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Bonus experience

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Bonus experience, also called event EXP and often abbreviated BExp is a system that rewards players for completing certain objectives. As the name suggests, it can be used to grant a unit experience, and can be awarded to them while the player is in the base. Clearing a chapter will usually reward a sum of bonus experience, with more being awarded for completing them under a certain turn count. Bonus experience has only been featured in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, though an unrelated mechanic in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is called "Bonus EXP".


Each chapter has a set of requirements that, when met, award the player with a set sum of bonus experience. The amount given varies from chapter to chapter, with later chapters typically providing more than earlier ones. Higher difficulties additionally award less bonus experience than lower difficulties. A single point of bonus experience does not equal a single experience point; as a unit levels up, more and more bonus experience is required.

In Path of Radiance, level ups acquired via bonus experience work exactly the same as level ups acquired via combat experience. In Radiant Dawn, however, when a unit levels up via bonus experience, exactly three of the unit's stats will be increased, unless there are fewer than three uncapped stats. Mechanically, the stats are rolled in order of highest growth to lowest, with ties being broken with the following priority: resistance → defense → luck → speed → skill → magic → strength → HP. The game will roll the stats in this order until three stats have grown; as a consequence, a unit's high-growth stats will increase disproportionately often. However, if a stat is capped, it will not be considered for one of the three stat increases—this means that, if a unit has some stats capped, bonus experience can be used to "force" lower-growth stats to be increased. For example, if Ike has capped strength and skill, neither stat will ever be boosted by a bonus experience level up; this indirectly increases the chance of him growing in a different stat, such as speed. It can even force a character to gain a point in a stat with a 0% growth rate, such as Leanne's strength, if the game is unable to otherwise increase three stats.


Path of Radiance

The following table shows the amount of bonus experience required for each level:[1]

Bonus experience needed to level up
Level Unpromoted Promoted / Laguz
1 85 148
2 87 154
3 89 160
4 91 167
5 93 174
6 95 182
7 98 190
8 100 200
9 103 211
10 105 222
11 108 235
12 111 250
13 114 267
14 117 286
15 121 308
16 125 333
17 129 364
18 133 400
19 138 444
20 143 --

Radiant Dawn

The conversion of bonus experience to experience is more complex in Radiant Dawn, factoring numerous points such as the game's chosen difficulty level, whether the unit is a beorc or laguz, as well as their class tier. The formula is as follows:[2]

Game Formula Notes
Radiant Dawn (50 × Level) + 50 If the unit is a 2nd-tier beorc unit, 20 is added to their level. If a unit is a 3rd-tier beorc unit, 40 is added to their level.
If the unit is a laguz, their level is multiplied by 1.5×.
On Easy mode, the final BExp needed is multiplied by 2/3×; on Hard mode, it is instead multiplied by 2×.


  • In Path of Radiance, there are unused text files that indicate that many more bonus experience achievements were planned to appear during gameplay.

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Bonus experience



Bonus d'expérience

Bonus of experience



Bonus experience


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