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"Nil" redirects here. Not to be confused with Nils, a character from The Blazing Blade.

FEE Nil.png
Artwork of Rafal.

A man with Fell Dragon blood. He accepted the invitation to fight alongside the Divine Dragon.




Fell Dragon




December 31

  • Nel (adoptive sister)
  • Unnamed twin (deceased)

Elyos (parallel universe)

Starting class

Fell Child

Voiced by



Rafal (Japanese: ラファール Rafale), also known as Nil (Japanese: イル Il), is a character in Fire Emblem Engage, made available via downloadable content. He is a scion of the Fell Dragon from a parallel universe version of Elyos.


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Rafal was one of the many children Sombron fathered in an parallel Elyos. During the Fell Dragon War, he was friends with Nil—Nel's twin—and, upon the former's request in his dying breath, Rafal assumed his friend's identity and became Nel's adoptive brother. Sometime after, he and Nel defected from their father's side, met Alear, and sided with them in the ensuing conflict.

At the start of the Fell Xenologue, Rafal (under Nil's identity) and Nel summon Alear into their world and ask for their help, as all 3 venture into a quest where they recover the seven Emblem Bracelets to save their version of Elyos.

Fire Emblem Engage


Rafal is a playable unit during the Fell Xenologue under the identity of Nil up until Chapter 4, and acts as the boss of Chapter 5 and 6. He is also automatically recruited in the main story upon its completion under his true identity.



Main story FX1: Dragons from Afar FX2: Seeds of Unrest FX3: Path to War FX4: Clash of Queens

Small portrait rafal fe17.png
Ma ns02 fell child rafal dragonstone.png Fell Child
Level 20
Movement 5
SP 2000
Recruitment: Fell Xenologue Chapter 6, automatically at the end of the chapter.

Stats Growth Rates Cap Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Fell Stone
Fell Slaystone
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes (Innate) A Bows --
Knives -- Tomes -- Staves -- Arts -- Special S

Enemy - Xenologue Chapter 5

See also: The Fell Heir

Normal Hard Maddening

Ma ns02 fell child rafal axe.png Fell Child
Level 28
Movement 5
Emblem Chrom
Max HP 60
Revival StoneRevival Stone
Defense 25
Strength 15 Resistance 32+10
Magic 11 Luck 10
Dexterity 19 Build 8
Speed 24
Inventory Skills
Revanche Rivalry
Warding Stance
Surprise Attack
Brute Force
Other Half
Giga Levin Sword
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes A Bows --
Knives -- Tomes -- Staves -- Arts -- Special --

Enemy - Xenologue Chapter 6

See also: Seven Bracelets

Normal Hard Maddening

Great Fell Dragon
Level 35
Movement 0
Max HP 80
Revival Stone
Defense 14
Strength 20 Resistance 18
Magic 25 Luck 22
Dexterity 29 Build 19
Speed 13
Inventory Skills
Fell Assault
Drain Essence
Summon Vortex
Fell Beam
Bond Breaker+
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes -- Bows --
Knives -- Tomes -- Staves -- Arts -- Special S
If any unit is caught in Rafal's Drain Essence attack, he will earn one Revival Stone per use. Similarly, Rafal can gain one skill of any ally Royal killed by it.


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Atoning Dragon Rafal
Rafal spent his days traveling the world, returning to Lythos Castle only once every hundred years to deliver a bounty of candy.
Many centuries later, the bones of an unknown Fell Dragon were discovered. It is said that Rafal had sacrificed his life to save the world without anyone realizing.

Divine Dragon Alear & Atoning Dragon Rafal
Alear became the new Divine Dragon Monarch. His/Her bonds with the rulers of each nation resulted in lasting peace.
Rafal gave his support to the new monarch from the shadows and never revealed himself. But any time disaster struck, an unknown dragon appeared to save the day.


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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes




Officially romanized as Rafale.



  1. "It is such a joy to announce that I voice Nil in #FireEmblem Engage’s Fell Xenologue! My eternal thanks to @Cupofteaprod and @NintendoAmerica. This is the most beautiful world I have ever played in, and it means so much to share it with such an incredible cast and team." — YungiChang, Y. Chang - 張永宜 (@YungiChang|Twitter,, Published: April 5, 2023, Retrieved: April 8, 2023
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