such as the Red Gem or Bullion.

In Genealogy of the Holy War

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War features a significantly different system of handling gold than the rest of the series. In this game, instead of the communal gold supply, every unit has their own personal supply of gold. Units can use gold to buy or repair weapons from the shops located in castles, or can use it to be healed at the churches on the map for a sum of 5G per hit point restored. Additionally, in Chapter 2, Beowolf can be recruited by any unit by paying him a sum of 10,000G, which he keeps upon joining the army. The maximum amount of gold any one unit can carry at a time is 50,000G.

The primary means of receiving gold is through villages: every village in the game will give visiting units a sum of gold, sometimes in addition to an item. An undamaged village rewards the unit with 5,000G, and the amount decreases by 500G per turn of damage sustained by the village from Brigands until the village is destroyed. As with in other games, units can also receive gold by selling items or winning rounds of combat at arenas. Additionally, Thieves, Thief Fighters, units wielding the Thief's Sword, or units equipped with the Thief's Band are equipped with the Steal skill, which automatically steals all of an enemy unit's gold upon damaging the enemy and adds it to the unit's own stockpile. Lastly, at the start of each chapter, all player units will receive 1,000G for each player or partner castle—excluding the home castle and the final castle seized—at the end of the previous chapter; no gold is earned for castles between Chapters 5 and 6.

There are only two ways of directly transferring gold between units: a Thief or Thief Fighter (Dew, Patty, Daisy) can give all of their gold to another unit, and any pair of lover characters can give each other all of their gold. In either case, the giving unit always gives up all of their gold to the receiver, unless this would result in the receiver having an amount of gold above the 50,000G cap; in this case, the giving unit will only give the receiver enough gold to reach the 50,000G cap and will keep the remainder.

All classes are assigned a base amount of gold which they possess by default. While this is not particularly relevant to playable units, since they have their own individual starting gold supply, this results in almost all enemy units having a supply of gold which can be stolen through the Steal skill.

Gold supply of generic units
Amount Classes
0G CivilianDark Prince
1,000G CavalierLance KnightArch KnightAxe KnightFree KnightTroubadourPegasus RiderDragon RiderBow FighterMyrmidonBarbarianHunterDancerPriestMageFire MageThunder MageWind MageBallistaIron BallistaKiller BallistaSoldierSpear SoldierAxe SoldierArcherSword Soldier
2,000G KnightArmored SwordArmored AxeBow ArmorFighterBardLight Priestess
3,000G Knight LordDuke KnightMaster KnightPaladinBow KnightRangerMage KnightGreat KnightPegasus KnightWyvern RiderSwordmasterForrestWarriorSniperGeneralMage FighterHigh PriestBishopDark Mage
5,000G FalcoknightWyvern LordBaronBrigandPiratePrincessPrinceSageDark BishopThief
6,000G EmperorJunior LordQueenThief Fighter


Listed below are all the locations where gold can be obtained by itself as an item. For other sources of gold, see the "Selling items" section further down to see which are available in each game, and where they can be found, so that one may better plan out how much gold can be obtained in a playthrough of each game.

Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light

Initial 2,000
Event Chapter 3: 15,000, closing cutscene
Treasure Chapter 1: 10,000, villageChapter 2: 5,000, villageChapter 4: 5,000, villageChapter 6: 10,000, chestChapter 9: 15,000, chestChapter 12: 20,000, chestChapter 14: 10,000, chestChapter 17: 15,000, chestChapter 19: 30,000, chestChapter 23: 10,000, chest

Mystery of the Emblem

Event Book 1: Chapter 3: 10,000, closing cutscene
Treasure Book 1: Chapter 1: 5,000, villageChapter 2: 3,000, villageChapter 5: 5,000, chestChapter 10: 10,000, chestChapter 11: 5,000, chestChapter 14: 7,500, chestChapter 15: 10,000, chestChapter 18: 10,000, chest
Book 2: Chapter 10: 10,000, chestChapter 13: 10,000, chestChapter 16: 10,000, chestChapter 20: 10,000, chest
Dropped by Book 1: Chapter 4: 1,000, enemy ThiefChapter 5: 1,000, enemy ThiefChapter 15: 1,000, enemy ThiefChapter 19: 500, enemy Thief
Book 2: Chapter 2: 500, enemy ThiefChapter 3: 1,000, enemy ThiefChapter 4: 1,000, enemy ThiefChapter 5: 1,000, enemy ThiefChapter 7: 500, enemy Thief (×2); 5,000, enemy ThiefChapter 9: 1,000, enemy ThiefChapter 14: 1,000, enemy ThiefChapter 15: 1,500, enemy Thief; 200, enemy Thief (reinforcement, ×10) • Chapter 16: 500, enemy ThiefChapter 19: 1,000, enemy Thief

Genealogy of the Holy War

Main article: Village locations and rewards in Genealogy of the Holy War

Thracia 776

The player starts with zero gold, and there are no events which provide any. The only way to obtain gold is to sell items to shops or win battles at the arena. Capturing enemies will allow players to steal all their items, which can then be sold, in turn making capturing the main source of gold.

The Binding Blade

Initial 3,500
Treasure Chapter 1: 5,000, villageChapter 3: 3,000, chestChapter 6: 5,000, chest; 3,000, chest; 2,000, chestChapter 11A: 5,000, villageChapter 16: 5,000, chest

The Blazing Blade

Initial 10,000 (Eliwood's tale only)
Event Chapter 29xE/31xH: 30,000, from the start
Treasure Chapter 3: 2,000, villageChapter 13x: 5,000, villageChapter 21E/22H: 10,000, chest

The Sacred Stones

This list may be incomplete.
Event Chapter 1: 5,000, closing cutscene • A New Journey: 10,000, cutscene prior to route split • Chapter 13A: 5,000, closing cutscene • Chapter 19: 10,000, closing cutscene
Dropped by Tower of Valni, Floor 1: 10, enemy Revenant • 100, enemy Entombed
Dropped by (Skirmish)* Revenant*Entombed* • Melee Bonewalker* • Bow Bonewalker* • Melee Wight* • Bow Wight*Tarvos*Mogall*Arch Mogall*Gorgon*Gargoyle*
Treasure Chapter 9B: 2,500, chestChapter 14A: 10,000, chestChapter 14B: 10,000, chestChapter 16: 5,000, chestChapter 19: 5,000, chest

Path of Radiance

This list may be incomplete.
Initial 5,000 (Easy/Normal only)
Event Chapter 4: 2,500, automatically at the end of the chapter • Chapter 10: 20,000, automatically from the start • Chapter 15: 10,000, automatically at preparations • Chapter 19: 70,000, automatically at end of chapter
  • Note: Volke will deduct 50 gold every time he opens a lock or steals.

Radiant Dawn

Initial Dawn Brigade: 5,000
Crimean Army: 20,000
Greil Mercenaries: 5,000
Event Part 1: Chapter 5: 10,000, view base conversation "Sothe" • Chapter 6-1: 1,000, view base conversation "Outside the Village" • Chapter 9: 10,000, view base conversation "Pelleas"
Part 3: Chapter 9: 10,000, view base conversation "Lucia" • Chapter 11: 20,000, view base conversation "Sigrun" • Chapter 12: 10,000, view base conversation "Sothe"
Part 4: Endgame (1): 20,000, view base conversation "Fireman"
Treasure Part 1: Chapter 4: 3,000, chest
  • Note: Volke will deduct 50 gold every time he opens a lock or steals.

Shadow Dragon

Note: Many gold locations in Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light have been replaced with bullions of equivalent value.
Event Chapter 3: 15,000, closing cutscene
Treasure Chapter 1: 10,000, villageChapter 2: 5,000, villageChapter 4: 5,000, village

New Mystery of the Emblem

Note: Most gold locations in Mystery of the Emblem have been replaced with bullions.
Initial 10,000
Treasure New Archanea Saga Episode 3: 200, chest (×11)


Initial 5,000
Dropped by The Golden Gaffe: 1,000, level 1 base class enemies • 3,000, level 10 base class enemies • 5,000, level 5 advanced class enemies • 7,000, level 20 advanced class

Most of the gold in Awakening is obtained by selling bullions.


Initial Birthright: 5,000
Conquest: 3,000
Revelation: 5,000
Event Conquest: Chapter 8: 1,000/5,000/10,000, automatically at end of chapter if one/two/at least three villages were visited • Chapter 16: 10,000 - (500 × Turn count), automatically at end of chapter
Revelation: Chapter 24: 10,000, stealth reward
Conquest and Revelation: Paralogue 19: 500 for every enemy convinced to stand down using a Dragon Vein
Treasure Birthright: Chapter 9: 5,000, chestChapter 16: 10,000, chestChapter 17: 10,000, village
Conquest: Chapter 10: 10,000, villageChapter 12: 5,000, chestChapter 13: 5,000, villageChapter 14: 10,000, chestChapter 17: 5,000, chestChapter 20: 10,000, chestChapter 23: 10,000, chestChapter 25: 10,000, chestChapter 26: 20,000, chest
Revelation: Chapter 7: 5,000, chestChapter 9: 10,000, chestChapter 23: 10,000, chest
Conquest and Revelation: Paralogue 16: 5,000, chestParalogue 22: 3,000, chest
Dropped by Birthright: Chapter 7: 5,000, enemy Knight • 5,000, enemy Cavalier • 1,000, enemy Outlaw (reinforcement) • Chapter 9: 1,000, enemy Outlaw (×2) (Hard/Lunatic only)Chapter 12: 3,000, enemy OutlawChapter 13: 3,000, enemy Outlaw (×3) • Chapter 15: 3,000, enemy WolfssegnerChapter 16: 3,000, enemy Outlaw (×2) • 3,000, enemy Outlaw (reinforcement, ×2) • Chapter 17: 5,000, enemy Sorcerer (reinforcement) • Chapter 20: 5,000, enemy FacelessChapter 22: 5,000, enemy Adventurer • 3,000, enemy OutlawChapter 23: 10,000, enemy StrategistChapter 24: 10,000, enemy SorcererChapter 25: 10,000, enemy Strategist
Conquest: Chapter 9: 3,000, enemy Spear FighterChapter 18: 10,000, enemy ZolaChapter 19: 5,000, enemy Nine-TailsChapter 22: 5,000, enemy Yukimura
Revelation: Chapter 10: 5,000, enemy Cavalier (hidden in the ice) • Chapter 19: 10,000, enemy General • 5,000, enemy Sorcerer • 5,000, enemy Paladin
All campaigns: Ghostly Gold: 1,000, various enemies • 2,000, various enemies • 3,000, various enemies • 5,000, various enemies

Three Houses

Events Part I: Chapter 1: 1,000, after choosing a house to lead • Chapter 2 first map: 2,800, at the end of the battle • Upon clearing auxiliary battles (amount varies)
Part II: Chapter 14Silver Snow: 5,000, at the start of the chapter
Monthly Allowance
(Part I only)
1,000 (Professor Level E) • 2,000 (Professor Level E+) • 3,000 (Professor Level D) • 4,000 (Professor Level D+) • 5,000 (Professor Level C and up)
Group tasks Good: 500 • Perfect: 1,000
Quests Part I: Chapter 1: 500, "Informal Introductions" • Chapter 3: 500, "Learning from the Best" • Chapter 5: 500, "A Visit to Jeralt" • 500, "Forge the Way" • Chapter 9: 500, "The White Heron Cup"
Part II: Chapter 13Crimson Flower, 2,000, "Supply Run" • Chapter 14 (in all four routes): 2,000, "Supply Run" • Chapter 15Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant Wind: 2,000, "Supply Run" • Chapter 16Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant Wind: 3,000, "Supply Run" • Chapter 17Silver Snow: 3,000, "Supply Run" • Chapter 18Silver Snow/Chapter 19Verdant Wind: 3,000, "Supply Run" • Chapter 18Azure Moon: 3,000, "Supply Run" • Chapter 20Silver Snow/Chapter 21Verdant Wind: 3,000, "Supply Run" • Chapter 21Silver Snow: 3,000, "Supply Run"
Tournaments Varies; increases based on how many rounds have been won
Initial (Cindered Shadows) 3,000


This list may be incomplete.
Events Chapter 4: 10,000, automatically at the end of the chapter • Chapter 5: 3,000, automatically upon entering the Somniel • 10,000, automatically at the end of the chapter • Chapter 8: 30,000, automatically at the end of the chapter • Chapter 14: 40,000, automatically at the end of the chapter • Chapter 20: 50,000, automatically at the end of the chapter • Chapter 26: 100,000 (Normal)/120,000 (Hard)/150,000 (Maddening), automatically upon returning to the Somniel after clearing the game
Dropped by Budding Talent: 1,000, enemy Mage • 1,000, enemy Lance FlierMysterious Merchant: 1,000, enemy Sword Fighter • 1,000, enemy ArcherThe Exalt: 1,000, enemy Berserker (×2) • 1,000, enemy Sage • 1,000, enemy Axe Fighter (Normal/Hard)/Berserker (Maddening)The Lady of the Plains: 2,000, enemy Lyn • 500, enemy Bow Knight (×3) • 500, enemy Sage (×3) • The Radiant Hero: 1,000, enemy General • 1,000, enemy Berserker • 1,000, enemy Sage • 1,000, enemy SwordmasterThe Instructor: 1,000, enemy Sage • 1,000, enemy Halberdier • 1,000, enemy Wyvern Knight • 1,000, enemy GeneralThe Crux of Fate: 500, enemy Paladin • 500, enemy Wyvern Knight • 500, enemy Mage Knight • 500, enemy Royal Knight • 500, enemy Swordmaster • 500, enemy Griffin Knight • 500, enemy Sniper • 500, enemy High PriestThe Azure Twin: 1,000, enemy Wolf Knight • 1,000, enemy General • 1,000, enemy Hero (×2) • The Holy Knight: 1,000, enemy Sage (×2) • 2,000, enemy SageThe Sage Lord: 1,000, enemy General • 1,000, enemy High Priest • 1,000, enemy Sniper (×2) • The Dawn Maiden: 1,000, enemy Thief • 1,000, enemy Hero (reinforcement) • 1,000, enemy Wyvern Knight (reinforcement) • 1,000, enemy Swordmaster (reinforcement) • The Young Lion: 1,000, enemy Sage • 1,000, enemy Sniper • 1,000, enemy Wyvern Knight • 1,000, enemy Wyvern Knight (reinforcement) • The Caring Princess: 1,000, enemy High Priest (×3) • 1,000, enemy Phantom WyrmThe Hero-King: 1,000, enemy General • 1,000, enemy Warrior • 1,000 (Normal)/2,000 (Hard/Maddening), enemy HeroThe Connector: 1,000, enemy Mage Knight • 1,000, enemy Wolf Knight (reinforcement) • 1,000, enemy Bow Knight (reinforcement) • 1,000, enemy Warrior (reinforcement)
Treasure Chapter 4: 2,000, village

Warriors: Three Hopes

This list may be incomplete.
Event Bandits on the Road: 1,800, clear the map • Eliminate the Bandits: 1,800, clear the map

Selling items

Selling items
Item Sells for Games
Is snes01 silver axe.png Silver Axe 5,000 Mystery of the Emblem
Is gba red gem.png Red Gem 3,000 The Binding Blade
Is gba red gem.png Red Gem 2,500 The Blazing Blade, The Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Is gba blue gem.png Blue Gem 5,000 The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade, The Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Is gba white gem.png White Gem 10,000 The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade, The Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Is gba black gem.png Black Gem 15,000 The Sacred Stones
Is gba gold gem.png Gold Gem 20,000 The Sacred Stones
Is wii coin.png Coin 1 Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Is ds bullion.png Bullion (S) 10,000 Shadow Dragon
Is ds bullion.png Bullion (M) 15,000 Shadow Dragon
Is ds bullion.png Bullion (L) 20,000 Shadow Dragon
Is ds bullion.png Bullion (XL) 30,000 Shadow Dragon
Is ds bullion.png Bullion 5,000 New Mystery of the Emblem
Is ds bullion.png Bullion (L) 10,000 New Mystery of the Emblem
Is 3ds01 bullion small.png Bullion (S) 1,000 Awakening
Is 3ds01 bullion medium.png Bullion (M) 5,000 Awakening
Is 3ds01 bullion large.png Bullion (L) 10,000 Awakening
Is 3ds01 supreme emblem.png Supreme Emblem 99,999 Awakening
Is 3ds02 gold bar.png Gold Bar 300 Fates
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion 1,000 Three Houses
Is ns01 bullion.png Large Bullion 5,000 Three Houses
Is ns01 bullion.png Extra Large Bullion 10,000 Three Houses
Is ns01 fish.png Silverfish 200 Three Houses
Is ns01 fish.png Golden Fish 500 Three Houses
Is ns01 fish.png Platinum Fish 1,000 Three Houses

Flavor text

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Game Text
The currency of Elyos.

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  • Gold
  • Geld


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