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Follow-up critical multiplier

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Follow-up critical multiplier or FCM (also known as pursuit critical coefficient, or PCC) is a hidden stat exclusive to Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. This hidden value, innate to all units in the game, multiplies a unit's critical hit rate by this value whenever they execute a follow-up attack. Several fan translations, such as Lil' Manster, have made this value visible in-game.


[(Critical rate - target's dodge) × (unit's follow-up critical multiplier)] = % actual critical hit rate

Exceptions: A unit possessing Wrath will override this calculation and have a 100% critical rate on their second attack, unless they also possess Vantage, in which case Wrath is negated and this calculation operates as normal. Additionally, any attack against a unit holding a Crusader scroll is negated, except Wrath criticals.

Example: Suppose Ced, at base stats, wielding Forseti and with no current support bonuses in effect, is attacked by an enemy; his relevant stats are 16+20 Skill and 3 FCM, plus Forseti's 30 crit. His base critical rate is as follows:

30 + 36 = 66

For this case, let's assume the enemy has 10 Luck and no support bonuses, thus giving them a critical dodge of 5. Since Forseti grants Ced +20 speed, he is guaranteed to double attack the enemy. Using the formula above, we can calculate Ced's critical rate on the second attack:

(66 - 5) × 3 = 100 (since crit cannot go above 100%)

Therefore, in this setup, Ced is guaranteed to get a critical hit on second attacks (provided he hits).

Also note that, for all characters, all non-follow up attacks will have their critical rate capped at 25. However, the Follow-up attack critical rate will still use the displayed critical even if it is above 25. For example, if Leif (FCM of 2) has 30 displayed critical, he will have 25 critical on the first attack then 60 on the second attack.

This also means that 1 FCM characters can actually gain critical rate on follow-up attacks provided their displayed critical is above 25. For example, if Trude (FCM of 1) has a displayed critical of 50, he will have 25 critical on the first attack then 50 critical on the follow-up attack. Additionally, this means that characters with an FCM of 0 can never have a critical rate above 25, unless they have wrath.

List of units by FCM value

FCM value Playable units Enemy units
0 LifisIliosSleufSaraShannamXavierSaias All enemies not listed below
1 FinnEyvelDagdarMartyRonanSafyBrightonLaraKarinDalsinNannaSelphinaCainAlvaFredSalemTinaTroudeGladeEdaRalfMiranda VeldMerlockLargoFredSalemPaulusMuellerDraco
2 LeifTanyaHicksMishaAmaldaConomor KempfEichmannConomorMishaAmaldaReinhardt
3 OsianMachyuaAsbelRobertDeenCedGalzus GalzusBovis
4 HalvanShivaCarrionOlwen ShivaOlwenTigris
5 FergusMareetaPerneHomerLinoanDiarmuid MareetaPerne

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