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Class roll

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Class roll (also called Unit Profile in some games) is a sequence of classes that is displayed when the game is left idle on the title screen. Games that have a class roll include Mystery of the Emblem, The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade, The Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn, Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, Awakening, Fates, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and Engage.

Class rolls generally increase in size or variety as more of the game is played.

Class rolls

The Binding Blade

The following classes are shown in an instance of The Binding Blade in which Normal Mode has been completed and Hard Mode has not been.

The Binding Blade initial class roll
Class Character Weapon
Lord Roy Sword
Cavalier Trec Lance
Paladin Marcus Lance
Archer Wolt Bow
Knight Barthe Lance

The Blazing Blade

In The Blazing Blade, the class roll initially features six classes, and expands to include more classes (in steps of six) at certain milestones related to game progress, with newer class sets displayed before older ones. Milestones related to chapter progress are tracked by the save file, so deleting one will remove the unlocked class sets; however, milestones related to playthrough count are saved separately, and will not be removed when save files are deleted. Additionally, class sets are included based on the most recent milestone, not meeting the milestone itself—i.e. starting a second playthrough in Eliwood's or Hector's tales will unlock the class sets from a second playthrough of Lyn's tale.

The class roll plays in the following order:

Class roll in The Blazing Blade
Class Character Weapon Condition
Nomadic Trooper Uhai Sword Complete two playthroughs
Swordmaster Lloyd Sword
Hero Linus Sword
Valkyrie Ursula Staff
Bishop Kenneth Lightning
Warrior Brendan Bow
Great Lord Hector Axe Reach Chapter 20E/21H (second playthrough)
Knight Oswin Lance
General Wallace Axe
Swordmaster Karla Sword
Paladin Isadora Sword
Cavalier Lowen Lance
Knight Lord Eliwood Sword Reach Chapter 15E/16H (second playthrough)
Thief Legault Sword
Mercenary Raven Sword
Shaman Canas Flux
Pegasus Knight Farina Lance
Transporter (Wagon) Merlinus None
Blade Lord Lyn Sword Reach Chapter 10 (second playthrough)
Cavalier Sain[Note 1] Sword
Pegasus Knight Fiora Lance
Archer Player female Bow
Fighter Bartre Hand Axe
Mage Nino Fire
Corsair Enemy Axe Reach Chapter 5 (second playthrough)
Druid Enemy Staff
Valkyrie Enemy Thunder
Nomadic Trooper Enemy Bow
Magic Seal Kishuna None
Dark Druid Nergal[Note 2] Flux
Lord Hector Axe Complete one playthrough
Warrior Geitz Bow
Bishop Renault Lightning
Wyvern Lord Vaida Lance
Archsage Athos Thunder
Falcoknight Enemy Sword
Berserker Hawkeye Axe Reach Chapter 20 (first playthrough)
Sage Pent Fire
Sniper Louise Bow
Hero Harken Sword
Swordmaster Karel Sword
Assassin Jaffar Sword
Lord Eliwood Sword Reach Chapter 15 (first playthrough)
Myrmidon Guy Sword
Troubadour Priscilla Staff
Pirate Dart Axe
Dancer Ninian None
Wyvern Rider Heath Lance
Brigand Enemy Axe Reach Chapter 10 (first playthrough)
Mercenary Enemy Sword
Soldier Enemy Lance
Shaman Enemy Flux
Paladin Enemy Axe
General Enemy Lance
Mage Erk Fire Reach Chapter 5 (first playthrough)
Thief Matthew Sword
Nomad Rath Bow
Bard Nils None
Monk Lucius Lightning
Knight Wallace Lance
Lord Lyn Sword Available initially
Cavalier Kent Lance
Pegasus Knight Florina Lance
Archer Wil Bow
Fighter Dorcas Axe
Cleric Serra Staff

The Sacred Stones

As in The Blazing Blade, the class roll in The Sacred Stones starts with a small set of classes and adds more at certain milestones related to game progress. Again, as newer classes are added to the roll, they are displayed before older ones. Milestones related to chapter progress are tracked by the save file, so deleting one will remove the unlocked class sets; however, milestones related to playthrough count are saved separately, and will not be removed when save files are deleted.

Class roll in The Sacred Stones
Class Character Weapon Condition
Great Lord Eirika Sword
Necromancer Lyon Thunder[Note 3]
Recruit Amelia Lance
Summoner Enemy Dark
Manakete Myrrh None
Great Lord Ephraim Lance
Elder Bael Enemy None
Tarvos Enemy Axe
Deathgoyle Enemy Lance
Gwyllgi Enemy None
Gorgon Enemy Stone
Arch Mogall Enemy Evil Eye
Wyvern Knight Valter Lance
Bishop Riev Lightning
Wyvern Lord Glen Lance
Hero Caellach Axe
Falcoknight Syrene Sword
Valkyrie Natasha Lightning
Ranger Enemy Bow
Assassin Enemy Sword
Mage Knight Player male Thunder
General Enemy Lance
Swordmaster Player male Sword
Druid Enemy Flux
Maelduin Enemy Axe
Cyclops Enemy Axe
Mauthe Doog Enemy None
Wight Enemy Sword
Entombed Enemy None
Sniper Innes Bow
Mercenary Gerik Sword
Dancer Tethys None
Pupil Ewan Fire
Soldier Enemy Lance
Great Knight Duessel Axe
Troubadour L'arachel Staff
Berserker Dozla Axe
Rogue Rennac Sword
Sage Saleh Fire
Warrior Enemy Axe
Wyvern Rider Cormag Lance
Myrmidon Joshua Sword
Cleric Natasha Staff
Lord Ephraim Lance
Pirate Enemy Axe
Brigand Enemy Axe
Shaman Enemy Flux
Journeyman Ross Axe
Fighter Garcia Axe
Thief Colm Sword
Archer Neimi Bow
Mage Lute Fire
Monk Artur Lightning
Lord Eirika Sword
Paladin Seth Lance
Knight Gilliam Lance
Cavalier Player male Sword
Pegasus Knight Vanessa Lance
Priest Moulder Staff
Revenant Enemy None
Bonewalker Enemy Sword
Mogall Enemy Evil Eye
Bael Enemy None
Gargoyle Enemy Lance

Radiant Dawn

In Radiant Dawn, the Class Roll is called Unit Profile. Unlike the GBA games, Radiant Dawn does not show all classes in a single roll. Instead, there are several rolls that play in order, based on how many playthroughs have been completed. When one roll is completed, the game reverts to the opening crawl and the title screen, after which the next roll plays.

Initial Unit Profile in Radiant Dawn
Class Character Weapon
Myrmison Enemy Iron Sword
Soldier Enemy Iron Lance
Fighter Enemy Iron Axe
Archer Enemy Iron Bow
Thief Enemy Iron Dagger
Bandit Enemy Iron Axe
Fire Mage Enemy Fire
Priest Enemy Heal
Armored Lance Enemy Iron Lance
Axe Knight Enemy Iron Axe
Second Unit Profile after one playthrough or more in Radiant Dawn
Class Character Weapon
Light Mage Micaiah Light
Pegasus Knight Enemy Iron Lance
Dracoknight Enemy Iron Axe
Lion Skrymir None
Tiger Enemy None
Cat Enemy None
Wolf Volug None
Hawk Enemy None
Raven Enemy None
Heron Prince Rafiel None
Third Unit Profile after two or more playthroughs in Radiant Dawn
Class Character Weapon
Hero Ike Ettard
Swordmaster Enemy Steel Sword
Halberdier Enemy Steel Lance
Warrior Enemy Steel Axe
Sniper Enemy Steel Bow
Axe General Enemy Steel Axe
Rogue Enemy Steel Dagger
Thunder Sage Enemy Thunder
Druid Enemy Worm
Fourth Unit Profile after three or more playthroughs in Radiant Dawn
Class Character Weapon
Bishop Enemy Heal
Light Sage Micaiah Light
Cleric Mist Heal
Bow Paladin Enemy Steel Bow
Falcoknight Enemy Steel Lance
Dragonmaster Enemy Steel Axe
Red Dragon Enemy None
White Dragon Enemy None
Heron Princess Leanne None
Fifth Unit Profile after four or more playthroughs in Radiant Dawn
Class Character Weapon
Swordmaster Stefan Vague Katti
Lancer[Note 4] Enemy Silver Lance
Reaver Boyd Silver Axe
Marksman Shinon Silver Bow
Marshall Tauroneo Silver Lance
Marshall Zelgius Silver Sword
Whisper Sothe Silver Dagger
Arch Sage Bastian Wind
Sage[Note 5] Oliver Light
Valkyrie Mist Silver Sword
Sixth Unit Profile after five or more playthroughs in Radiant Dawn
Class Character Weapon
Golden Knight Renning Silver Sword
Silver Knight Geoffrey Silver Lance
Seraph Knight Marcia Silver Lance
Dragonlord Haar Silver Axe
Lion King Caineghis None
Wolf Queen Nailah None
Hawk King Tibarn None
Raven King Naesala None
Heron Prince Reyson None
Dragon Prince Kurthnaga None

Shadow Dragon

The class roll in Shadow Dragon randomly displays one of the following sequences of characters before reverting to a variant of the title screen with no music, followed by another iteration of the opening crawl and the title screen with music. If the title screen remains idle, another random class roll will occur (which may or may not be the same as the previous one).

Classes that are neither male- nor female-exclusive may appear as either gender, but all such classes within the same class roll will appear as the same gender. For example, when Class Roll B displays a female Archer, it will also display a female Sniper, Bishop, and Manakete.

Unlike previous games, Shadow Dragon does not give playable characters unique combat sprites, and so they cannot be identified as specific characters in the class roll either.

Class roll A in Shadow Dragon
Class Weapon
Fighter Axe
Warrior Axe
Pirate Axe
Berserker Axe
Mage Tome
Sage Tome
Dark Mage Tome
Sorcerer Tome
Curate Staff
Cleric Staff
Lord Sword
Class roll B in Shadow Dragon
Class Weapon
Archer Bow
Sniper Bow
Hunter Bow
Horseman Sword
Bishop Tome
Thief Sword
Manakete None
Ballistician Ballista
Freelancer None
Lord Sword
Class roll C in Shadow Dragon
Class Weapon
Cavalier Sword
Paladin Sword
Pegasus Knight Lance
Dracoknight Lance
Knight Lance
General Lance
Mercenary Sword
Hero Sword
Myrmidon Sword
Swordmaster Sword
Lord Sword


  1. This uses Sain's Paladin palette rather than his Cavalier one.
  2. This is Nergal's unique combat sprite, unlike the generic enemy Dark Druid combat sprite shown in-game when Nergal is fought.
  3. Even though a Necromancer cannot use Anima magic in normal gameplay.
  4. A mistranslation of "Sentinel".
  5. A mistranslation of "Saint".