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War of Deliverance

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War of Deliverance

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Valentia (Northern Zofia)

New units

Alm's route: Luthier, Mathilda, Delthea
Celica's route: Palla, Catria, Atlas, Jesse, Sonya or Deen, Est


Alm's route: Desaix, Zakson, Gazelle, Lawson, Fernand,[Note 1] Berkut,[Note 1] Delthea, Tatarrah
Celica's route: Garth, Wolff, Blake, Sonya or Deen, Grieth

Previous chapter(s)

The Pilgrimage

Next chapter(s)

Land of Sorrow

War of Deliverance (Japanese: 解放戦争 Liberation War) is the third act of Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


Main article: War of Deliverance/Script

In Pegastym 401 V.C., Celica departs Zofia Castle and makes for the Mila Temple once more. Her route takes her across Zofia's east coast. As she heads for the coast, Jedah's arcanists trigger a rockslide that she narrowly survives with the aid of the masked knight; as a result, Celica is trapped on the eastern half of the continent with no way to reach Alm.

Alm begins the campaign to drive Rigel out of Zofia. He first encounters Fernand, who reveals his defection and that Mycen never had any children, deeply troubling Clive. As he pushes towards Desaix's Fortress, he is waylaid by Berkut, who attacks his group for sport. Alm narrowly fends him off and arrives at a forest village, where he meets the mage Luthier. Luthier explains that the Rigelian arcanist Tatarrah has abducted his sister Delthea and brainwashed her into his thrall; Alm agrees to rescue her, despite Clive's concerns about the bigger picture. The Deliverance heads to Desaix's Fortress, battles Desaix, and finally kills him. As he dies, Desaix curses Mycen for plotting to hand Zofia over to "Rudolf's pup", troubling Alm and causing Clive to start having serious doubts about his decision to place Alm in command of the Deliverance.

As word of Alm's exploits reaches Rigel, Berkut successfully convinces Rudolf to permit him to take his men to the border as the first line of defense for Rigel in case Tatarrah is defeated. As he departs, the high-ranking Duma Faithful Nuibaba approaches him and offers to bless him with Duma's power. Berkut refuses out of pride, intending to defeat Alm with his strength alone; Nuibaba instead provides him with a mirror that will invoke Duma's power when shattered as a last resort. Berkut's lack of faith in Tatarrah proves well-founded when Alm slays him and frees Delthea, who joins his group.

Meanwhile, Celica continues her journey towards the Mila Temple. Along the way, she learns from the Archanean sisters Palla and Catria and the lumberjack Atlas that the Pirate King Grieth has been abducting innocents and selling them into slavery, including Palla and Catria's younger sister Est and Atlas' brothers. Celica detours to Grieth's Citadel with the aid of a mercenary named Jesse and slays him and one of his two top generals, Deen or Sonya; the survivor deserts Grieth and joins Celica's group. With Est and Atlas' family safe, Celica resumes her quest.

Celica arrives at the Mila Temple to find Rigel has already taken over the area. After driving the Rigelians out, Celica learns that Rudolf personally led the assault on the temple and captured Mila. As Celica's party begins to fall into despair, Celica vows to invade Rigel and bring Mila home. The masked knight arrives and explains that Jedah is holding Mila prisoner at the Duma Tower. He further reveals that he knows Celica's true identity and gives her her mother's circlet, revealed to be the crown of Zofian royalty. Celica officially accepts her birthright as the crown princess of Zofia. The masked knight then bids Celica to seek the aid of Halcyon at the Sage's Hamlet before departing.

With their travels in Zofia complete, Celica and Alm open the sluice gate separating Zofia from Rigel. Jedah is pleased by this development, and plans to capture Celica for his own purposes.

Character data

Character data

Gaiden Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Alm's route Celica's route

New Units
Portrait luthier status fe15.png
Mana Herbs
Talk to with Alm at the Forest Village
Portrait mathilda status fe15.png
Talk to with Alm in Desaix's Fortress
Portrait delthea status fe15.png
Prayer Ring
Leave her alive until Tatarrah is killed, then talk to with Alm at the Sluice Gate
Available Characters
Alm ​Lukas ​Gray ​Tobin ​Kliff ​Faye ​Silque ​Clair ​Clive ​Forsyth ​Python ​

Map data

There are a total of 17 combat maps in Act 3 of Gaiden and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. However, only 16 will be playable because the player can choose between either Northern Desert Battle or Southern Desert Battle in Celica's route.

Alm's route

Celica's route

Exploration sections

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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

War of Deliverance




Liberation War; rendered in hiragana as かいほうせんそう in Gaiden.





Luttes et Délivrance

Fighting and Deliverance


Krieg um die Freiheit

War for Freedom


I Liberatori

The Liberators


Strijd der Verlossing

War of Liberation


Os Libertadores

The Liberators; mentioned in Heroes.


해방 전쟁

Liberation war

Simplified Chinese


War of Liberation

Traditional Chinese


War of Liberation


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