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Triangle Attack

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Florina, Fiora and Farina perform a Triangle Attack in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.
When the three of us surround an enemy, we're just about unstoppable!
— Est

The Triangle Attack (Japanese: トライアングルアタック Triangle Attack) is a recurring special attack introduced in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, in which groups of three related units can work together to unleash a single powerful blow on an enemy, achieved by surrounding their target in a triangular formation. The attack is primarily associated with characters of the Pegasus Knight class and its advanced forms, but members of other classes have been able to perform it in certain games.


Florina, Fiora and Farina demonstrate the two Triangle Attack formations.

The Triangle Attack is activated with two simple steps. Two of the members of the trio must wait next to the chosen target (or both be next to them already when their phase begins), then the third member of the trio must move to complete the formation and attack the target. The activation of a Triangle Attack is usually heralded by the initiating unit announcing the impending Triangle Attack, and in all appearances except the Tellius and DS games, the Attack itself usually features a special animation depicting all three participants striking the target.

In all of its appearances except Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, the successful activation of a Triangle Attack guarantees that the initiating unit will deal a critical hit to the enemy. The power of the Triangle Attack is determined solely by the initiating unit's attack power, with no influence from its partners. It does not otherwise boost the stats of any of the participating units or, if the units are too weak to actually normally deal damage to their target, allow them to avoid dealing zero damage; however, this is rarely a concern.

There are two possible formations in which Triangle Attacks can be performed. The formations (pictured to the right) can be rotated in any direction and will still work, and can be activated from any of the three sides, but otherwise need to be exactly matched.

  • Formation A: The three participants are right next to the target, surrounding it at one range.
  • Formation B: The three participants surround the target at two range. This formation works only in Path of Radiance onward, and is mandatory for Rolf, Boyd and Oscar's bow-based Triangle Attack in it and Radiant Dawn.

In Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem, any and all of the participants in a Triangle Attack can be reclassed, and none of them are required to be in their original class in order to activate it, nor do they have to use the same weapon type.

In its appearance in Shadows of Valentia, the Triangle Attack is a combat art which Palla, Catria, and Est each possess. As with all other combat arts, it must be activated on command when the three participants are in formation (Formation A only; Formation B does not work), costing 10 of the initiator's hit points to activate. It is significantly less powerful than in prior games, only boosting the user's critical rate instead of guaranteeing a critical hit. It also increases the initiator's attack power and hit rate for the duration of the attack, but like most combat arts, it is impossible to double-attack with it.

Combat art data

Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Is 3ds03 skill personal.png +8 might, +30 hit, and +40 crit when activated. Command
(Cost: 10 HP)
-- Cannot double attack.
Three Houses Is ns01 combat art.png +8 might, +30 hit, and +40 crit when activated. Command
(Cost: 3 durability)
-- Cannot double attack.

Possible users

Game Possible user trios Notes
Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light Palla, Catria, and Est --
Fire Emblem Gaiden Palla, Catria, and Est --
Mystery of the Emblem Palla, Catria, and Est --
Genealogy of the Holy War Banba, Fotla, and Eriu
Mabel, Meng, and Bleg
Enemy only.
The Binding Blade Shanna, Thea, and Juno
Bors, Bath, and Gwendolyn
Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Florina, Fiora, and Farina --
The Sacred Stones Vanessa, Tana, and Syrene Cannot be performed if both Vanessa and Tana have been promoted to Wyvern Knight. Only one Wyvern Knight can participate, and the Wyvern Knight must initiate the attack.
Path of Radiance Oscar, Boyd, and Rolf
Marcia, Tanith, and Elincia
• Activated by viewing the "3 Brothers" base conversations in Chapters 13 and 19. Can only be performed using Bows, requiring both that Boyd and Oscar are both promoted and that Oscar's new weapon type is bows.

• Activated by viewing the "Holy Guard" base conversation in Chapter 28. Marcia must be promoted.

Radiant Dawn Oscar, Boyd, and Rolf
Marcia, Tanith, Sigrun, and Elincia
• Can only be performed using Bows, requiring Oscar to be promoted and for Boyd to use crossbows.

• Any three of these four units can activate it together.

Shadow Dragon Palla, Catria, and Est --
New Mystery of the Emblem Palla, Catria, and Est
Barst, Bord, and Cord
Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Palla, Catria, and Est Appears as a visible, defined combat art, possessed by each of the three sisters, for the first time.
Three Houses • Any unit that achieves class mastery of the Pegasus Knight class --
Warriors Caeda, Cordelia, and Hinoka Activated by Caeda as a cosmetic effect at the end of her Awakening special. All three must have an A-Support with each other and all be deployed on the map.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

The Triangle Attack is a recurring skill in Fire Emblem Cipher, introduced in the first series. It is classified as a Formation Skill (Is TCGCipher Formation Skill.png), and in order to use it all three members of the Triangle Attack trio must be deployed and must not have made any moves in the current turn yet. To use the Triangle Attack, the player taps all three members to expend their turn, which gives the attacker a signficant boost to their attack power for their next attack and has an additional effect which hinders the opposing player.

Currently, nine cards have a Triangle Attack as a skill:

  • Palla, Catria, and Est's Triangle Attack gives a +50 attack boost and disallows the opponent from evading the attack. This Triangle Attack is present on their first-series Falcoknight cards (B01-038R Eldest of the Three Pegasus Sisters, B01-040R Second of the Three Pegasus Sisters, and B01-042R Youngest of the Three Pegasus Sisters, respectively).
  • Oscar, Boyd, and Rolf's Triangle Attack gives a +40 attack boost and, during the opponent's next turn, disallows enemy units stationed in the Rearguard from attacking. This Triangle Attack is present on their first-series advanced-class cards (B03-012HN Eldest of the Three Mercenary Brothers, B03-014HN Second of the Three Mercenary Brothers, and B03-016HN Youngest of the Three Mercenary Brothers, respectively).
  • Shanna, Thea, and Juno's Triangle Attack gives a +30 attack boost and disallows the opponent from evading the attack. This Triangle Attack is present on their fifth-series Falcoknight cards (B05-022R Ilia's Cheerful Flower, B05-038R Ilia's Calculating Flower, and B05-046R Ilia's Elegant Flower, respectively).

Although it is not called "Triangle Attack", Barst (B01-021HN Courageous Talys Mercenary) has a similar Formation Skill, "Bordcordbarst", which requires Bord and Cord to be in play and has a similar effect. Unlike Triangle Attack, only Barst has this skill and can activate it.

Emma (B04-099HN A Dark Flier, Every Once in a While) has the skill "Triangle Attack?" which spoofs a regular Cipher Triangle Attack. If the player has two spare Emma cards in their hand, they may reveal them to give Emma a +20 attack boost for the rest of the turn. This skill can only be used once per turn.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Triangle Attack --
Japanese トライアングルアタック Triangle Attack. Abbreviated Tアタック T Attack in Shadows of Valentia gameplay.
Spanish Ataque triángulo Triangle attack
French Attaque triangle Triangle attack. Abbreviated Att. triangle in Shadows of Valentia gameplay.
German Delta-Attacke Delta-Attack. Delta (Δ) is the fourth letter of the modern Greek alphabet, which is shaped like a triangle.
Italian Attacco triangolo Triangle attack. Abbreviated Att. triangolo in Shadows of Valentia gameplay.
Dutch Delta-aanval Delta-attack. Delta (Δ) is the fourth letter of the modern Greek alphabet, which is shaped like a triangle.
Simplified Chinese 三角攻阵 Triangle Formation
Traditional Chinese 三角攻陣 Triangle Formation



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