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Smash (mechanic)

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Smash (Japanese: スマッシュ Smash) is a mechanic introduced in Fire Emblem Engage. It is an effect that knocks an opponent backwards after combat. Most weapons that smash opponents are also defined by their high weight and might.


The smash effect occurs when a unit initiates combat with a smash-enabled weapon, such as an Iron Blade. If the unit successfully lands a hit that deals at least 1 damage during that round of combat, then the opponent will be smashed after combat, knocking them back one space away. If the space the unit would be knocked into is terrain that is impassable by that unit normally, such as a wall, then the smashed unit will be inflicted with break. If the space is instead occupied by another unit, then both the smashed unit and the unit that was smashed into will be inflicted with break.

All currently existing smash weapons possess similar characteristics apart from inflicting smash. These characteristics are not part of the smash effect itself, but are nonetheless shared between them all. In particular, all smash weapons have higher weight than their standard counterparts, around double the might of their standard counterparts, are completely incapable of performing follow-up attacks, and force the user to attack last whenever they initiate combat.

The smash effect cannot be applied to units that are larger than one space, such as Corrupted Wyrms.

Smash weapons in the Fire Emblem series

Smash weapons
Weapon Games
Is ns02 iron blade.png Iron Blade Engage
Is ns02 steel blade.png Steel Blade Engage
Is ns02 silver blade.png Silver Blade Engage
Is ns02 georgios.png Georgios Engage
Is ns02 iron greatlance.png Iron Greatlance Engage
Is ns02 steel greatlance.png Steel Greatlance Engage
Is ns02 silver greatlance.png Silver Greatlance Engage
Is ns02 venomous.png Venomous Engage
Is ns02 iron greataxe.png Iron Greataxe Engage
Is ns02 steel greataxe.png Steel Greataxe Engage
Is ns02 silver greataxe.png Silver Greataxe Engage
Is ns02 hurricane axe.png Hurricane Axe Engage
Is ns02 ukonvasara.png Ukonvasara Engage
Is ns02 hammer ike.pngIs ns02 hammer ike solo.png Hammer (Ike variant) Engage
Is ns02 aymr byleth.pngIs ns02 aymr edelgard.pngIs ns02 aymr edelgard solo.png Aymr Engage
Is ns02 carnwenhan.png Carnwenhan Engage
Is ns02 divinestone.png Tail Smash Engage

Skills affecting smashes

Skills affecting smashes
Skill Effect Games
Is ns02 anchor.png Anchor Unit cannot be moved by smash attacks or other external sources. Engage
Is ns02 smash+.png Smash+ Smash attacks push enemies two spaces away instead of one. Engage
Is ns02 strong arm.png Strong Arm +20 hit rate when using a smash weapon. Engage

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes







Golpe rotundo

Resounding blow



Pushing back










Simplified Chinese



Traditional Chinese




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