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Act 6

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Act 6

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New units



The Creation

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Together to the End

Act 6 is the post-game bonus act of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It is exclusive to Shadows of Valentia, and does not appear in Fire Emblem Gaiden.

During Act 6 the player is granted access to a new dungeon that is far more dangerous than anything in the main story. Additionally; the player may also return to Duma Temple to replay the main story's final battle against Duma and Jedah.


Main article: Act 6/Script

After the final battle against Duma, Alm and Celica encounter a trader at Zofia Harbor who asks them to escort him across pirate-infested waters to his homeland of Archanea, the continent to the east of Valentia. The group travels to Archanea and discovers the Thabes Labyrinth, a sealed dungeon crawling with reanimated corpses.

As the group progresses through the labyrinth, they learn the story of the ancient alchemist Forneus. Forneus was a genius alchemist living in the ancient civilization of Thabes. He sought to create the perfect life-form and raise an army of the undead. As his experiments became more and more unethical, the Senate of Thabes eventually sealed him in his own laboratory and left him to rot. There, Forneus' own creations drove him to madness. At the bottom of the labyrinth, Alm and Celica encounter and battle Forneus' ultimate creation. This being is heavily implied to be a young Grima, and the zombies are the first Risen.

Character data

New Units


Available Characters
Alm_02 ​Celica_02 ​Lukas ​Gray ​Tobin ​Kliff ​Faye ​Silque ​Clair ​Clive ​Forsyth ​Python ​Luthier ​Mathilda ​Delthea ​Tatiana ​Zeke ​Mycen ​Mae ​Boey ​Genny ​Saber ​Valbar ​Kamui ​Leon ​Palla ​Catria ​Atlas ​Jesse ​Sonya ​Deen ​Est ​Nomah ​Conrad ​

Map data

There are four combat maps in Act 6 of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

  1. Archanea Seaway 2 Battle
  2. Archanea Seaway 4 Battle
  3. Archanea Seaway 6 Battle
  4. Thabes Labyrinth

Exploration sections

Thabes Labyrinth

Main article: Thabes Labyrinth

Thabes Labyrinth is a sprawling labyrinth located beneath the ruins of the ancient city of Thabes. It serves as the final, most challenging dungeon of the game.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
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Act 6

Act 6 notably lacks a proper descriptive title in all languages.


Capitulo 6

Chapter 6


Chapitre 6

Chapter 6


Atto 6

Act 6


Akte 6

Act 6


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