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List of sidequests in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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In Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Alm and Celica will encounter people in villages or dungeons that request things of them; typically the retrieval and return of a particular item.

The following is a list of sidequests, their tasks, and their rewards, that appear in Shadows of Valentia. New quests become available every Act with the exception of Act 5.


Available from Acts 1 and 2

Quest Giver Location From
Request Reward Notes
The Sommelier
A greedy old man has asked you to find some of the Ram Wine that was once made in this village.
Greedy Old Man Ram Village 1 Ram Wine Blue Cheese
100 Renown
Completion also allows a Mila Carving to appear in the Thieves' Shrine
The Wages of Sin
Tired of local brigands going unpunished, an indignant woman has asked you to take out twenty of their kind.
Indignant Woman Ram Village 1 Defeat 20 Brigands in the Thieves' Shrine Fruit of Life
100 Renown
A Few Gears Short
An anxious cleric has tasked you with recovering cogs scattered across the land in order to restore Mila's Turnwheel to its full potential.
Anxious Cleric Priory 2 Collect all 9 Cogs Fruit of Life
100 Renown
While the sidequest can be initiated from Act 2, it cannot be completed until a later Act
Peace for the Departed
A languid hermit has asked you to slay twenty revenants in Novis Cemetery so the dead may find the rest they deserve.
Languid Hermit Priory 2 Defeat 20 Revenants in the Novis Cemetery Holey Cheese
100 Renown
Revenants will not spawn at Novis Cemetery in act 3 or 4.
Secret Menu
The tavernkeep claims that he'll brew you some precious syrup if you bring him three mana herbs.
Tavernkeep Novis Greatport 2 3 Mana Herbs Medicinal Syrup Repeatable sidequest
The Famished Fisherman
A feeble man you found deep in a shrine asked you to spare any kind of food—so long as it's meat.
Feeble Man Seabound Shrine Interior
(Mila Idol)
2 Sausage, Ham, Dried Meat, or Raw Meat 30 Silver Marks
100 Renown
Sweet Treats
The tavernkeep's wife has asked for flour, honey, and butter in order to bake cookies for children. Do it for the kids!
Tavernkeep Wife Zofia Harbor 2 Flour
Honey or Pure Honey
Sweet Cookie --
Corraling Coral
The Great Merchant Alessio gave you a hot tip: he'll buy any coral fragments you have at a high price.
Alessio Zofia Harbor 2 5 Coral Fragments
Items are given one at a time
10 Silver Marks per fragment
200 Renown upon completion
Must be completed prior to the start of Act 4
The Grand Duke of Dairy
A cheese-loving aristocrat has asked you to bring him any cheeses you find in your travels across Valentia.
Cheese Lover Zofia Castle 2 Holey Cheese, Blue Cheese, and Pegasus Cheese Honey, Medicinal Syrup, or Exotic Spice respectively for each type of cheese
300 Renown upon completion

Available from Act 3

Quest Giver Location From
Request Reward Notes
One Man's Trash...
A scholarly man requires aid with his studies. Scour the Deliverance hideout for royal graves and return with a royal treasure. ...It's for science! He's totally not a grave robber!
Scholarly Man Zofia Castle 3 Lima Armlet 30 Silver Marks
100 Renown
The powerful Entombed that holds the Lima Armlet appears in the Deliverance Hideout upon accepting this sidequest
A Royal Requiem
An eerie hermit has asked you to vanquish the monster that appeared in the Deliverance's hideout so the royals buried there might know rest.
Eerie Hermit Zofia Castle 3 Defeat the enemy Specters in the Deliverance Hideout Royal Shield
300 Renown
Requires clearing "One Man's Trash..."
The Royal Shield is dropped by a Guardian, thus the Eerie Hermit only distrbutes Renown
Taken Treasure: Desaix's Vault
A noble identifying himself as the head of the Rion family has asked you to recover an heirloom: a shield that Desaix confiscated illicitly.
Lord Rion Zofia Castle 3 Rion Shield Pegasus Cheese
300 Renown
Use of a Peddler is required prior to Act 6
A Fishy Request
A royal chef has asked for help creating the world's tastiest fish dish for his lord. He requires a dagon fillet to finish his masterpiece.
Royal Chef Zofia Harbor 3 Dagon Fillet Exotic Spice
200 Renown
Ethereal Fishing Line
When asked to procure a dagon fillet, the skilled angler said he would require a line that was strong, yet transparent.
Skilled Angler Zofia Harbor 3 Gossamer Hair Infinite supply of Dagon Fillet
(Distributed one at a time)
Requires clearing "The Famished Fisherman" and initiating "A Fishy Request"
While the sidequest can be initiated from Act 3, it cannot be completed until at least Act 4 without the aid of amiibo interaction, and requires use of a Peddler prior to Act 6
Taken Treasure: Grieth's Vault
A noble identifying himself as the head of the Fugue family has asked you to recover an heirloom: a purloined shield that now is part of Grieth's collection.
Lord Fugue Zofia Harbor 3 Fugue Shield Golden Apple
300 Renown
An older man in the village begged you to save his daughter, who was taken by gargoyles to the Sylvan Shrine.
Man Forest Village 3 Rescue his daughter from the Sylvan Shrine Blessed Lance
200 Renown
The rescue target is at the Mila Idol in the shrine
Craving Cute
The girl you rescued from the Sylvan Shrine is asking for something cute. Indulging her would be a nice gesture after what she's been through...
Girl Forest Village 3 One of the following:
Bear Carving
Coral Fragment
Black Pearl
Handmade Doll
Holey Cheese
Sweet Cookie
One of the following at random:
Leftover Bread
Blue Cheese
Fruit of Life
Drinking Water
Dried Meat
• 10 Silver Marks
Requires clearing "Goylenapped"
Sidequest repeatable
Fruit of Life and the Cog can be obtained only once
The Prisoner's Whereabouts
Desperate to find her missing husband, a merchant's wife asked you to search for him within the Sylvan Shrine.
Merchant's Wife Forest Village 3 Read writing in a dungeon cell of the Sylvan Shrine, then rescue the giver's husband from Nuibaba's Abode Mila Carving
200 Renown
Requires clearing "Goylenapped"
While the sidequest can be initiated from Act 3, it cannot be completed until Act 4
A Bargain Bauble
The Great Merchant Alessio has a deal for you: he's selling a coral ring at a low, low price. Act now!
Alessio Desaix's Fortress Interior 3 30 Silver Marks Coral Ring
200 Renown
Requres clearing "Corraling Coral"
A Dried Delicacy
A fish-crazy man has asked for some dried shieldfish, a delicacy hard to come by in the mountains.
Fish-crazy Man Mountain Village 3 Dried Shieldfish Pegasus Cheese
100 Renown
In Search of a Son
A tired lady asked you to go after her son, who entered the Dragon Shrine in search of water from its life-granting Revival Well.
Tired Lady Mountain Village 3 A Son's Journal 50 Silver Marks
100 Renown
A simple lumberjack unable to work because his precious axe was stolen by bandits told you of his plight.
Lumberjack Mountain Village 3 Splitting Axe or Devil Axe Bear Carving --
The Stolen Icon
The lumberjack's latest issue involves Terrors absconding with the Duma carving he made.
Lumberjack Mountain Village 3 Duma Carving Player keeps Duma Carving Requires completing "Chopped!"
The Revenant in the Mountain Graveyard that drops the Duma Carving appears upon accepting this sidequest. Revenants will not spawn at the Mountain Graveyard during act 4.
Memories of a Father
A young traveler shared information with you about his missing father, a fashionable man who always wore a red tricorn hat.
Young Traveler Desert Stronghold 3 Red Tricorn Player keeps Red Tricorn The Revenant in the Mountain Graveyard that drops the Red Tricorn appears upon accepting this sidequest. Revenants will not spawn in the Mountain Graveyard during act 4.
The Merchant of Death
The Great Merchant Alessio has an amazing bargain for you: if you bring him a steel spear, he'll buy it at a premium.
Alessio Grieth's Citadel Interior 3 5 Steel Lances
Items are given one at a time
50 Silver Marks per lance
300 Renown upon completion
Changes enemy equipment in Attack on the Last Bastion (Slayde + 4 Barons will have Steel Lances instead of Iron Lances)
Requires completing "A Bargain Bauble", and must be completed prior to Attack on the Last Bastion[prior to starting it or completing it?]
Mythic Medicine
A desperate woman claims the fate of her ailing daughter hangs on whether or not she can find a medicinal syrup to treat her.
Distraught Lady Temple of Mila 3 Medicinal Syrup 50 Silver Marks
100 Renown

Available from Act 4

Quest Giver Location From
Request Reward Notes
It's Oil Right
The sluice keeper taught you how to collect bonewalker oil, which he now requires for the proper maintenance of the sluice gate.
Sluice Keeper Sluice Gate 4 Bonewalker Oil First time: 10 Silver Marks
Thereafter, one of the following at random:
Ram Wine
Medicinal Syrup
Sweet Cookie
Fruit of Life
Dragon Scale
Sidequest repeatable
Fruit of Life and the Dragon Scale can be obtained only once
The Clumsy Cleric
A flustered cleric has asked for help retrieving the silver platter she dropped into the waterway. It's been washed off to a location inside the Temple of Mila, apparently.
Flustered Cleric Temple of Mila 4 Silver Platter Nectar
100 Renown
The Unbreakable Shield
The village blacksmith claims that if you bring him him four dragon scales, he'll forge a dracoshield that is the strongest in existence.
Blacksmith Rigelian Village 4 4 Dragon Scales Dracoshield Repeatable sidequest
A Dazzling Delicacy
A scholarly man has offered to make you some ambrosia, provided you supply Duma moss, yogurt, and an orange.
Scholarly Man Rigelian Village 4 Yogurt
Duma Moss
Ambrosia Repeatable sidequest
Do You Ear What I Ear?
A medicinal scholar requires your help procuring three gargoyle ears as ingredients in his research.
Medicinal Scholar Sage's Hamlet 4 3 Gargoyle Ears Grimoire Ring
100 Renown

Available from Act 6

The following quests are only available after completing the Final Battle. Especially, completing "Faraway Frontiers" is different than other quests as it does not require the delivery of an item of the defeat of a specific number of enemies: it gives the player access to several new world map skirmishes leading to Archanea.

Quest Giver Location From
Request Reward Notes
Faraway Frontiers
A foreign trader has requested an escort along the route to the Archanean continent, far to the east.
Foreign Trader Zofia Harbor ]+) ([^\[\]\|]*)\|


Escort giver to Furia Harbor 3 Gold Marks
500 Renown
The Dram of the Gods
The grand sorcerer has offered to craft you a dram of nectar if you bring him some medicinal syrup, bonewalker oil, a gargoyle ear, and a clump of Duma moss. ...Yum?
Grand Sorcerer Sage's Hamlet ]+) ([^\[\]\|]*)\|


Medicinal Syrup
Gargoyle Ear
Bonewalker Oil
Duma Moss
Nectar Repeatable sidequest
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