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Turn rewind

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Turn rewind is a reoccurring mechanic in the Fire Emblem series. It first appeared in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and has appeared in every game since, including the localization of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light. Aside from Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, each game to feature turn rewind integrates it into the story through some device or ability, such as Mila's Turnwheel in Shadows of Valentia.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

See also: Mila's Turnwheel

In Shadows of Valentia, the player has the ability to rewind turns through the use of Mila's Turnwheel. Alm receives Mila's Turnwheel from Silque in the Thieves' Shrine, or from a peddler at the start of Act 3 if he did not receive it from Silque; Celica starts Act 2 with Mila's Turnwheel. Once obtained, the player may activate Mila's Turnwheel at any point during their turn, and may rewind to any point in any previous turn; however, the turnwheel can only record a certain number of actions,[how many?] and will become unusable once that limit has been exceeded (a notice is given shortly before this limit is reached).

Mila's Turnwheel has a limited number of charges for rewinding turns, with each use consuming 1 charge. Expended charges are fully recovered after a battle on the world map; in a dungeon, expended charges are recovered when alcoholic provisions[Note 1] are offered to a Mila shrine, or when leaving the dungeon. Mila's Turnwheel starts with 3 charges; the number of charges increases with the collection of Cogs, up to a maximum of 12 charges. A Cog collected by Alm or Celica increases the number of charges for both parties.

Mila's Turnwheel will not activate when a Game Over occurs.

Using Mila's Turnwheel does not typically alter the RNG sequence; i.e. making the exact same actions will have the exact same results. However, on occasion, the RNG will advance when rewinding.[when?] Additionally, Mila's Turnwheel does not alter the results of level-ups, even if they occur following a different RNG sequence; however, the results of level-ups are not fixed between battles, so it is technically possible to alter a level-up by returning to a prior state and preventing it from occurring.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

See also: Divine Pulse

In Three Houses, the player may rewind turns through the use of Divine Pulse. Sothis grants Byleth the ability to use Divine Pulse at the start of the Chapter 2 mission. The player may activate Divine Pulse at any time during their turn, and may use it to return to any point within the previous 50 turns.

Divine Pulse has a limited number of charges for rewinding turns, with each use consuming 1 charge. Initially, the player has 3 charges, and gains additional charges in the following ways:

  • After clearing the Chapter 10 mission, the player gains 3 charges in Normal and Hard modes, and 2 charges in Maddening mode.
  • After clearing the paralogue Tales of the Red Canyon, the player gains 3 charges in Normal and Hard modes, and 1 charge in Maddening mode.
  • The player gains 1 charge for spending 3,000 renown at each Saint Statue (for a total of 4)—like all Saint Statue rewards, these carry over through New Game +.

In total, the player may have a maximum of 13 charges in Normal and Hard modes, and 10 charges in Maddening mode.

If the player has charges remaining, Divine Pulse will automatically activate when a Game Over occurs, though the player may chose to deactivate Divine Pulse and suffer the Game Over.

Using Divine Pulse does not alter the RNG sequence or the results of level-ups, though like in Shadows of Valentia, level-ups can be delayed to another battle to change their outcome.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light

In the 30th anniversary release of Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, the ability to rewind turns is not a mechanic of the game, but a feature of the emulator. At the start of each turn, the emulator saves a state of the game; at any time, the player may load one of these states. Only nineteen states are saved at a time, and older ones are deleted as newer ones are created. When a state is loaded, more recent ones are deleted; however, these states are not deleted when the player reaches a new chapter, resets the game, or loads a different save, so it is possible to "rewind" to different chapters (past or future) or different save files. When a bookmark is created, the turn rewind states are saved as well, and restored when the bookmark is loaded.

Fire Emblem Engage

See also: Time Crystal

In Engage, the player may rewind turns through the use of the Draconic Time Crystal. It has infinite uses on Normal mode and 10 uses per map on Hard and Maddening modes. It is obtained after Chapter 3 and can be first used on the second turn of Chapter 4.

The Draconic Time Crystal is stolen after Chapter 10 and thus the player is unable to rewind during the first part of Chapter 11. To compensate, enemies on the map before it is reacquired (outside of the invincible boss, who is meant to be avoided) are unable to land critical hits on enemy phase. Once a player unit crosses row 24, Ivy's group will appear and return the Draconic Time Crystal; however, the player will be unable to rewind to any point before it was returned. Alternatively, if the player manages to make Alear escape on turn 1, clearing the chapter before Ivy's group has a chance to appear, they will instead join at the end of the chapter and return the Draconic Time Crystal in the process.

If the player is on Normal mode or has charges remaining, the Draconic Time Crystal will automatically activate when a Game Over occurs, though the player may chose to deactivate it and suffer the Game Over.




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