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The lesson plan menu in Three Houses.

Lessons are a system introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that allows players to improve their units' skill levels. Taking place at the start of each in-game week, they allow one to grant skill experience to their units outside of battle, both specifically through instruction, or more broadly through goals and group tasks.



At the start of each in-game week, the player can choose any of their units apart from Byleth to gain skill experience in any skill of their choice. The amount of times a unit can be instructed is limited both by the player's Professor Level, which determines how many units can be instructed per lesson, and also by each unit's motivation. Units can have up to 100 points of motivation at once, which can increase or decrease in intervals of 25 points. Instructing a unit one time costs 25 motivation, meaning that a fully-motivated unit can be instructed up to four times in a single lesson normally.

Ferdinand receiving skill experience through instruction.

When a unit is instructed, they will gain an amount of skill experience that is dependent on whether the unit has a strength, a weakness, or neither in the subject. Upon being instructed, a unit can also achieve one of four different levels of understanding that further affect how much skill experience they gain during that specific instruction: "Bad" multiplies the skill experience they gain by ×0.5, "Good" by ×1, "Great" by ×1.5, and "Perfect" by ×2. The first "Perfect" instruction that a unit achieves during a lesson will also award the unit 25 motivation, allowing them to be instructed one more time that session. Instructing additionally awards support points between Byleth and the selected unit.

Units can only receive a "Bad" performance if they began the week with 50 motivation or less. In the event that a unit receives a "Bad" performance, the player can choose to either critique or console them; each unit responds differently, and choosing the correct option will cause the unit to recover 25 motivation, allowing them to be instructed one more time that session.

The table below displays how much skill experience will gain from a single instruction:[1][2]

Skill experience gain from instruction
Skill strength/weakness →
Understanding level ↓
Weakness Weakness Neutral Strength Strength
Bad +1 +2 +4
Good +2 +4 +6
Great +3 +6 +9
Perfect +4 +8 +12

Instruction is also the means of unlocking certain units' budding talents. Certain skills will be marked with three empty stars (Budding Talent). Upon instructing a unit four times in this subject, one of the stars will become golden; instructing the unit a total of twelve times in the subject will cause all three stars to become golden (Budding Talent), unlocking the unit's budding talent completely. When a budding talent is unlocked, the subject will become a strength for the unit in regards to skill experience gain, and the unit will also learn a new ability or combat art.

At certain points after instruction, a unit may ask a question to Byleth. Depending on the player's answer, the unit will receive either no motivation, 25 points, or 50 points, and the player's Professor Level will gain more experience.


Each unit can have up to two skill level subjects chosen as goals for an in-game week. At the end of each in-game week, the unit will gain skill experience in both subjects, similarly impacted by whether or not the unit has a strength or weakness in the subject. Alternatively, a unit can specialize in just one subject for the week, which will multiply the skill experience they gain in that subject by ×1.5. Skill experience gained from goals is also affected by the difficulty level, with higher difficulties awarding less skill experience per week.[2]

Goals can be changed at any time before the rest of the week proceeds. Occasionally, a unit will also suggest their own character-specific goals, each with their own special name and a short description.

The table below displays how much skill experience will gain each week from goals:

Skill experience gain from goals
Skill strength/weakness →
Difficulty ↓
Weakness Weakness Neutral Strength Strength
Normal +24 +28 +32
Hard +20 +24 +28
Maddening +16 +20 +24

Group tasks

Rewards being received for completing a group task involving Ferdinand and Sylvain.

Similarly to goals, the unit can assign exactly two units to a single group task each week. Group tasks exclusively focus on movement-based skill levels: Riding from the Stable Duty task, Heavy Armor from the Weeding task, and Flying from the Sky Watch task. At the end of the week, the two units will gain skill experience in the selected subject, and the player will additionally be rewarded with a small sum of gold and Smithing Stones.

A group task can have either a "Good" result or a "Perfect" result, with the latter providing greater rewards than the former. A "Perfect" result will be more likely to achieve if the selected units have a strength in the subject, as well as if they have stronger support levels with each other.

The table below displays the rewards gained each week from group tasks:[2]

Rewards from group tasks
Performance Rewards Skill experience
(Weakness Weakness)
Skill experience
Skill experience
(Strength Strength)
Good 3 Smithing Stones, 500 gold +4 +8 +12
Perfect 5 Smithing Stones, 1,000 gold +8 +12 +16

Etymology and other languages

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