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Small portrait masked marth fe13.png SPOILERS! This page or section contains key plot or ending details. Read at your own risk!


FESoV Rigel castle.png


Rigel Castle





Zofia's forces can't compare to the might of the knights of Rigel.
— Fols

The Rigelian Empire (リゲル帝国‎ Rigel Empire) is a nation occupying the northern half of the continent Valentia. It was founded under the guidance of its patron deity, the Evil God Duma, and its militaristic climate reflects Duma's strict beliefs in power above all.


Rigel was founded in antiquity as a result of the schism between Mila and Duma, each of whom set out to found their own nation in half of Valentia to embody their ideals and philosophies. As a believer in power above all else, Duma enshrined a harsh militant philosophy in Rigel, and the people of Rigel came to forget about leisure and kindness in their search for strength.[1] Despite the mutual distrust between the two nations, they were bound by a pact between the gods to ensure peace between them;[2] at some point in their history, Rigel sent to Zofia the Royal Sword as a symbolic gift of national friendship.[3]

In time, the Rigelian throne was ascended by Emperor Rudlf, who sought to put an end to the corruption of the gods. He entrusted his infant son Albyne to General Mycen of Zofia, imprisoned Mila within the Falchion with Duma's insistence, then launched an invasion of Zofia: thus, he positioned himself as an antagonist, seeking to incite the rise of heroes capable of unifying Valentia.[4] These heroes were Alm and Celica, and both staged separate invasions of Rigel - Alm sought to conquer the capital, while Celica traveled to the Tower of Duma in search of Mila. In the climax of the war, Alm slew Rudlf and conquered Rigel, learning of his true identity as Rigel's prince. Following the defeat of Duma, Alm and Celica reunified Rigel and Zofia into a single nation, the Kingdom of Valentia, with Alm as its first king.

Notable locations in Rigel

Rigel Castle

Rigel Castle is the nation's capital and the emperor's seat of power, situated in the northwestern reaches of the continent. It also features a passage allowing access to Duma's Tower in the east. In Fire Emblem Awakening, Valm Castle is in the same location, meaning they are possibly the same.

Tower of Duma

Main article: Tower of Duma

This monument to Duma is situated in the north-eastern reaches of Rigel, beyond a series of bogs. Here, Juda leads the worship of Duma, who himself resides within its bowels.

Rigel Plains and Rigel Village

A village situated in a vast stretch of plains. The region was guarded by General Jerowm, who terrorized the village and was kept in check only by Zeak.

Lost Woods

Main article: Lost Woods

The Lost Woods are a dense forest infamous for travelers losing their way. Deep within it lies the Sage's Hamlet, home of the great sage Hark.

Duma's Gate

Duma's Gate is a structure located on the road to Duma's Tower; in later eons, it came to be called the Great Gate.

Characters from Rigel

Character Description Appears in
Portrait rudlf fe02.png
The Emperor of Rigel. Gaiden
Portrait alm fe02.png
The hero leading the Zofian liberation army; actually Rudlf's son and Prince of Rigel. Gaiden, Awakening
Portrait zeak fe02.png
A Rigelian knight and trusted vassal to Rudlf. Gaiden
Portrait teeta fe02.png
A Rigelian priestess; betrothed to Zeak. Gaiden
Portrait juda fe02.png
The High Priest of Duma. Gaiden
Portrait sonya fe02.png
The daughter of the High Priest of Duma. Gaiden
Portrait nuibaba fe02.png
A sorcerer who ensures Zeak's loyalty by holding Teeta hostage. Gaiden
Portrait magnam fe02.png
A Rigelian commander. Gaiden
Portrait meular fe02.png
A Rigelian commander. Gaiden
Portrait jerowm fe02.png
A Rigelian commander. Gaiden
Portrait massena fe02.png
Captain of the Rigelian royal guard. Gaiden


Rigel is the subject of Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem Gaiden for both Alm and Celica; Alm's travels take him through the country's west on the march to Rigel Castle, while Celica travels through the eastern bogs and Lost Woods to arrive at Duma's Tower.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Rigel As of Fire Emblem Awakening.
Japanese リゲル Officially romanized as Rigel; as above.
Spanish Rigel As above.
French Rigel As above.
German Rigel As above.
Italian Rigel As above.



  1. "It was due to the gods that this land Valentia came to be divided into North and South. And in doing so they mistakenly involved themselves too deeply with the concerns of mankind. As a result, the people of Zofia forgot the meaning of toil, and the people of Rigel forgot the meaning of leisure. As things were, we would all certainly come to ruin." - Mycen, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  2. "But the "Pact of the Gods" upheld by Zofia and Rigel means we shouldn't come to blows, right? Our guardian, the Lady Mila, would never permit such a thing." - Alm, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  3. "Dozer escaped with the valuable "Royal Sword." That was a gift sent by the Rigelian Empire as a sign of friendship in the past. No normal person can use it. It's a special sword." - A man, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  4. "It was due to the gods that this land Valentia came to be divided into North and South. And in doing so they mistakenly involved themselves too deeply with the concerns of mankind. As a result, the people of Zofia forgot the meaning of toil, and the people of Rigel forgot the meaning of leisure. As things were, we would all certainly come to ruin. It was due to such considerations that Rudlf took it upon himself to become a destroyer, to instigate the appearance of true heroes in the land. For the sake of creating a new era, he decided to become a sacrificial piece. And to meet the hero who would bring about his defeat, even if it were his own child, he could not have been happier..." - Mycen, Fire Emblem Gaiden
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