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A Man for Flowers

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A Man for Flowers


Great Gate

New units




I am Inigo, Lucina's younger brother and a crown prince of Ylisse myself. If you need further proof, I bear a Brand in the opposite eye as Lucina.
— Inigo, should he be Chrom's son and talk to Chrom

A Man for Flowers is the sixth paralogue chapter in Fire Emblem Awakening. As a paralogue chapter, its events are not integral to the game's main storyline and can be done at the player's leisure. The chapter is unlocked after both clearing chapter 13 and have Olivia married. Reaching this chapter has additional requirements; the player must either clear chapter 14 or unlock paralogue 12.

In this chapter, the Shepherds come across a bandit keep being defended by a flirtatious wannabe male dancer, helping him in the process. As it turns out, the man happens to be the son of a dancer already in the Shepherds' company.


Having arrived at a somewhat mountainous area in far northeastern Valm, we see Robin out of breath, wondering why mountains have to be so steep, to which Olivia offers him/her some water. Robin calls Olivia a lifesaver, but Olivia says she could hardly be called that--she mostly just flails around and pretends to dance; Olivia then says she's started looking for new ways to be useful. Robin tells Olivia her dancing is spectacular, it never fails to pick him/her up; Olivia says she dances like a ham someone rolled down the stairs, and just thinking of people watching her makes her cringe. Chrom cuts in and reveals that they're near the bandit's camp; the bandits have ravaged surrounding towns with impunity for too long, something that ends today, to which Robin agrees.

We cut over to one of the bandits and a man named Inigo, the latter telling the former it's not his lucky day before proceeding to kill the brigand. Inigo proceeds to tell a woman it's all safe now, telling her that the crying part is over and to give him a smile, and perhaps a wink if a fellow could be greedy. The woman tries to reveal that the bandit Inigo just killed has something; Inigo continues her sentence saying he has dozens of friends who will be terribly cross with him, and tells her not to worry, he'll mop up the bandits and be back in time for tea. The woman tries to talk Inigo out of it, saying the bandits would kill him; Inigo says he'd never let anything ruin his face, and that the woman surely wants the bandits gone as well so her people can rebuild in peace. As the woman agrees, Inigo tells her to stop frowning--a smile like hers is not a treasure to be locked in a king's dungeons, and he'll meet her in town once he's sorted out the bandits, that they could discuss his reward then. Battle preparations take place at this point.

Once preparations are complete, Chrom reveals that the bandits' hold is just ahead, and is about to reveal its status when he notices Inigo fighting the bandits alone, asking the Shepherds to lend a hand. The battle begins at this point.

Inigo can be spoken to with either Chrom or Olivia, and if spoken to with Chrom, can initiate one of two different conversations depending on whether or not he is Inigo's father. If Olivia speaks with Inigo, Olivia will ask him if he's all right; after two surprised reactions from Inigo and then Olivia, she asks what's wrong, to which Inigo reveals she surprised him and Olivia saying they're even on that count. Inigo says he shouldn't have shouted, then asks if they can start over, saying Olivia's beauty caught him off guard; Olivia says she doesn't know how to reply to that, with Inigo asking Olivia not look at him so intently, that it makes him terribly bashful. As Inigo leaves the scene, Olivia begs him not to go; once he's gone, Olivia reveals Inigo stole her line, yet finds it weird she didn't have a problem talking to him and his shyness might have countered her own. Both of Inigo's conversations with Chrom begin with Chrom asking Inigo if he's all right, followed by Inigo telling him it takes quite a bit to wound a rogue as charming as him; Inigo then asks Chrom who he is, assuming he's not an enemy, followed by Chrom introducing himself and revealing that he and the Shepherds have also come to deal with the bandits, a purpose they share. As Inigo repeats Chrom's name, it is at this point the conversations diverge. If Chrom is not Inigo's father, Inigo will start to ask if he's Lucina's father, but can't quite complete the question, with Chrom asking Inigo what he was trying to say; after some awkward moments, Inigo asks Chrom not to stare at him the way he's doing, he gets terribly shy, with Chrom replying that Inigo's the one staring at him and asking why Inigo's line felt familiar. Inigo reveals that they share a common foe and is grateful for help, asking Chrom if he can trust him to help defend the place; Chrom asks Inigo what he's planning, with Inigo revealing he plans to crush the rascals who make trouble for the village and, once they're sorted, have tea with a beauty of the fields. Inigo says he's on his way, and appears to ask the woman from earlier to put the tea kettle on, that he won't be long now; Chrom says Inigo's nothing if not eager. If Chrom is Inigo's father, Inigo will bring up this point, Chrom expressing surprise at the fact that Inigo is also his child; Inigo will ask if Chrom has already met Lucina, and Chrom reveals that Lucina is with the Shepherds as they speak. Inigo reveals that Lucina was so terribly eager to see Chrom, then asks Chrom to forgive him as he still hasn't introduced himself; in this case, he introduces himself as Lucina's younger brother and himself a crown prince of Ylisse, and if Chrom seeks further proof, his Brand is in the opposite eye compared to Lucina's. Chrom notices the Brand, with Inigo asking him to stop staring as he gets a little bashful, to which Chrom apologizes; Inigo tells Chrom it's back into the fray, then off to tea with a farm girl--and perhaps a little bit more, asking Chrom not to wait up. Chrom appears agitated as to how he raised a philanderer, but that Inigo is content enough and says he's pleasantly surprised to have a son. All three conversations converge at the point where Inigo says five kills should be enough to impress a simple village girl, although six might earn him a sweet kiss, something that does seem tempting; the player can now control Inigo at this point.

Once the battle ends, Chrom reveals that is the last of the bandits, the hold has been reclaimed; Frederick reveals that the villagers will sleep better thanks to the Shepherds' good work. Should Inigo have gotten at least one kill, the village woman says she can't begin to thank Chrom, but Chrom reveals Inigo did most of the heavy lifting; the woman reveals Inigo is brave and she says she wishes she could have been there to witness it, and to accept some gifts from the villagers. Chrom will then tell the woman that, if bandits ever trouble again, simply call the Shepherds and they'll come running--rebuilding a town may be hard work, but these villagers will be just fine.

We cut to inside the fort, where Olivia and Inigo have gathered; Inigo asks Olivia if she has a moment, with Olivia trying to ask why then asking Inigo how he knew her name, Inigo saying a little bird tweeted it out. Inigo continues to have difficulty talking, and remarks that talking with Olivia is harder than with other girls he's met, and says it would be quickest to show her something; Inigo takes out Olivia's ring, much to Olivia's surprise since she's wearing it herself. Olivia tries to ask how Inigo came across it; Inigo asks how he could be carrying Olivia's ring, which she's still wearing, when there's only supposed to be one of it in the world--unless it happens to be the same ring and he brought it with him from the future. Olivia asks if Inigo came the same way Lucina did, to which Inigo confirms; Inigo says he knew his mother was a dancer, and he's been scouring the land for all the dancers he could find, not the worst job in the world. Inigo says he's finally found his mother, and his dancing is all the better for it; Olivia asks Inigo if he actually dances, to which Inigo says he sort of does and he tries his best, yet some people don't appreciate male dancers--not that he cares, he's content to shaking his hips for the ladies. Olivia says she thinks Inigo's dancing is wonderful and says she'd love to watch him dance sometime; Inigo says it's impossible, he'd be far too embarrased for that, and he'd rather watch Olivia dance--to which Olivia says she couldn't possibly do so, Inigo saying he's even shyer than Olivia is, Olivia claiming otherwise. After a brief exchange of silence, Chrom comes onto the scene and asks that they stop--he's the one becoming embarrased!

As teatime arrives, Chrom tells Inigo that the Shepherds are leaving; Inigo is surprised to hear this, to which Chrom tells him war is hell, he should either come with the Shepherds or get left behind. Inigo says he's coming, supposing there'll be more buttercups blooming along the road ahead.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy. Ally Other Enemy
Defeat: Chrom or Robin die. 13+1 1-1 27

The chapter's map is 30 columns by 26 rows.

Character data

New Units
Small portrait inigo fe13.png
NPC, speak to with Chrom or Olivia
Returning Characters

Small portrait chrom fe13.pngSmall portrait avatar m-default fe13.pngSmall portrait lissa fe13.pngSmall portrait frederick fe13.pngSmall portrait sully fe13.pngSmall portrait virion fe13.pngSmall portrait stahl fe13.pngSmall portrait vaike fe13.pngSmall portrait miriel fe13.pngSmall portrait sumia fe13.pngSmall portrait kellam fe13.pngSmall portrait lon'qu fe13.pngSmall portrait ricken fe13.pngSmall portrait maribelle fe13.pngSmall portrait panne fe13.pngSmall portrait gaius fe13.pngSmall portrait cordelia fe13.pngSmall portrait gregor fe13.pngSmall portrait nowi fe13.pngSmall portrait libra fe13.pngSmall portrait tharja fe13.pngSmall portrait olivia fe13.pngSmall portrait cherche fe13.pngSmall portrait henry fe13.pngSmall portrait lucina fe13.png

Note: The returning characters list only those recruited by the time this chapter is unlocked. As a paralogue chapter, there is no set timeframe in which the chapter must be taken on; thus, it is possible to have recruited more characters than the above by the point the chapter is started. The returning characters list also does not include any characters recruitable in other paralogues, as the player may not have taken on any other available paralogue chapters yet. The list also does not include any bonus units, as they are recruitable at the player's discretion.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds door key.png Door Key Dropped by an enemy General
Is 3ds master seal.png Master Seal Dropped by Jamil
Is 3ds elixir.png Elixir At chapter's end, if Inigo got at least one kill
Is 3ds killing edge.png Killing Edge At chapter's end, if Inigo got at least two kills
Is 3ds speedwing.png Speedwing At chapter's end, if Inigo got at least three kills
Is 3ds01 bullion medium.png Bullion (M) At chapter's end, if Inigo got at least four kills
Is 3ds hammerne.png Hammerne At chapter's end, if Inigo got at least five kills

Shop data

After clearing this chapter, the shop at this location will become available.

Armory contents

Normal stock Possible merchant items

Item Price
Is 3ds heal.png Heal 600
Is 3ds rescue.png Rescue 1,280
Is 3ds concoction.png Concoction 600
Is 3ds elixir.png Elixir 900
Is 3ds second seal.png Second Seal 2,500

Event tiles

Enemy data

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory
Ma 3ds dark flier enemy.gif
Ruffian Dark Flier 8 1 Is 3ds01 arcfire.png Arcfire
Ma 3ds dark flier enemy.gif
Ruffian Dark Flier 8 1 Is 3ds01 arcwind.png Arcwind
Ma 3ds dark flier enemy.gif
Ruffian Dark Flier 8 1 Is 3ds01 arcthunder.png Arcthunder
Ma 3ds dark flier enemy.gif
Ruffian Dark Flier 8 1 Is 3ds01 arcfire.png Arcfire
Is 3ds speed +2.png Speed +2
Ma 3ds dark flier enemy.gif
Ruffian Dark Flier 8 1 Is 3ds01 arcwind.png Arcwind
Is 3ds relief.png Relief
Ma 3ds griffon rider enemy.gif
Ruffian Griffon Rider 8 2 Is 3ds silver axe.png Silver Axe
Is 3ds strength +2.png Strength +2
Ma 3ds griffon rider enemy.gif
Ruffian Griffon Rider 8 1 Is 3ds silver axe.png Silver Axe
Ma 3ds griffon rider enemy.gif
Ruffian Griffon Rider 8 1 Is 3ds tomahawk.png Tomahawk
Is 3ds strength +2.png Strength +2
Ma 3ds griffon rider enemy.gif
Ruffian Griffon Rider 8 1 Is 3ds tomahawk.png Tomahawk
Is 3ds tantivy.png Tantivy
Ma 3ds sorcerer enemy.gif
Ruffian Sorcerer 8 2 Is 3ds ruin.png Ruin
Is 3ds hex.png Hex
Ma 3ds sorcerer enemy.gif
Ruffian Sorcerer 8 1 Is 3ds nosferatu.png Nosferatu
Ma 3ds sorcerer enemy.gif
Ruffian Sorcerer 8 1 Is 3ds waste.png Waste
Ma 3ds sorcerer enemy.gif
Ruffian Sorcerer 8 1 Is 3ds01 arcfire.png Arcfire
Ma 3ds assassin enemy.gif
Ruffian Assassin 8 2 Is 3ds silver bow.png Silver BowIs 3ds silver sword.png Silver Sword
Is 3ds01 avoid +10.png Avoid +10
Ma 3ds assassin enemy.gif
Ruffian Assassin 8 2 Is 3ds silver sword.png Silver SwordIs 3ds silver bow.png Silver Bow
Ma 3ds assassin enemy.gif
Ruffian Assassin 8 1 Is 3ds silver bow.png Silver BowIs 3ds silver sword.png Silver Sword
Is 3ds movement +1.png Movement +1
Ma 3ds assassin enemy.gif
Ruffian Assassin 8 1 Is 3ds silver bow.png Silver BowIs 3ds silver sword.png Silver Sword
Ma 3ds general enemy.gif
Ruffian General 8 2 Is 3ds spear.png Spear
Ma 3ds general enemy.gif
Ruffian General 8 1 Is 3ds silver lance.png Silver LanceIs 3ds door key.png Door KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Is 3ds indoor fighter.png Indoor Fighter
Ma 3ds general enemy.gif
Ruffian General 8 1 Is 3ds tomahawk.png Tomahawk
Ma 3ds general enemy.gif
Ruffian General 8 1 Is 3ds silver lance.png Silver Lance
Ma 3ds assassin enemy.gif
Jamil Assassin 15 1 Is 3ds silver sword.png Silver SwordIs 3ds silver bow.png Silver BowIs 3ds master seal.png Master SealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Is 3ds01 avoid +10.png Avoid +10
Name Class Lv # Inventory

NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory
Ma 3ds mercenary other.gif
Inigo Mercenary 10 1 Is 3ds killing edge.png Killing EdgeIs 3ds concoction.png Concoction
Is 3ds01 armsthrift.png ArmsthriftIs 3ds patience.png PatienceIs 3ds outrealm skill.png VariesIs 3ds outrealm skill.png Varies
Name Class Lv # Inventory

Boss data

Main article: Jamil (Awakening)

Normal Hard Lunatic

Small portrait gecko fe13.png
Level 15
Movement 6
Max HP 50 Speed 27
Strength 24 Luck 15
Magic 0 Defense 14
Skill 30 Resistance 8
Inventory Skills
Is 3ds silver sword.png Silver Sword
Is 3ds silver bow.png Silver Bow
Is 3ds master seal.png Master SealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Is 3ds01 avoid +10.png Avoid +10
Weapon Levels
3DSRankSword.png B 3DSRankLance.png -- 3DSRankAxe.png --
3DSRankBow.png B 3DSRankTome.png -- 3DSRankStaff.png --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

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In other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English A Man for Flowers
The Man Who Suits Flowers Referred to as this in the fandom prior to USA release.
Japanese 花の似合う男


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